Tuesday, November 29, 2005

comment crowds

Mary at http://peacepalestine.blogspot.com remarks on her comment section 'getting crowded'

crowded Mary?
you ought to thank your 'coremore' for not running into the comment crews on various indmedia flavors (like sf, vancouver ((archives still online)), victoria, several Middle eastern ones ((buckled and caved from chronic spammerage)), melbourne, indybay . . and pittsburgh lately for instance) several years ago; veritable torrents of emotides on anything from the democratization of tyrranicide (suggested with such forceful ((encryption)) logic that the perp (who called it 'assasination politics' had ! his compi confiscated etcetera) to the price of pretty innocence, all lavishly spiced and periodically sprinkled with huge slabs of text (which haloscan wisely prohibits). Nothing here that hasn't been there already and with much deeper shadow dancing.

I'll be posting a much more elaborate and colourful version at http://compostartist.blogspot.com in a minute

Sunday, November 20, 2005

time for a little french beauty after all that nastyness












it's been too long

since I posted this site

revisionist and their nonvisionary watchers

/025240 Michael Pugliese --- he continues posting segments of a long article by Ian Williams in this part of the thread (first installment) which by the way, strange enough, google hasn't indexed yet (the content of it I mean, lending much credence to the google-watchman Brandt's criticism, though google of course is not, like he says 'dying') .. . .all the more remarkably (not to say alarming) since it appears to be this 2 year old piece: http://citycellar.com/BalkanWitness/hoare.htm The Left Revisionists (359 google hits) - By Marko Attila Hoare - November 2003 ---

ps: there are 97.100 results for "michael pugliese" (excluding the word 'music' might reduce the chore a bit, nope, .. .still 89.200). -----

Excellent example of Michael's totally useless sectarianological expertise

When is this kid gonna learn to be principled instead of looking for at and after failed heros??????

Principles don't need mouthpieces so much as (awareness of, then catalytic action conform to their relatively timeless) practices, failing that they tend to do very well and much better without humans around fucking with them.

Plenny more here: http://members.lycos.nl/vadercats/logbriefer.htm

Friday, November 18, 2005

BombSheLLLilac part 2

This item can be seen (later today) in multicolour here: http://members.lycos.nl/vadercats/logbriefer.htm My beloved Netscape browser use has been frustrated since yesterday so direct transposition from Frontpage is now impossible (due to non-reciprocity by the likes of Bill Gates or worse I don't know, a re-install didn't help).

Last week's item 11/11/ 'riding the cresting wave of uncontainable discontent' at this blog showing 'BombShellLilac' unworried, acting as if the bomb was exciting enough to look her best and she could reign run (and ruin) it even with some flimsy straps OK -- needs a little fleshing out.

Since then the Bitch has passed the 33 comments on one item of her own blog mark for the first time though she had to stoop to damn near dismemberment (luckily no worse than in the sense of singling out and the not literality of luxury) to achieve it.

She never directly referred nor responded to that (illustrated) item I had announced as written for her explicitly (she even offed an off-topic comment about an offed left winger, search seveke lieshout intel.web-log) but since 2 items later Butler and Shame serve for anchors I think I am going to remind her of what's been taken in consideration and has passed review too little so far.

Here we go:
You turned back from the bomb to the biological fleshedent, a more lovable way to war with, wag instead of wage it, bonobo like right?
I in turn ought to search for the antecedents of the lass in rock, back far enough so the sheer weight of it, ancestral authority wise, even the raw materials for bomb stay scattered and buried within it, and besides not getting out of, let alone up off the ground, better choices might be found, the ones that abort bombboostics or at least stop them from rising to the heights of bias and betrayal, inadmissible selfloathing, etcetera, in the process of hi-jacking the whole goddess blessed evolutionary train chain trails and trials of glory.

Look at her (ega's e)go
Look at her again with evolution in mind. Where did she come from? Taking it in kind, unmediated, non 'sleazygoic' (clever, hot or deceptive? Survival of the 'fitchyest'? THe cleavage that cleaves the gap between rich and poor?).

Perhaps she ain't really riding traladida but bound, strapped, shackled and enslaved to it, about to be born to her demise perhaps even (shades of Gravity's Rainbow), . Purrhips she ain't pretty under a rubber skintight mask .. . and the sacrifices she (was made to) make to get the bomb that big .. . . with the height of salesmanship jumping around both of them .. .. it's enough to buckle under even before all ill will and 'roostreadying' release, unleashment and breaking(news((?)))point (of sales((c))ale or s((h))ellingpoint) can generate at more and more distant destination (said to have provoked the turn of patriarchy's unloving arms from their default deterrent setup into last resort threat true making); the effects of which remain untold under tightestly closed fold and horrendous for generations to come!!!!!

All weak watery and kindly sharing per local race (always a different and lotsa little testy spectacle whizzing by), the chatter spatter and crunch of structured water ends up sacrificed by this bomb(BL)ast.

Pump my read
Assuming young pretty things have any choice in the matter of wether or not to get onboard shiny new things, the ones that do are somehow convinced sleazygoic rides are smart, selfmade, clever and their just deserts.

The 'buy me' (sell yourself) pitch pictures and implies if not reflects voluntary and mutual benefit between the bomb(constructors) and her. Love your bomb(based way of life) and get better girls. She: I bleed for a bomb so you bleed for a bomb if you wanna get next to me, can't buy (the likes of) me unless your bomb affords me a little elbowroom (note how they stick out). She doesn't mind being objectified along with other manipulables cause patriarchy is insurmountable nor dismantleable. What does she stand to lose going this route? Is this the most powerful position she can expect to achieve and assume?

Maskette of patriarchy triumphant.
Does that make islam (patriarchy par excellence and heir apparant) appear the more decent version of christianity? Yes, to the extent they denounce imperialism with proof positive: privatization of violence (dunno any islamic nations without armies though but I sure as hell believed Saddam when he said he had no weapons and complied with int. agreements), as undelegable as periodic bog visits. What to gain from a suicide mission? How is this a variant of love for greater good? How does the rocket manned by gay designer's lover in Gravity's Rainbow play along here? What about the use it and lose it selfdefeat of all collective rather than cool active emotion?

Every nice girl a georgeous bomb, all pretty ladies a blog, most a private bog, each one an intimate compostage licking flickturn trick lesson; all of them a beautiful farewell video:
'hello, I want you all to know, where I am things are just too slow, it's a sickening no go show, but I am sure my fortunes lie right where I go'.

In a macho world of steel and dominance, the beau's other significates explosively with lots of down time in between.

Project present as cryptic escape from censure
projectile (a verb in dutch) presents to gain goodwill

Mothers tired and ugly from (employment)ties to and with the bomb are promised better days after the deployment.
Women love presents as sacred passdeed and prelude to her relaxation and suitor's engorgement.
Women hate poision as secret pissweird to a runaway trainload of stuff that can't but per-, in- an subvert intimacy with substitute, consu- and sublimate, surrogate cleft, spoofed, split and asundered reality of im- and omnipotence.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

miscellany (environment, indexing, patriarchy proves actionable by illiterate)

commonsblog.org/archives/000576.php on Jared Diamond (plenny of juicy links, here's one):
http://rdrutherford.blogspot.com/2005/10/one-island-two-worldshispaniola.html a commenter's long look at the Hispaniola chapter
(questioning Diamond's damnation of the french)

jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/000790.html August 11, 2005 -- On Jared Diamond and Environmental Law --
this is the kind of blogger I am finding so dishearteningly few of.

jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/000986.html on the radical right (includes a respectable amount of commmenters)

simpleton.com/20050202.html on Finnegans wake

http://robotwisdom.com/ai/thicketfaq.html An Overview of 'Fractal Thicket' Indexing --- Jorn Barger ..
pointed to from here: http://robotwisdom2.blogspot.com/2005/11/im-idiot-about-rdf-gtd-edition.html

Does Increasing Public Awareness of the Anti-Globalization Movement Affect it's Growth? (Case Study of the Movement Using Indymedia's Archives for 2002) ----- Richard E. Martin 15 Nov 2005 04:30 GMT ------- Final Thesis Copy - (pdf)

In this thesis, I utilize the 2002 archives of the Independent Media Center to measure the growth of the anti-globalization movement and attempt to determine whether this growth is correlated to media coverage of anti-globalization related events in the same year.

This thesis will also be available free of charge on the University of South Florida's library website after Fall 2005 Graduation has passed. You can search the library archives for it using the following link: ib.usf.edu/usflibraries/search_etd.html

/827915 A petition against awarding the Nobel Prize to two warmongers ---- peacemaker, 14.11.2005 21:15
The Nobel Prize committee's reasoning that the Professors Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling have "enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis" is completely cynical. This considering Prof. Schelling's role in the Vietnam War and the Professor Aumann's hawkish "scientific" interpretations of the Middle East conflict and his belligerent recommendations for a "solution": No to efforts to end the conflict ASAP, Yes to Israeli nuclear arsenal, etc.

Neocon poster girl can't read or write but got famous for filing a rape (by Talibanoid) complaint :::::: Mukhtar Mai has been cast for a lead role in a narrative already written by a neo-con agenda. To activists she may be the icon of the global woman’s movement against patriarchy, but she will quickly be reified into whatever the prevailing powers need her to be, for the moment, a victim of fundamentalism. No one can blame this poor woman simply seeking justice and a peaceful life for accepting this role. However, real change will come when those activists, turned brokers, realize that the only way to get real justice for all is not to “pull strings”, but to break strings.
ibrahim@sadatv.com sadatv.com -----

Monday, November 14, 2005

strictly distractive

Now I know why Dylan struggles to talk
September 29, 2005 -- 28 comments

folkalley.com/archives/000574.php As students of American history are aware, the regular celebration of Thanksgiving in this country did not begin unil 1863, and our current use of the fourth Thursday in November was not set by Congress until 1941.

But for those who are interested in both the myth and the reality of the "Pilgrims' Thanksgiving", I offer the following link to a cool Mayflower website.

Anyone out there care to share particularly memorable Thanksgiving songs?
Posted by Jim Pipkin

------ 12th comment:
a publication that excels at stepping in and back out with such great strides that the times of the pilgrims, what they found and did with 'it' (almost all of it) is kept in mind and set off in light of other major movements of men (dominated women) is counterpunch and a fresh addition is this:

counterpunch.com/neumann11112005.html November 11, 2005 -- The Rebel King of Bluegrass - Jimmy Martin: an Appreciation --- By MICHAEL NEUMANN

"I see the acceleration of physical abuse, abandonment of mothers, sexual assault
to be directly related to the growth of colonialist narco free trade, the destruction of land based cultures and the valuing of competition and profit over healthy relationships."

That's a little bit too easy. In many "relationship-based" that is to say "kinship-based" cultures the abuse of women is not even seen as abuse -- just as a sign that the owner cares. Cultures in which women are serially raped in order to punish the males to whom they belong (a recent incident in Pakistan) may be free from market relations and yet persist in femicide and abuse. In such cultures women may see a factory job as a step up.


> George Gilder, incidentally, understood this very well. I don't have the quotes at hand, but he's very explicit on how the right to abortion puts women in control of the reproductive process, which undermines the authority of men.

This is true but it does not got far enough. In reality it transaltes into saying that women have power inasfar as they refrain from having children. Because once you have children you must contend with other issues like feeding them, educating them, getting medical care, and raising them. None of these things are resolved by controlling the reproductive process alone. (Of course, having the power to have one kid rather than ten helps.) In other words, if in having children one gives hostages to fortune, in a society in which men have power, the act of having children will always make one weaker and more apt to serve whoever the masters happen to be. After I had kids I worked much harder at my job because of my kids. So, in this society, we wind up with the paradox that I, as a woman, have the most perfect freedom from men by not having any children. That is I am most free as a woman by ceasing to function as a woman. An impotent feminism!

This is why, for me, the whole discussion about whether reproductive freedom is a woman's issue or a man's issue simply exposes the fallacy of gender-based politics. Whatever affects women affects men and vice versa. (Master/Slave in another guise.) The greatest advance in "sexual liberation" will come when we all recognize that military subscription is both a man's and woman's issue and that the right to abortion is not
just a woman's issue....etc. Until we learn to speak in this new way, we will forever be splitting the working class into more and more ineffectual splinters.


These are complex, critical issues that, yes, are a bit too easy to address without the total context to each unique situation. The progress women make is all too often undercut by the rapid destruction of customary life and that destruction is furthered by existing patriarchy, exploited by corporate greed mongering take over. The situation for women in Afghanistan is definitely furthered by U.S. invasion terribly augmented by already existing misogyny, whether it is the Taliban, US allies or those scapegoating women due to their
own hardship. Strange how it is. It is hideous for women all over the planet and those of us who can adress it must before we are not allowed to.

In the case of Gutemala, the Mayan introduction to patriarchy came from the
Spanish and the catholics.

NAFTA flooded the Mexican market with cheap corn ruining over a million and a half farmers forcing millions to head north. Some continue crossing over the border. Millions more inhaibt squalid slums along the border such as in Ciudad Juarez. It is the factory workers of the maquiladoras that comprise the majority of the toruture-rape- mutilation-murders of women in Juarez. The murders of men exceed that of women, but it is not sexualized in nature. This is also the case in Guatemala and other Central American countries as well as Colombia.

In Tuba City, AZ, where hundreds of traditional Dineh (Navajos) have been forcibly relocated due to corporate resource extraction, such murders of the daughters of relocatees are occurring as are murders of men as well. It is the legacy of School of the Americas mentality that has always afflicted the agenda of colonialism.



http://culturecandy.org / Baton Rouge area treasure trove of art and music
greatnewmusic.com/ 12 solo artists so far

?? culturecandy link ?? Pulse (video footage of tiny puppets and paraphernalia laden theater): "The three characters, Blood, Lava, and Electricity represent the human animal, the natural world, and civilization respectively. Blood grapples with both Lava and Electricity in their rivalry for control. "Pulse" shows humanity not as the strong rational rulers of the earth but instead as a tormented figure that struggles to find security in an uncertain world."

Friday, November 11, 2005

riding the cresting wave of uncontainable discontent

A little while back The Bitch linked to a Susie Bright piece (on porn and I forget what it came with) but as this picture shows, porn and gore sure go together as well as rich and poor. (not)

The bombs and the bluff, the blooms and the buff; why do lies hold 'm altogether?

Actually the bombsheilallah rides her 'sleaze' thingy (according to the caption; it's only half its 60K size as shown) with obviously extatic and celebratory abandon understandably enough in the light of what's with her (her way with her way preempting whatever wants to get into it with what's ((the foreign body that's)) inside already).

She makes (or is made to make .. .better yet: made TO LOOK LIKE she is making) her (unconstrainedly easy rider*) way with this righter of affairs affording her space to 'dominasticate' (cutting 3 words up short and pasting them into 1)

The male thing supremo is to pone the shortsighted, reactionary, fear, profit and cruelty driven parafernalia, in short, the bulk of all assorted products under the sun along a sliding scale just where he pleases, just where he thinks they belong, just as prime ordeal Adam starting putting and keeping things and beings in their place.

This state of affairs and affair of states is 'just' in his eyes since the enemy that is bold enough to shamelessly saddle him up with the bombfactoring burden has only himself to blame.

Some enemies are far away and they're gonna have to deal with the wreckages wrought by -- the seed that returns beyond the most wild of usurious (love making as Willy Shakes his Speare, I mean uses usury) dreams -- menacing stuff that is shiney, docile and as well behaved as a dildo** (just as catatonic when no need arises to be unleashed).

'Where's that dangerous male tax already?' cried the chinese homosexuality instructor. Hey doncha know said the imam: man and woman are inseparable. We'll see about that cried the man with the hi-tec oiltin fintoil cap.

*caught glimpses of 'easy rider' for the first time last week. I'd never ever seen it yet (probably due to my resistance regarding going straight which is what is pretty much compelled and confined to do on them stupid choppers ((front wheel outasight)); I grew up with the most futuristic yet earthy sports in the world as my fav: MOTOCROSS!!!!!!)

**As to the rebels that ride dildo's exclusively I daren't say much, certainly not that they do it for lack of real men (though my troubles of finding mentally compatible mates are harrowing for sure and probably parallel) cause that would be hoisting the hurdle out of playful and seductive sight (proliferating and catching up to the rate bombs are traded and stockpiled aweful fast no?). Homosexuals were a substantial factor in fanning the great war flames so why would lesbos be any better?. There is a blog I started (and retired in favor of newborn offspring today) from being inspired by Jill Johnston who wrote one of the first large illustred books on Lesbianism: http://admacc.blogspot.com

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

digital management shrinkpiffles the puffable power milling masses puny

http://blog.pulpculture.org/2005/11/08/googlepark-panem-et-circenses/ The Bitch is getting into it, blogging that is. She wants to figure out Adsense and Adword (how BIG and puny POWER and piffle PUFF and shrink the digital valves and sluices to net them ours rather than us theirs; giant upgrade for the Joseph 'drums' up pyramid labour army tactic or what?). Let's wish her luck shall we?

Speaking about killer colour (some more)
When first starting out and entered the race for dressing up content as a worlchomp killer-colour-picker/clicker (see the ((top)) links on the right) in 1998 I was well aware of my own worth and world shaking potential in even as very sub-subsetarian a field as styling (the art of taking cover in a book).

An article about colour combination patenting crossed my path but I didn't pursue that route to taking pecuniary interest in and out of my work underestimating the effect by a wide margin; what withall my getting interdisciplinary about deeper meanings of 'sensible spectrumedge contemplation' I could well have tried to profit in earthy ways from my insight in the capacity of black/green combinatorics to sooth folks silly (worse than 'the queen of hearts' movie ever lets on).

Imagine me getting a millionth of a percent off of the world wide craze in this pixelicious matter (or haven't you noticed a particularly persistent fashion of the last few years? the sort of thing MNC's scramble to incorporate in their ad campaigns, they took the wrappings but left the gift untouched). I'd be able to start a country and lay down the constitution for it too, dontcha think; instead I am begging fruitlessly for some space to display and open my book collection to the public.

In short I need an agressive manager and The Bitch makes me feel safe.
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