Sunday, May 26, 2013

thoughts on Kokesh

Kokesh seems to 'gun' (forgive pun) for a clean slate, a transparant, accountable, sovereign and autonomous and peaceful reconstitution(alizing / -ality / -alization)

the state of green thumb rule as i see it:
stated aims are often a recalibration, a kind of restatement (and in need thereof continually until those very lovely (long run tried and true) things which bear repeating are retrieved and can be faithfully reproduced);

two: all monies are in a relative state .. of more .. or less grace (even .. i mean especially choice enhancing complementary and community ones which, i agree, need reINstatement. It's like having one vs many gears, lanes, velocities .. quite in accordance with lifespans and paces in varigate places ... or like a ladder with only the top rungs left, having replaced, improved obsoleted the lower/ earlier stages

what state can you reconstitute rock into (solving this riddle now may make reading the following easier to pause and think for a s(p)ec).

how to grow a few more 'presidents' from scratch which have -- like the lone 75 meter tall champ featured as foldout in the Dutch edition of the NatGeo december 2012 -- good prospects of reaching his old age as well, 3200 years!! .. now that's no mere state, that's STANDING .. you innerstandat buoywah? Look forward to seeing us, the masses, turn rock to wood and fix our brokenness.

does autonomy make you myopic, inbred, stupid and incestuous?
Can you overdo it?
Not as far as basics are concerned; you just don't delegate the good things in life unless you are absolutely forced to .. and you don't spray the vicinity with nasty polluting hard to retrieve ammo unless absolutely threatened ..

To me Adam has proven to not derive his identity from a shoot first ask later mentality when he publically wrestled with above issues .. and though not quite breaking through to the mother/muddier side yet, i doubt not he'll see the point of shooting the compost heap full of the tiniest, gentlest and softest 'kiss of live ammo' imaginable: polvo de piedras .. comprende sombrarbro?

if i may, i'll add more rule of green thumbery 'reconstintuition':
don't hate, don't hate the state, don't even hate the state of a state, no matter how evil it has become.
growing a state is too nice a process to hate,
the states many a state slouched into
DO however require a little remedial ire
.. and that is best done and done best without gunfire

really suitable for kids
(there's a tibetan ritual that is unfortunately not a daily waste pool&digest pow(d)erhouse kind of thing but it does involve blowing and throwing a little dust or meal around):

do a little sleigh of hand to fist closing with in one a solid hard rock and in the other a similar sized but softened, opened one .. now which one do i open and to blow a rock up in one big breath. Riddle me that bro! Fundamental task of the state is to transform rock, soil to be, from one state (too hard to be soil) to the state of 'supplement', soil for all to be dependent on, benefit, spring and hail from, flex for .. etcetera. F(l)avoring the commonalities of man is to favor the common man. Simple.

Some object that the ralley / demo / excercise is called /allowed / staged to gather data and intel for watch- and blacklists.
Valid point but consider:
let 'partiCIApants' record as much as they want, the mutual suspicions among the alphabutt in agencies will deter efficient use whereas the benefits to prtpnts who are willing to locomote and decide they're gonna be 'just in case' happy preppy regroupertroupers and get ready for state devolution into statelets ... and the swaths of 'unserviced', unserved (unResCurr'd) or 3rdWorldicated regions that might happen if 'the US'* loses a few strategic orckey porckey 'support' and supply lines (Douglas Dietrich goes into that here and there).. which 'it'* full well deserves for what it* has done in my lifetime alone .. never mind the rest for a minute; who's to say wether or not getting ready for a BETTER served region needs a Czar or just the right songsheet .. and very few at that cause it will be heard everywhere .. in places people make pilgrimages to.

* - if you wanna trace the commie occupation of the capi one
 the left hand slapping the right one
you need to understand the migration pattersn fueled by supremacist entitlemental demographics 'inTERcontinents' = incontinence of malcontents ... young marriage [as the jew/cahal ordered in old pre-rev russia, recorded by Solzh in '200 years together'] causing a shallowification of conscience, a more callous & careless attitude to other than 'their own', an impulsiveness, unreflexive kinetic reference framing .. iow, a cut-throat mentality; such russian jews infested NJ and you're from there? Nowadays they run the hi-freq rapitearnover stocktrading siftwhere on pricey machines from spikiest of locales and cerebrate a borderline autist/code nerdation factor many times worse than the famous silicon variety but of course by no means independent of it .. a bit of that left / right sleigh of pace again there .. digitally metastatized forms of the ol'time coinshavers).

his last line on Fox the 25th (231 likes, 1 not) is

"barring that (getting up to 'the line') we'll see the chief of police in court"
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