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Regarding my YouTuBe Account

Hello first metoobe day in grey ... if you click into my past as far back as the late 90s you will see a colour philosphy with a special place for grey. (Clouds and fresh dust are that both and need steering, making respectively, then mixing and matrixing the old fashioned way: SOIL!! -- None of all this E-wastful surveillance tec. I miscalculated about how well the net would allow me to hitch a ride to the land of permacultural with everything from constitution to reputation making a mockery of numbering heretofore ... but .... here i am.

So far THE most upsetting thing (i can personalize colours but mourn the loss of access to public personalization = ART) is the pull down menu for adding to playlists at the old channels .... there i could see half of mine at once ... now i am forced to deal with a cell-phone feel, yuk!!!

On my wishlist:
a way to group subs under snarky tags, surround them with a tweakable colourspectrum, preferably linked to their horoscope and all point in time 100 years either way .... but i explicitly wish also, and before all that, for the whole computer industry to focus on becoming entirely compostable. Jose Arguelles prolly has the right idea.

wow, only just now do i realize youtube took my hints --- regarding clear display of playlist specifying vidnumbers (see below, begun a year ago --- once again ... the colour policies/choices (books not bombs*) on their old templates were fairly disastrous (bycause they didn't correct the preformed (pre-colour(combo )picked)formats or add a note about monitor setting dependence (at least) nor slot them accordingly !!!!! So easy!! Almost as easy as arresting gangsterbanksters Haahhaah!!!

* suprisingly close (.. so, makes little diff) in the long run .. but then again, even a bucket of clean water can be deadly eh? all playlists (except 1 ... but one cannot fuse the goddamn things anymore (move the vids between lists) ... guess youtube editors got sick of stupid people doing dumb things and blaming THEM for it.

-- Favorieten (248)
-- 12 strings (118)
-- 2 wheels n up (29)
-- 55 Country Gentlemen songs (55)
-- auf Deutsch (120)
-- auf Deutsch II (87)
-- Ca CanYon CoN unWar Drum (62)
-- deep voiced singing (43)
-- evil, well walled gardening candidates (76)
-- feature length docus (36)
-- Hegemony Or Survival - Noam Chomsky (97)
-- Hollands (50)
-- intello mushmesh (74)
-- jaco-esau : glob-loca : Izra-Pali (74)
-- Midas Dekkers (37)
-- mispistoleros' 'int. terr'ism list cleaned up (98)
-- my crushing passion (51)
-- native american tragedies (124)
-- natural (141)
-- NaZionisten KryptoJuden (5)
-- nother set of tunes (111)
-- Ovflows (5)
-- Ovflows II (52)
-- P'd my 'like' button (193)
-- P'd my 'like' button II (189)
-- P'd my 'like' button III (73)
-- P'd my 'like' button IIII (19)
-- permacooledsure (56)
-- poetpiet's life savin tunes II (55)
-- poetpiet's miscellany 1 (52)
-- PropaGenda (49)
-- PropAgenda aMassedMixage (74)
-- queue rescueue (40)
-- savants 103)
-- Sinsons (singer/songer) (22)
-- tony rice mix (19)
-- wheelHe vs GripHe (114)
-- wonder if she'd like to buy .. (24).
-- zappa note nut (43)

Here's an addendum to the previous post

page 33 from a Devil's Chord thread
It's all about distributing hot air, or hot air about distribution and so no wonder stuff like this comes up:

Anti-Semitism became so prominent in Europe when the Austrian Empire began promoting literacy for the ethnic nationalities. So up till then the provinces of the Austrian Empire relied on ethnic language that was vocal and therefore right-brain dominant and more sophisticated in mediating emotions and healing energy. But when the national movements arose through literacy then there was an attack against Jews for their secret literate culture. So while the Jewish culture is a "vanishing mediator" culture back to the Lunar dominant calendar and right-brain trance music healing -- this issue goes very deep all the way back to the origins of plow-based enclosed agriculture and the "symbolic revolution" discovered by Dr. Jacques Cauvin - -a "symbolic revolution" promoting the attempt by humans to "contain" infinity using left-brain dominant geometric symbols.
End Quote

Brendan responds:

@poetpiet This comment makes no sense to me. If you have something to say about this video it would be helpful you could communicate your ideas clearly and not in some private poetic language.

wouldn't help at all, nothing can as long as you allow 'you' to argue that 'you' is you and the cuts must be made thusly and just so, at such and such angles and times ... etcetera.

take pete schiff for instance, i'll paste up what i noted via his OWS appearance - perk: windswayed leaves in the early (daytime) part of that footage, as PS rolls out his little ploy and sleight of mind all day long.

Minds aren't dead weight and agreeing to a fundamental, then thereafter go into trusty gullible go along energy saving moodmode like(/as if) you managed to jump a freighttrain or something aint gonna work

thus, when Pete's opening volley gains confidence due to the high quotient of voluntarity in the old naghag still able to evoke fond memories: the fair fight for consumer favor, his listeners let their guard down and swallow some serious shit, cause he's free to follow up so why not a little waste disposal (Corexit dispersant anybody?), pulling off and away (jumping from FT's at speed is quite risky).

If you expect this GvtCoreBiz problem would come up easily and often, specially at OWS .. and with a semi semite waving a hi-price mike (totally against the seriously trending one, though PS left all Mike-Checks on the cutting room floor, without exception) to boot, I do too, but no. All we get is Petey trying to point to the ruthless rootlessness of The State (only institutional, legal and sovereign though merely delegatory and representative, never directly democratic enough body of/with/for rootedness we have left and under some serious fire)

the hi-rise bit next:
though PS makes no mention of gvt's most important shit/business: cleanliness: efficient compost, no mention of quality control and no diff made between the dependence of young and old vs the addict (out of decency for the park hosts? The junks and drunks, or for the junk dealers looking down from windows raised well near the brink of the double digit bear down .. and also close to downable - even a mere infight will make an example of at least part of them .... building 7 was essentially, ... well maybe no longer, but nominally it STILL was a Guvmint building folks!

Corpsies are defending themselves against regulations says PS No and Nope! Corporations buy themselves into the corner of the market full of corners, .. matterafac, consisting of nothing but corners, very blunt, slow and kafkaesque house of cardlike ones (until some offense brings the armed federalis out. PS claims the corpsies drank the drink the fed fed them.
"government liquers people up"
yeah, and it arms them too Pete (not much discussion of this, though to their credit, they show a vet right at the beginning)
easy left sleasy right, easy credit, sleazy bailouts????????

PS claims he would quit attempts to gain a client's favor if it cost him 70 cents on every dollar he made. My dad did the latter but not the former ... and the irony was, his bracket was highest but wealth far from greatest, if you had a way vaster capital invested for modest return you'd be almost as excempt as much much lazier men than my father. Matter of the fact, my father was anything but lazy. He just traded certain flexibilities for numerate prodigality. Not really ethically challenged but catering to macho culture no questions asked.

No discussion about the 'qualiteaze' of monies either. Gvt can't win and come into it's own if it fails to come out with it's own (money). That itself is enough to turn fancied GovernMINT into frenzied GoVarmint.

PS faults the gvt, not for spoiling and giving in to, and/or faults it's defenses against, Corpsies, who like* the buying public aim to seduce, please, come by and come buy, perhaps come period by the by, depending on far gone they will go. PS claims they cannot but have and want to ply the clients in an all choices / options / OopsieOns on the table mode.

* Corpsies like nothing better than cornering the buying public and gvt listens readily to thise who have proven to approach that good as common good (fungibility, flow- not blowback, acceptibility, consensus) status.

You prove dependency creating reliability
You prove addiction conjuring seduction
you provide services
you supply arms
Sort these 4 sentences into pairs ... if you want to go into the sexbomb/warrior conundrum.

more fresh perspective on Drew's 'divide and average' condemnation:
the doubling is natural .... just like crush and spread ... a space/place type rooting that is totally taboo in teutophobic thought of the likes Drew practices.

So the West then equates geometric length with arithmetic number as distance.

Who's 'the west'? I see YOU refusing to translate sound to ecology through/in space, neither helped nor hindered by 'the west' but all by your lonesome rather.

Drew is really a satirist more than anything, he takes the piss while insisting on and assuring us that he is dead serious instead of keeping a steelly faced pretense up .. about talking us out of our minds .. medittec and meditthod which usually goes/proceeds along the formula of directing attention to body parts, ushering breathing on instruction and command (itself a self-consciousness arousing thing rather than the professed opposite) and all sorts of semi-hypnotic singysongy droney drowse drownoisies.

What he does instead is throw out dense blippertibleeps of incredibly incommensurate and complex memes, not themselves made up so much, it in fact rain- and brainstorms references but it's cutting edge / borderline fabull/sciencefriction) as their connection supposed and posited. It's hilyholy intellowly challenging and conducive to anything but making the leftbrain less hysterically meddlesome.

He's tying himself into a tight immobile knot with his cerebral convolutions, compensating with faith in real life effects, and his teacher is just a Sino-Christain hybrid remixer living in the pricey area that brought you DU ammo 'enhancement'. What rot.


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