Tuesday, January 11, 2011

not quite done doing deep battle doodoo

deep doodoo and deep doo doo 235.000 and 326.000 results on google but with quotes 47,500 and 421,000

without the deep the difference is considerable 438,000 vs 36,800,000 miljan

does this reflect the ten-thousand drops of pure clear water for the israelis vs a sewage contaminated single one for earlier palenstinian, those R.E.M.A.I.N.I.N.G. .. much closer to the best green ethic holy books can possible hope to offer?


20Mb file

By contrast, the other day i listened to a snippet of yet another pre-tea-partyish radio rant (on backwoodshome) from 2002.

The phrase that broke the logjam in my head (and visible below) was:

'we are going to hell in a handbasket'.

It prompted me to unravel what they think and hope to convey when they say 'we' (pure as driven snow) and 'our govt' (too busy trying to bait and catch hot money with hot money, ending in confusions which leave even less time and leeway to notice the upstanding citizen ponying up for the spectacle).

Quick, dirty and short prefigurement of my answer (putting words in their mouths):

we cannot identify with our developers and 'waresofteners', never met a contractability monetizer or agreements banker and never even heard of rocks ungravelers, let alone ...

Fiscal honesty is as problematic as fighting missions these day, but once upon a time, at least to some certain men i have had the luck/honour of reading work by/of, fiscal fairness, vital to a nation's health, wasn't so obscure(d): Knapp, Beckerath, and still alive (in Boeing territory): Todd Boyle (rosehill.net), a man who puts himself in sight of commuting traffic at very regular intervals, as does Berndt (peaceispossible.blogspot.com), 50 miles further south, in Olympia, just below a large naval base in Tacoma.

Berndt by the way, needs to write a crime novel about how the erasure and disappearance of a curious 4 story hi mural --- (ostensibly bycause of a renovation) in the Library of a U famous for its liberality, 4 miles out of town, painted in the late 60s by a man who went on to pioneer and become the world leading authority on synchronization, rituals, medicine wheels, mandalas, sand painting, matrixery and calenderaisers --- triggered, unleashed, seeded, signalled the waves, habits and largest concentration of them all to sprout up on all the blind walls around the State Capital of the pacific northwest, he already has a huge huge collection of specimens ... but hasn't answered any of my queries for some reason.

I have criticized the man (the painter, Arguelles) for seeming to feel a need to foster awareness of a mirrored and therefore distorted truth: sharability is worth it, no matter how vanishingly small and fractious or even altogether fictitious the morsels. A logical consequence of his overvalueing mental aspects of being. It is also a distillation of the missionary and crusader complex in him, the machismo invested in splendid waste .. potlatch ..opening the casings revealing inner clockworks, invisibly springloaded and represented in squiggles displacing (he claims 'preceding') all possible other and more palatable physical precipitate of such glimpses, analogous to the quivering dazzlement of peacockfeatherload-like displays.
The visual portion of fitness is far from residual and eyes are stressed more than rocks are being squeezed. Again, is this a displacement or merely tell-tale early sign and good omen?

Screenage of eyes rather than rocks has helped 'unfairing' fights, made them more fundamentally dishonest (more fundamental, more dishonest).

And so i lose respect for eyeball magnetude, beautifying skills that dictate a dazzling pixel dance with razorsharp contrasts (moves and dreamflow grooves provided by the toxtec at a rate far surpassing that of fake breasts being 'fitted' at the shapeshop.

If this is the shape of things as the state of the arts in efforts to make fights fair (with exceptions like Ken O'Keefe, the only twitterer i follow), it is little wonder we cannot seem to recruit, convert and defuse the wrong way to go about it vitally enough.

Chunyi Lin versus Alliant Techsystems: The spiritual showdown in Eden Prairie

Alliant vs springforest
I am reminded of how i saw that in the light of 'Arcturus rising' yesterday when my eye caught Chun-Yi Lin's blog title (obviously a result of webbery-skill-gap ... while webbery's gill cap aint all swell either these days, see my corexit rant ... whoops, i think he erased that one .. the day i post a perfect comment i will be sore but so far they were all too hasty and too flawed to fault him for it.


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