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Division vs Diversity

Dun''ave to be this way ... jussayin

"use can't be quantified. It is a quality/quantity distinction."

hey, we're not talking about light and dark here fella, or male and female (but even they gradate into each other). Speak for your self (and Marx of course). Yallz separation of use/value : indiv/social : mind (plan)/body (execution) is law- rather than flawless but hey i might as well become known as mud piet. If that's confusing come see 'my crushing passion' playlist. You might learn something. Marx wasn't interested in social as such but in hiding his bias towards the upper strata. Hereditary split brain patients (from brainsplit installstillstigate keeper cultures) cannibalize their right with left sides. Duuh.

parting shot:

niqnaq on avaaz

Regarding my YouTuBe Account

Hello first metoobe day in grey ... if you click into my past as far back as the late 90s you will see a colour philosphy with a special place for grey. (Clouds and fresh dust are that both and need steering, making respectively, then mixing and matrixing the old fashioned way: SOIL!! -- None of all this E-wastful surveillance tec. I miscalculated about how well the net would allow me to hitch a ride to the land of permacultural with everything from constitution to reputation making a mockery of numbering heretofore ... but .... here i am.

So far THE most upsetting thing (i can personalize colours but mourn the loss of access to public personalization = ART) is the pull down menu for adding to playlists at the old channels .... there i could see half of mine at once ... now i am forced to deal with a cell-phone feel, yuk!!!

On my wishlist:
a way to group subs under snarky tags, surround them with a tweakable colourspectrum, preferably linked to their horoscope and all point in time 100 years either way .... but i explicitly wish also, and before all that, for the whole computer industry to focus on becoming entirely compostable. Jose Arguelles prolly has the right idea.

wow, only just now do i realize youtube took my hints --- regarding clear display of playlist specifying vidnumbers (see below, begun a year ago --- once again ... the colour policies/choices (books not bombs*) on their old templates were fairly disastrous (bycause they didn't correct the preformed (pre-colour(combo )picked)formats or add a note about monitor setting dependence (at least) nor slot them accordingly !!!!! So easy!! Almost as easy as arresting gangsterbanksters Haahhaah!!!

* suprisingly close (.. so, makes little diff) in the long run .. but then again, even a bucket of clean water can be deadly eh? all playlists (except 1 ... but one cannot fuse the goddamn things anymore (move the vids between lists) ... guess youtube editors got sick of stupid people doing dumb things and blaming THEM for it.

-- Favorieten (248)
-- 12 strings (118)
-- 2 wheels n up (29)
-- 55 Country Gentlemen songs (55)
-- auf Deutsch (120)
-- auf Deutsch II (87)
-- Ca CanYon CoN unWar Drum (62)
-- deep voiced singing (43)
-- evil, well walled gardening candidates (76)
-- feature length docus (36)
-- Hegemony Or Survival - Noam Chomsky (97)
-- Hollands (50)
-- intello mushmesh (74)
-- jaco-esau : glob-loca : Izra-Pali (74)
-- Midas Dekkers (37)
-- mispistoleros' 'int. terr'ism list cleaned up (98)
-- my crushing passion (51)
-- native american tragedies (124)
-- natural (141)
-- NaZionisten KryptoJuden (5)
-- nother set of tunes (111)
-- Ovflows (5)
-- Ovflows II (52)
-- P'd my 'like' button (193)
-- P'd my 'like' button II (189)
-- P'd my 'like' button III (73)
-- P'd my 'like' button IIII (19)
-- permacooledsure (56)
-- poetpiet's life savin tunes II (55)
-- poetpiet's miscellany 1 (52)
-- PropaGenda (49)
-- PropAgenda aMassedMixage (74)
-- queue rescueue (40)
-- savants 103)
-- Sinsons (singer/songer) (22)
-- tony rice mix (19)
-- wheelHe vs GripHe (114)
-- wonder if she'd like to buy .. (24).
-- zappa note nut (43)

Here's an addendum to the previous post

page 33 from a Devil's Chord thread
It's all about distributing hot air, or hot air about distribution and so no wonder stuff like this comes up:

Anti-Semitism became so prominent in Europe when the Austrian Empire began promoting literacy for the ethnic nationalities. So up till then the provinces of the Austrian Empire relied on ethnic language that was vocal and therefore right-brain dominant and more sophisticated in mediating emotions and healing energy. But when the national movements arose through literacy then there was an attack against Jews for their secret literate culture. So while the Jewish culture is a "vanishing mediator" culture back to the Lunar dominant calendar and right-brain trance music healing -- this issue goes very deep all the way back to the origins of plow-based enclosed agriculture and the "symbolic revolution" discovered by Dr. Jacques Cauvin - -a "symbolic revolution" promoting the attempt by humans to "contain" infinity using left-brain dominant geometric symbols.
End Quote

Brendan responds:

@poetpiet This comment makes no sense to me. If you have something to say about this video it would be helpful you could communicate your ideas clearly and not in some private poetic language.

wouldn't help at all, nothing can as long as you allow 'you' to argue that 'you' is you and the cuts must be made thusly and just so, at such and such angles and times ... etcetera.

take pete schiff for instance, i'll paste up what i noted via his OWS appearance - perk: windswayed leaves in the early (daytime) part of that footage, as PS rolls out his little ploy and sleight of mind all day long.

Minds aren't dead weight and agreeing to a fundamental, then thereafter go into trusty gullible go along energy saving moodmode like(/as if) you managed to jump a freighttrain or something aint gonna work

thus, when Pete's opening volley gains confidence due to the high quotient of voluntarity in the old naghag still able to evoke fond memories: the fair fight for consumer favor, his listeners let their guard down and swallow some serious shit, cause he's free to follow up so why not a little waste disposal (Corexit dispersant anybody?), pulling off and away (jumping from FT's at speed is quite risky).

If you expect this GvtCoreBiz problem would come up easily and often, specially at OWS .. and with a semi semite waving a hi-price mike (totally against the seriously trending one, though PS left all Mike-Checks on the cutting room floor, without exception) to boot, I do too, but no. All we get is Petey trying to point to the ruthless rootlessness of The State (only institutional, legal and sovereign though merely delegatory and representative, never directly democratic enough body of/with/for rootedness we have left and under some serious fire)

the hi-rise bit next:
though PS makes no mention of gvt's most important shit/business: cleanliness: efficient compost, no mention of quality control and no diff made between the dependence of young and old vs the addict (out of decency for the park hosts? The junks and drunks, or for the junk dealers looking down from windows raised well near the brink of the double digit bear down .. and also close to downable - even a mere infight will make an example of at least part of them .... building 7 was essentially, ... well maybe no longer, but nominally it STILL was a Guvmint building folks!

Corpsies are defending themselves against regulations says PS No and Nope! Corporations buy themselves into the corner of the market full of corners, .. matterafac, consisting of nothing but corners, very blunt, slow and kafkaesque house of cardlike ones (until some offense brings the armed federalis out. PS claims the corpsies drank the drink the fed fed them.
"government liquers people up"
yeah, and it arms them too Pete (not much discussion of this, though to their credit, they show a vet right at the beginning)
easy left sleasy right, easy credit, sleazy bailouts????????

PS claims he would quit attempts to gain a client's favor if it cost him 70 cents on every dollar he made. My dad did the latter but not the former ... and the irony was, his bracket was highest but wealth far from greatest, if you had a way vaster capital invested for modest return you'd be almost as excempt as much much lazier men than my father. Matter of the fact, my father was anything but lazy. He just traded certain flexibilities for numerate prodigality. Not really ethically challenged but catering to macho culture no questions asked.

No discussion about the 'qualiteaze' of monies either. Gvt can't win and come into it's own if it fails to come out with it's own (money). That itself is enough to turn fancied GovernMINT into frenzied GoVarmint.

PS faults the gvt, not for spoiling and giving in to, and/or faults it's defenses against, Corpsies, who like* the buying public aim to seduce, please, come by and come buy, perhaps come period by the by, depending on far gone they will go. PS claims they cannot but have and want to ply the clients in an all choices / options / OopsieOns on the table mode.

* Corpsies like nothing better than cornering the buying public and gvt listens readily to thise who have proven to approach that good as common good (fungibility, flow- not blowback, acceptibility, consensus) status.

You prove dependency creating reliability
You prove addiction conjuring seduction
you provide services
you supply arms
Sort these 4 sentences into pairs ... if you want to go into the sexbomb/warrior conundrum.

more fresh perspective on Drew's 'divide and average' condemnation:
the doubling is natural .... just like crush and spread ... a space/place type rooting that is totally taboo in teutophobic thought of the likes Drew practices.

So the West then equates geometric length with arithmetic number as distance.

Who's 'the west'? I see YOU refusing to translate sound to ecology through/in space, neither helped nor hindered by 'the west' but all by your lonesome rather.

Drew is really a satirist more than anything, he takes the piss while insisting on and assuring us that he is dead serious instead of keeping a steelly faced pretense up .. about talking us out of our minds .. medittec and meditthod which usually goes/proceeds along the formula of directing attention to body parts, ushering breathing on instruction and command (itself a self-consciousness arousing thing rather than the professed opposite) and all sorts of semi-hypnotic singysongy droney drowse drownoisies.

What he does instead is throw out dense blippertibleeps of incredibly incommensurate and complex memes, not themselves made up so much, it in fact rain- and brainstorms references but it's cutting edge / borderline fabull/sciencefriction) as their connection supposed and posited. It's hilyholy intellowly challenging and conducive to anything but making the leftbrain less hysterically meddlesome.

He's tying himself into a tight immobile knot with his cerebral convolutions, compensating with faith in real life effects, and his teacher is just a Sino-Christain hybrid remixer living in the pricey area that brought you DU ammo 'enhancement'. What rot.

a day in the life - march 5th

alphabetization / literacy

shout out to the obese book lover section about the impoverishing infectious paucity of caricatural signifying and therefor institutionally schizofying (manifestly schizoid, schizofest for short and shitsure) culture

    "Hebrew letters have been shown to be shadow"

nope, more like: have been eyeballed (IBilled, buybulled) to be ..

    "We now know thanks to Stan Tenen’s work into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet and Daniel Winter’s additional research into the significance of the Golden Mean spiral, that the sacred Hebrew alphabet was designed with a clear intention to convey the very essence of creation and to teach later generations what the Be-resjiet,the principle of creation really is.

    Independently Stan Tenen and Daniel Winter .. "

i'd almost forgotten the at first site/sight (2000? early nineties?) charming doohicky ... when i first saw it one could give it a push to change it's linear direction, letter's drag/sail effects not reflected and not according to any sort of grid variables either, not even a rigid one, no coordinates and or fibby sequences ... no other perks neither, like a self respecting gravity slingshot game would offer (granted they came later), iow, the tetra has to be voodooed equally from all sides i presume, no doubt yet another sacrifice of realism for security -- and false beliefs boosted by and based thereon, .. this thing we are familiar with emanating from the bookish, the keepers of bibliographies ... nother great conceit possible there: 'we judge not and treat them equally .. until this meme becomes a supremacist best collector / others taker overer .. joining the obese book reverers always targeting each other and .. not .. deterred by this real front causing fake frontage, 'far' behind such enemy lines the obese database sector swells, boasts, balloons and busts throughout a mini-front riddled landscape, a terrain bleaking in the blink of an overeyefilling, more and more fakely colourful and really poisonous miniaturizers cultz.

I'd like to do a big first and last media event ... an exhibition / auction type thing ..... then turn the rest of my pulped and besignified cellulose to compost ... and thence back to reading, saving and exchanging seeds. faircompanies (dirksen gal makes the sweetest vids) has a few old fogies still doing the depression boogie ... big batches of preserves in mason jarz ... the guy aint so hot anymore but his wife's breasts look ravishably appetizing still.

hey peyotecactus
you should get a load of dutch media this morn ... they are downright extatic -- after some local incendiariness of the crude (mysterious fires kind) as well as the, like this (Obomber at Aipac) here, sophisticated kinds -- and running a bombshelter report in which we hear one of the most resoundingly refined renderings of cute objects falling cutely (on piano).

dewish delusion:
the dumb will never learn and take to truth?????
the ballsy boys cannot be be picked out, targetted, given the extra life and death difference kind of attention????
Atheist Meta-Ethics: Neo-Nihilism

ok .. and so you (unlike your tasty target morsels) are NOT wasting your time on sophism ??.. and yet .. have nothing to show for .. in the way of a glimpse from your garden .. just to ..
you know ... prove your superior varieties .. eh .. varyitism (if you prefer,
got anything to trade?). Or are you leaving all that up to me to bring you as a propitiation?

You have even less patience with your garden than with the thicket
sprouting about through your head, making it a nonth(o)roughfare.

try later

Martinson hard at work
Solar Zionism Get Your Ticket Now
oor 88Guradian14 op 5 aug 2011
803 views -- 2.27m advertizement format packages to tempt zionists into being thrown one heeeeeeellll of a party .... on/in the sun
Geen beschrijving beschikbaar.

np 34+ channels down now the kikes got my awesome vimeo? channel too
88Guradian14 ---  7 mnths ago - 5x thumbups

quoting Drew Hempel's thread at abovetopsecret:

    Math professor Abraham Seidenberg published three essays in the academic journal Folklore that connect his research to the Freemasonic ritual sacrifice origins of mathematics (he references his other “ritual sacrifice” essays entitled “ritual origins of counting,” “ritual origins of geometry,” and “ritual origins of the circle and square” published in the math journal Archive for History of Exact Sciences).

    As I stated previously New Age gurus Jose Arguelles and Drunvalo Melchizedek emphasize the same Freemasonic secret between carbon and silicon – the two, carbon and silicon, are switching places in dominance – through an asymmetrical “mirror neuron” transformation. Silicon, as product of the desert, represents the element of fire while carbon, as left-hand directed ecology, represents the element earth. Silicon is utilized through right-hand directed technology created through “mirror neurons” by left-brain directed language!

this is Drew under the influence of Zizek on Hegel

    So the Emptiness is called "determinate reflection" in dialectics -- it means the opposite extremes reverse positions and then there's a fourth conscious reflection of this traumatic reversal -- the king is sacrificed as the conspiracy of spiral unity. Assassination of Paul Wellstone in MN is a good example. O.K. so the Emptiness still harmonizes everything. Conspiracy as "secret breath" means qi or kundalini energy.
end quote

McLuhan flippin over in his grave at this ugly kneadoughdiddle schlongeaslouch

77.44 .... 9.28 he recovers and posts something more decent:

    The Actual Matrix Plan means that the human brain makes the ultimate quantum computer -- so people living in cities and bigger population is good since it means more quantum computer powering for the new Global Matrix brain -- so there's Wifi and cell phone towers every where.

    People think you're subhuman if you don't have a cell phone -- so that's how the mind control works. Next level is to think getting microchipped is "cool" and a good thing for various reasons -- health, safety, better shopping or whatever -- being a better consumer, etc. faster government transactions.

he then quotes a larger dystopian thing from The Science Network. April 17, 2007.

... the pages closes with a ringing indictiment of his dickhead (an)nihilist self
the sacred, feminine, formless and unboxable secret which is nevertheless and despite this unempty (and worse, emptyING) pronouncement about and confession of worshipping such - turn and and all including self  away - entirely refinable, distillable, aimiable and aimalbe seepage, an outer via inner thing ... one minute the phoney phone thing is formulated and not without merit, then the next rant segment plugs a phone healing. So which is it, healing or stringed pearls of insight gone as bad as inside(r) 'joke(r)s' do?
yo curse, jew curs, zionist lackey, shill and ogre, those working to provoke, instigate and finance every war they can .. dent the marketsphere another corner from which to move the next feint/dent dialectic.

iemand straal voorbij lopen
pretend you don't notice intimi of yore due to status change
straal = jet/ray
staal = steel
taal = language
transit likes Fred Frith ... i don't

dance company composed of half naked 7 year old doing the beyonce moves

heroin addict anagrams
17484 found. Displaying first 1000

first off the top of my head, inspired by ben padiah's vid on economic imperialism):

add heroic tin
cia ddt he iron

can't get any closer than this in the list:

Ciao Herd Dint
Ciao End Third
Ciao Den Third
Ciao Trend Hid

to some goddess or other (via GG11) on the 5th dimension (pollution will just poof .. fuck off (she actually says 'non-organic' so with any luck .. we'll be rid of all them pesky rocks as well?!?!?!?):

'telecinetic' eh? New one on me. mighty clever ... but so is the software helping you out. spirituality is 'intertelligent' (how did you like that one?) garden culture and all you got here so far looks and sounds like software commercialims. And you know what that does to garden culture dontcha? Fucking terminates it! Google E-waste and take a long hard look before turning another of these tricks.

the people of the alphabet, the visual bias, the brain - and social fabric instead of rock - splitting - to serve gardening - ingenuity, instead focus, as stands to reason along that trajectory, on ballistics, surveillance, control, .. installing the bias further still (that great big winning warhorse ... as if they haven't always been provoking, instigating and financing wars. It's just the expulsions that are reversed, since this 'divine' shit has become systemic.

If God were merciful he'd send that helluva comet sooner rather than later but he's letting jews pretend they own him a little longer. Prolly can't believe his eyes, poor bugger.

installing the bias further still -- to replace:
install- -stilling the bias further

7 dec 2009 --- 19171x
Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer
MrPhoenix1001 has over 800 vids of the MuslimHater variety.

Drew: pro-christ, anti-Teut .... go figure

matrix galore
    warning, vid with absolutely no colour .. just signs, glyphs in a mesh
    here's a colourful one: ... oops

    i want some intertelligent comments ... don'tyall shout at once, we're not pushing on rock .. just yet.
    This vid's thumbnail is all you need to look at if you wonder what on earth made me write the following (it comes around near the end): ... as written yesterday

90thou since early 09 but only 4 comments

Afghan farm culture ... Hunza apricots ... are these memories forever to be broken by the alcohol war industry gamification crowdz????

25 mei 2011
Politics 101 - a 3&1/2hr. lecture in 14 parts by Jonathan Barlow Gee.
ok, so the british were 'occupation' forces but americans are not ... noooooooooooooh .. course not ... you sir are a laughable occupist and seriously misinformed about gold as the crude heavy drossy 'reflection of a mineral metabolization process gone horribly wrong through toxic distraction (ps: i meant extraction) and standard shenanigans. Read Fekete at least. Looking back is all very well if you focus on how to get trees their standing and proper girth back ...

.. but you pick and choose from golden ages of privilege and exclusive secrets. Not a green bone in your  body so you might as well carry on vying for kingship of the intermadhousenet here, .... don't mind me ...

    Piet doesn't, however, believe in any kind of consistency at all.  Not only does he rightly reject a 'foolish consistency' as being the province of 'small minds', but he rejects any consistency at all at times, thinking that all of us will be able to read between the lines.

    Hence, comments moderation.   On the other hand, he does bounce back with something clever and believes in Pleached Trees quite to the same degree that Deborah Mitford does.  And, unlike warszawa Debleug and Dejan Debleug, both also pissing pottens, he may even get a comment published here if he manages to figure out which post to put it on.

    The Debleug Pissing Potten will not be so fortunate, and may look forward to being eased off the welfare rolls in the near future, according to them..

hey thanks pat (petpat pet pat Pet Pat, pet PetPat paf!!!!).

.. for topping my nutterrioty up a bit (or towho).

come check my channel design ... can't you enter it in some grand finale youtube make up/over contest before they all go poof????

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