Friday, February 25, 2011

the middle east is the wild west
Anne Baltzer (jewish)
part 1 had 1150 views since november 9 09
she shows slides

part 2 - 12.370, april 15 07

part 3 17.319 ... a must see (at 'jseraphim' .. who has 4 of the 6 parts .. and that's all he has up except for a recent thing with him thinking aloud and sounding pleasant)

links to all 6 parts have rotted already here:
it's been linked back to by the poster as late as 3 months ago though ... this is likely one of them cases where thought police with media influence (choose any from the palette of zionists flavors, from trotties to o so pc obomby liparules or something, most likely) are disrupting counts to be able to pretend their opponents have no popular support as they and their establishment colleagues everywhere do routinely regards any and all protest (if not worse)? Craig Cobb's blogger and youtube accounts were suspended just yesterday. I'd rather folks got articulatey disgusted and corrective on his ass than him having no blunderbuss .. so to speak.

that said though, it is unmistakable that most vids here
on similar topics and presumably similarly competent people have been
up for 9 months though only the occasional one gets above 400 views!!

anne speaking outdoors part I 7 pieces
anne speaking indoors with slides part II 13 part
hundreds of vids up here

Hah! Quite funny, a guy he calls a loon DOES get better viewing

"Wake Up Call" by Amir Muhadith (Loon) @ UCI (Part 1)
9,659 views - 1 year ago
10 parts .. well over an hour

... i reall don't find him loony at all, a little too bent on shinily oiled class
one leather rags perhaps .. but that's the most innocent, merely skindeep
of extremisms. Just a layed back easy on the eyes muslim black dude with
a beard, poster boy for conversion

oh .. wait, his stage name was loon ... i see him in white speaking from
SA on Aljazeerea right now.

channel comment pointin to this here post:
I wrote a post about your vid series.
in particular the close (not to say klef, dutch for nasty) relationship of
settlerism to american 'occupists'.
Parallels between of them are so hard to miss that it takes down all the
trees in order to keep up the propstunt that props the house of lies and
keeps the 'pierced' marked deck of cards in use.
Anne's own place presented a number of speakers in front of Binghamton students via youtube some time ago. One of them is Khader (? a female american):
"half the children in Gaza have lost the will to live"
up since februari 13 2009
viewed 511 times -
.. in the very last minute (where the vid cuts off*) she brings up native
americans (the only people disheartened on a par with Palestinians, though on
a much much vaster scale and longer too ... so far, ...

* .... the whole video can be found at the site of this youtube
essentialdissent (for the .net domain).

the middle east is the wild west

the former an affirmation and retroactive justication of the latter
trying to give it legitimacy through continuation
showing that the practice did, does and will continue to enjoy impunity

the former an affirmation and retroactive justication of the latter
the zionists (the name jewish imperialism ((in existence since babylon began stockpilin, hi-risin and bookkeepin)) assumed and began sailin under in an era just passed wherein the UN explicitly granted palis the same status ... which was exactly the wrong way around already), their agents whippin po white boys into religious frenzy, plunging kahallogos up and down throats the owners temporarily tune and black out to focus on bank accounts and brat brood benefits

hey presto, legitimacy through continuation
it is indeed america that is protecting and funding the settlers physically, but mentally the flow is the reverse, the other of a two way reciprocal, the reflux ... so you cannot ask the ordinary american to stop funding the settlers unless you explicitly point at the consequence: repatriation to europe. That will help american to identify with settlers. Not sure i succeeded, but i wrote this rant to make you click this link:

the settler serves the american (a-me-rich-one) by being a lightning rod for what went on for centuries, known as 'going west', which did, does and will continue to enjoy impunity as long as we do not deny them more than enough choices for friendship near and far. If we don't do that soon their consciences will darken and the consequences of that will probably destroy even the greenest of green (and i don't mean the most devout of islamisms either).

jac-esa : Izr-Pal : glo-loc
jaco-esau : glob-loca: Izra-Pali


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