Monday, December 06, 2010

more on Deb Frisch

page 11 of a conservative forum thread:
Deb Frisch Jailed For 90 Days
It seems when she got done stalking a blogger she started stalking other people, including judges. Now she's in the slammer.
Here are some of her pro se (on her own behalf) legal filings. She heavily cites the precedent of "frocked cowXXXs." (No, really.)
Thanks to Gabe.
"Five years supervised probation....Mental health evaluation.
Required mental health treatment..."
+276 - I learn from this that disqus (diss and cuss, never did it apply more than to this crowd, always on about insults, outs, erasures, spam filters and the types of scary that land innocent folks in jail and worse) is set to show 20 ... which with subthreads and all can become a great pain when trying to retrieve a passage that triggered a google alert. .... But guess what? i also learn i could have spared myself the 13 click, drag bar to right passage and copy pastes bycause, suprise, the old trusty rusty rutsy netscape communicator grabs them all at once.

the thread breaks commenting records there and the operator finds them 'weird' but nothing like the ones here:
Goldstein pledging to kill a proxy-user
.. if we take proxy-use to be equivalent/proxy to all that is rotten in the US, that which JF is a product of and promotes we can take such remarks as refusals, deflections and encrypted (BuRiEd) forms of what he needs to perform on himself.

Goldstein to one of the fishes in his nets: Is there no depths to which you'll stoop?

not, geoff, it is 'not stoop', in case you foolhardily insist on continuing to indicate the deepravity of those who are unworthy of approaching you, compacting your soil uselessly .. in your vvvvaaaaasssssttttt empire. But is their a back from Fallujah?

maybe they are just playfighting, kicking a blame ball back and forth about sicked the monster onto who first. Emphasizing Deb's monstrousness all the while. Like all unrewarding pleasures that bear repetition, try that trying and tie that tie-in again .. and again, they are slapping lock afte lock onto Frisch' cell to obscure her from view and if that don't help, they will turn the keys to bullets ....

Names redaction does not preclude identity detections if there is a three way circulation since the medium sends the message. And so it is nothing but personal since context (pro- or contra war is as vanishing a mediator as the goddamn budget for it.

Miscellaneous pre-main event (the other post today):
Sunday, December 5, 2010
Video of Helen Thomas Anti-Semitic Speech Delivered 12-2 in Dearborn, MI

similar item:
Boer war 1/14 in english
wildfood - harvest
wildfood - wetlands
wildfood - coast

a depressed hippy
two beers with steve, episode 71
a few minutes beyond the halfway mark on that pod with Dave Pollard he gets really absurd(ly simpleminded, alledgedly about complexity) and implicitly imagines he might be the dominano (dominant domino) that starts all the others falling by facing the absurdity that we 'live beyond our means' better than all of us (who 'never can earn enough to repay the debt' yadayada, which he calculates to be about 2 miljan per tax-payer) and pointing to a naked emperor in a way that starts the pieces keeling.

well, no douche, we just spend a lot more time counting and ONLY SEEM TO count further and further (whereas in reality we merely count finer and finer. from clay to ledger to bit, see? Yeah, we get niglier and niglier, cause it is THE trick to rake it in these days (small margins huge volume, close to the temple ('ghettorinth') and the clank of gold like the coin shavers of old).
I'll forgive him since he is depressed and knows not how simple generating energy is.

Ps: Les Visible on the other hand got on a chirpy roll a few hours after i wrote the above ... i looked into some stuff the other week and found out it's a small world. The Hatonn crowd has ties with the station Les is at 'speaking to you from a saucerpod, hovering somewhere over europe' ... as his (T)rusty opening formula turns out to be tradition since the 70s. What do you know. Music industy raiding the archive, sweeping the cutting floor and packaging. Good thing to mention in an item about bundlers. This time it is Sandy Denny. 19cdbox at 120 Quid.
there are a few fuck ups on this page, cannot find 'Rodrigues, Melissa. Book Review of "I Think I Am: Philip K. Dick." in: September 14, 2010.'
unbelievable .. 487K worth and no mention of lsd????? .. Oh wait, there are 5 more pages
most require registration, this one don't (but is is very small):

fuckers don't link to my copy of musicphantoms ..oops, not there no more. ... case for the file at
first page .. i mean fast paced .. .with comments too.
joshua poet with radio and lots of vids
last post 13th of sept
nebra sky disc - sachsen anhalt - so far very oldest calender.
a german vid raps about megaliths as 'light-stones'


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