Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Lo Shu Magic square origins - Shemhamporash and 'Prometheus rising' coil..wmv -- 322 views
shemhamporash and prometheus

his new blog:

.. did not take my comment so i sent him an email

the vid narrator (after that throaty and shy 'Massachoowish' folk singer) mentions nuclear fire at 5.10, the denies that the creation stories involving turtles are truth ('tales' people used to 'make up'). He, like his 'many people' are happy to disgard them in favor of nuclear knowledge.

The ancient stories are simply good, not good FOR nuttin but inspiring awe. And nuclear energy displaced from where it belongs turned out to sure as hell be neither good, nor good for anything let alone the nice type of making up. Not for nothing is there a (w)irecrossage with that other way to make up (objectified it becomes applicable, withholdable and ... well, simple put in 'service' of whorages multifariously. I for one, have little doubt that he (who accuses of 'making up') is himself the uppity maker here. That is curable: tie to compost heap, grant all the hi-tec they care to use for making the fresh type of ashes alluded to with which they can process their equally well deserved fresh sewage ... while we educate the rest to not let that sorta most sovereign sort of pleasure out of their hands and sight. NuClearFire is worse than worthless when it comes to this 'making up' (with +spin), so sorely needed.

Ironically the giffie you have spinning with slight variation for minutes around mentioned point is VERY reminiscent of what you see here: www.pan-holland.nl *

Which tells me you are in awe of the speaker and want us to pay attention while trying to help by not distracting us too much.

* - It was inspired by Jose Arguelles, THE man to make turtle lore and indiginous respectable (rather than haughtily scoffed at and abandoned like the man you feature does) in that he rectified the tzolkin correctly (proof is delivered many a one of the 52 days (out of the 260 round) that are 'gap' and statistically correlatable with earth quakes.#
My signature happens to be heavily connected to Hiroshima and don't find anything about it 'more remarkable' than the simplest of rock grind and polish products, perfectly reducable ashes (faultlines, fractions, pretty swirls and riddly puzzle pieces as in mineral molecules), perfect sunlight receptacles in tandem with water (so your love for symmetry won't suffer a bit), I suggest you get on with it, lest you get stuck in this savantatious hirn spinnery like another merlin caught up in another crystal of symmatriculation

# - emergent-culture.com


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