Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Corporate waste

I got a harebrained theory for ya: i am ceo of the world's brownpointiest SOILcompany and reserve the right to deny i am.

Want a few real evil ones?
oil companies being tempted into iraq and helped to deny it by the same people?

Oil companies trying to wreck the gulf-stream in order to raise heating costs and sell more to europe in the future???

naaahh, ... not evil enough, ... this one is:

Humor me for a minute. Imagine polluters who spoil for a chance to bail from (shed, toss, drop, hide, pawn off) or at least delegate the clean-up.
No funding forthcoming or not quick enough and the waste piles grown uncomfortably large, they hit upon a brilliant if devious plant.
Managements get together and decide to toss their several toxicalities into a cocktail, entertaining themselves with epitaph and mythical property endowments, etcetera. In short, they name these deadly mixes pretty fancy ways and slap a commensurate price tag on, multiples of the type of money it would take to try break each of its components into their original constituents again before mixture, as if to subtextually taunt and convey a punishing message to the fraction and remnant of the health inspection authorities that stubbornly refuse to be brided and also to practice their schizfaith: rising cost is rising worth.

Tossing their fate into a collective reflects that split (unity/community - union/communion) as well. Their idea of one integer whole is always radically undermined by their faith in (and being after) becoming the lucky one winner. But boy did they collect(ivate the score) big this time.

Sell by vs Ban by date:
Our band of hi-wage conspirators had to force a sale/use of their fantasy product Corexit before publicity, outrage and protest about it being a toxic waste cocktail would lead to withdrawal of (carefully strategized, pawn-positioned) and licence to use/kill.

Their pawns had bargained for approval succesfully but it was a stealth operation as many of these are and not 'stable' enough to allow nature to take its course.

Bribery is oldfashioned and although positioning pawns requires more patience, much longer planning trajectories, etcetera, the corporate world sees itself as a collective in matters like these, it feels like it is fighting fair, pitting one of them against another and they are the much smaller one so deserve a little advantage to equal things out and fair the fight. Hell they will even grant us the internet, knowing full well it nets us splinters and we become that much easier to pick out and off, contain, isolate.

Hell, i can rant all i want but not a stinkingly unthinking cunt is gonna read it. they (especially) are all busy looking in the mirror and hoping an admirer will jump through and out of it any minute, any second even. every second 4000 more fotos land on facebook servers

Banning would spoil their chances of getting rid of it 'for good pay' (in their sick sick 'bottomline' sickened eyes) as opposed to dumping it in the third world as is usage.

Would the Iraq wars have happened without the even more devious plotters holding out many-splendered fever dreams of wind-falls and profits from the Iraqi oilfield to the whitish oil companies (lost sight of Soil Companions like Cernunnos altogether)?
Oil companies to the rescue. Reread this piece of bad-mouthing fiction till faith in good and proper restored.


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