Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Indigene, . digger, amish, hippy, .. pleaching permaculturist?

For pleached permaculture (and especially for it's potential, once enough of us get to keep at it unmolested) you're gonna have to use your imagination but a larger version of the picture is a click away.

After seeing the few versions of this (quite illumating schema, diagram, divide, call to justice and decision regards the paths of life and the hi-ways to hell, this ultimate origin of ethos, piety and common sense) quietly disappear from the net over the last few years, I must break my long blogsilence and put up the one i saved (would love to credit (and converse with) the artist but can't even mention the url i found it at and saved it from (9/5 at 9.55) .

The course of conduct (walk of lif) polarization depicted .. . led up to Marx's pronouncement: 'we are all jewish now' and it's quietly adopted successor: 'we are all capitalists now', (specially after all testy flesh was spent in the world wars). The follow-ups of recent years (as the walls, gaps, gulfs and chasms grew, cleaved and yawned wider respectively) have become (correspondingly) more pronounced (in rapid succesion: 'we are all palestinians now' , 'we are all terrorists now') and prompt me to now offer a grand unified theory of psycho schlock value (that will be shamelessly exploited without a thankyou no doubt, mind you, google doesn't register even a single instance of): 'we are all schizophrenic now' ('- did not match any documents.').
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