Wednesday, January 19, 2011

camelboys, injuns and unfunny phonies

in the interest of 'kintonewitty' i present:
camelboys, injuns and unfunny phonies
it's a jumble in there, jammin da 'throughfake' in the land of wonder
mistairyousilly kept from going under .. nethertheless
myststaireasily .. eh .. miststeerriotously

Climate Change -- American Spectator
"... before heading off to college where they hear tenured professors like Ward Churchill present academic justifications for nihilism. ..."

oh, come on, don't be shy. Why be modest? Haven't you learned anything from your paymasters yet? If you want to get payed more don't just accuse your opponents of 'nihilism'. Besides, it conjures associations with modesty in the minds of the folks hoppering concepts into at ease posishies, but what's worse, falls way short of your enormous reach. Use it!! You thinks demons in Dimona are working for Piet Snot???? Claim you are threatened with ANnihilism, on the double!!!!! You know, like Ward did, he wants the US 'off the map'. Now, just do what you are accusing him off as follows: left hook: accuse him of the plans which in reality we harbour, unload our own designs to begin bombing campaigns on him, then, much later, come back with a right handed grateful borrowing for having familiarized and spooked the public to the point of agreeing with pre-emptives etcetera.

The last alinea comes in two versions:

So censor any reference Ward might have been talking about treaties contracts and laws, you know, the stuff gullible people manage to believe that very flimsy and flammable dead cellulose can represent and be trusted with. Him being a big man, the asssociation with violence is easily made and helps displace and/or overlook the massive smoking and sadness complex immobilizing him.

.... in slightly altered (and expanded) form here:
Benjamin Whitmer, Ward Churchill's onetime online champion, chooses books over flame wars ----- By Michael Roberts, Thu., Jan. 13 2011 @ 11:44AM

article explains why BW is too busy and grown up to start (and/or join?) flame-wars this time around ... and seeing this is only the first comment a week later, controversy clearly worn out ... but wail not, fresh meat for hungry maws: Palin invokes, sets up and impales herself on the media prongs of youknowjew ... the google alerts feature/show/suffer (??no time for that now) a slight uptick.

So censor any reference Ward might have been talking about treaties
contracts and laws - you know, stuff that tends to be unfamiliar, subject to inspection, fits and starts, a long way from smooth routine 'spelenderwijs' performance - which gullible people nevertheless manage to believe a very flimsy and flammable substance, really just dead cellulose up until recently .. a mediation and burial, .. the slow and bloat drifting out, brought back/down to be fed and sacrificed to the fast, a grave offense to proper composting procedures - can represent and be trusted with. 'Compostage' and trust might in fact be real close travel companions but to know what i mean you'd have to have some John D Hamaker (alltime fave american i had the honour to stay with several different years) under your belt, not to mention Knapp sharpened by Beckerath and all of it put in a race gender and class warfare fairing perspective by me: indexterity operator

WC being a big man, the asssociation with violence is facile freak mass media fodder of 'yes we can .. deceive' apparanthoodies - easily made and helps displace, point away from and/or overlook the genius, sensitivity, not to mention the massive clouds of sadness choking his militation ... despite certain people holding onto to images from bygones.

Have a good day.


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