Friday, November 19, 2010

Deb Frisch update

she has been put in jail for 90 days
witches are manufactured by witchhunts following the exact same breeding mistaken for discovery procedure used to scare up what was a mere one in a billion real terrorists before hand, same kind of mechanism is used by jews to produce anti-semites. Practicing political correctness is another term for job-security .. and ultimately a term to denote the degree of one's fearfulness to be pointed at as such by 'them'.
They are joined by those who fail to see an easy way to beat 'them'. It's easy. Lesson 1: how to not like this that and the other type of person and be as unlike them as possible.

Exhibit A (one of her many 'plaaggeesten'):

So now making veiled DEATH THREAT'S against police with this posting CONVICT? 5 days and counting down CONVICT. And making DEATH THREAT'S against JUDGES, POLICE, THOSE THAT DON'T BOW TO YOUR NASTY 300 POUND ASS, CHILDREN, thos ethat LAUGH AT YOUR PATHETIC LIFE, THOSE THAT ARE MAKING THE FILTH THAT DIDN'T DOUBLE FLUSH 48 YEAR'S AGO MISERABLE. You should be getting TERRIFIED of what is going to happen to you once you get to COUNTY. Better be watching MSNBC on FRIDAY and pay close attention to their PRISON DOC'S. Because you'll see what prisoner's think of FILTH like you that MOLEST CHILDREN and what the JUSTICE you are going to recieve at the hand's of your soon to be ROOMIE'S, LMFAO. Word is there are 8 - and COUNTING as THE ARMY LET'S THEM KNOW of your pending arrival - of your soon to be COUNTY ROOMIES waiting to introduce themselves to you and show you how much the LOVE CHILD MOLESTER'S. THE ARMY WILL DESTROY YOU LIKE THE TALBIAN AND AL-CRAPA AND ANYOTHER TERRORIST THAT DARE FUCK WITH US. TELL THOSE FILTH ENABLER'S the ARMY'S COMMANDER say's HI. WHAT A CHICKEN SHIT FILTH FAMILY, LOL.

October 20, 2010 6:35 AM
2 o so correct eugene police officers who considered proximity to alcohol -- yeah, they drove her to drink .. and though i tried to talk to her, she would not let me much, much less stop her from across the great distance we live on either side of -- a violation of parole. she maintains she was there to pick up lesbo sex not alcohol. Almost as pretty and public as Astrid eh?.
the other side of the story in their own words. i wish frisch would frisk txts like this.

The blame is not entirely on either party exclusively, but it seems to be massively shared on one side while the other has to bear it all all alone ... though it won't be clear due to, again, the distance.

Deb herself:

this nutcase friend of three of my neighbors (ted and lindy brown, andrew REDACT and boris dunkel just stopped by and told me that my writing about them on my web site. the indiginous lane county felon started giving me lifestyle advice.

in honor of this ridiculous message from ted and lindy and boris and mr. and mrs. Paul Patrick (541) 997-9784 in Florence, OR, let me say fuck you to mr. and mrs. lawrence on siesta lane. as soon as i find my craigslist post about these sick fuck christian cretins around the corner from me, i'll post it!

also, there's a police report posted on the web site funded by kirk i. hays of portland, oregon and jerrie barrett of st. olaf's church in bountiful, utah.

Poor Milo - he is a fine canine who is forced to live with wretched humans.

FREE MILO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, she has a foulmouth (takes no shit, not a bit of it, i believe that much) and humps traffic blocking sidewalk pilons to make fun of street preachers but ... that's good enough to get her in the slammer yet cheering the actions in fallujah etcetera is a ok, left unpunished? the dutch call it 'de omgekeerde wereld' .. which comes to down to institutional maintenance of the difference between rich and poor.

what sort of a phony is David Noble anyway .. if he aint jumpin in to help this gal??? Fuck that dood with a pink strap-on, really.

She is not obsessed, her talent is better put to uses such as the one cited below .. but people won't support her in that any more than they do me.

Jim Kunstler: Is it indelicate to say that the USA as an enterprise has its head so deeply and firmly up its ass that the all the proctologists alive on planet Earth could not extract the collective cranium from the collective cloacal chamber even with the aid of a Bucyrus-Erie 1060-WX bucket-wheel excavator? Is it gauche to blame the situation on zionist pseudoscientists like [2002 fauxbel prize winner] Daniel Kahneman?

+544 in 10 days (at Kunstler's place)

what she calls 'making fun' her adversaries call 'teh crazy'
and poisoning the world they call defending freedom ... that is zionization in action for ya.

Deb Frisch Is in Jail.
by Little Miss Attila on October 25, 2010
Which means that decent people in Washington, Colorado and California can sleep easily, at least for 90 days. After that, she’ll be on probation again for five years, and apparently the terms are particularly strict: for one thing, she is forbidden use of the internet during those years (which will mean nothing to Debbie Frisch).
The morals of the story? 1) Some people are crazy, and 2) you can push even Eugene, Oregon too far. Oh, and 3) when you’re involved in legal proceedings, don’t refer to the judges as “frocked cowfuckers.“

ouch, well, look on the bright side, at least they aren't executing her .. yet. If a judge is worth any salt, he would not take religious people of any denomination and/or those with sustained tourette like affliction literally, rather praise them, especially when they take it as a point of honour to come up with beauts of alliterary value, something the cited expression definitely does have you plaguers of a woman i care for as best i can handle .. blogwise .. untill they take my computer access away as well.


at proteinwisdom there is this 680 comment thread (what's new right)

I wrote a long long screed in dutch touching on many issues relating to demonization, scapegoating ... and the solution of course. Not a final one but finally, one that will work.


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