Friday, October 29, 2010

future of money
this Michel Bauwens does a serious heap of output ...
made by future of money -

around the minute 4 mark the assertion in this very smooth and slick theatrical delivery of a snippet(ysnap) read-out, is, that 'money is not tied to anything, hence purely fictitious'.

Well, no, it is as good as the collective policy decision chain ... all the way to enactments and prohibitive punishment upon failure to comply .. maintains a predominance of honest dealings, what was known as value standard stability in the old days, which, if and when gold prospection kept pace with demographics while big riskers kept quiet for a while, worked well.
Problem is the proliferation of patch and crypt, runaway panoply in abstract fissures (an inversion that reflects lack of crushing fresh rock to help reduce the dearth of 'breathability' - if that sounds weird see leave the store, even though that much more distributable (your 'radical transparancy' mentioned in connection to 'rexpedition', whatever that is exactly ... nobody else mentions it apparantly), distributed in highly abstract undigestible and uselessly privatized, one way form (and wrong way form[at], since read-only at the wrong end .. effectively 'hiding' the truth that savings are collective).

So, to recap, command over this vegpatch, foodstore, savings and wealth gets highly centralized, pitched into a GS magnitude heap ... is anything but distributed and so vulnerable to attack from within though eminently armed against skim raid and rob, not to mention real growth feeding it from without.

# outer beauty as hollywood obsession has a directly inverted relation to that inner ugliness of the zionist project i mentioned earlier today and psychoanalysis has worsened rather than helped contain it, it empowers individuals period and is powerless to stipulate the use for good or exploitation.

An effort that reminds of Art Brock:
nittyjee -
People have begun to create "complementary currencies".
An introductory animation.

hah, reminds me of the charts John Zube did in the 60s ... of which i found a fresh version this month .. hang on ... i squirrel away a lot of stuff .... against the day the staff quits goofin and starts to show up in earnest.

part 2 has 357 views and 1 comment:

kingofthepaupers -- 3 months ago
Jct: Sad it? doesn't mention the "United Nations International & Local Employment-Trading System" in the Millennium Declaration C6 Resolution for a UNILETS Time Standard of Money where everyone will be able to trade their Timebank eIOUs globally in units of time that everyone understands everywhere. It's just sad that an Ithaca Hour? is worth US$10 timedollars while the timebank counts 1 Hour = 1 Timedollar. How unfortunately inconvenient.

nittyjee has 23 vids up, the 'Dinkey - Tearing Down' one shows moronically close up footage of a crane removing railroad ties (couldn't he not have walked out on the fucking bridge for a pan shot ... place your viewers firmly into the landscape you buggers .. unless you wanna and aim to have embryonic claustrophobic gestatory and other little feminine discomforts write large on your screen) ... then in the last seconds of the 3 minutes some beardman beanstalk goes: 'i had no idea that these ties were decorated, ... poetry, ... leaves. ...

Innovation opening keynote: The big tectonic shifts
Monday 25 October 09:00 - 10:30 ---- Conference room 1
In this opening session of Innotribe at Sibos, thought leaders will present the major tectonic shifts that underpin our current technology landscape. From push to pull, to generation Y and the new digital normal: how do they influence the shifts in financial services?

guess i missed this thingy in A'dam the other day .. but i can't see how i sould regret it, given it is a todo with DARPA man Nova Spivack and the like. Sibos is a round the world circus apparantly.

Yall emergence(.cc) people (4) have the most erratic and illegible tag cloud i saw so far ... perhaps also a very interesting one - they raised 40.000 from 40 folks thus far and are up since june.

ah, their most recent vid has rosenblith (of ncf infamy) .. hate to see all these guys sacrificed on the altars of DARPA and the like ... but they are too thrilled about being 'bombarded' keynote speakers to notice i am afraid.
CoCreatr has 20 vids up and the one to me is 5th showing.
.. and thus we have gone in a circle (Venessa at start and finish) as wide as the axis berlin-amsterdam X Darpan deadpannery factor .. give (m)or(e) take less unrecyclables ... labels .. did i say labels?

labels at
1396 for glamour
5 for madonna
55 for jayne Mansfield
.. by someone who is obama shade tinted but oriental as well .. clean blog .. no ads .. humongous page .. with pics galore .. many vintage .. seems everybody is there .. but no Anne nicole Smith .. of whom i saw such disturbing footage in that satanism claiming vid noted earlier this week.

Michel Bouwens recommends this one (on the 26th):
oops, that, again, is the one i started with ... time to post this and be done ... i will try and find the circulation chart though ... when i do i will paste it right here:

no luck so far .... grrrrl ... german file perhaps?

these fuckin things are a dime a dozen aint they?
zisk? zisk? zounds familiar ... transaction net people?

“Technology Makes Money Human” (The Psychology of Money) panel discussion
*Video starts at 11:00 minute mark

i mean the scale towards which these eager beavers are rushing is gonna soon admit worse than darpa, pepsi and KiloKai spiced rum

payment pinnovation ----
.. i will do a helpful intro too: the nearly 2 hours demo vid has expensify kicking off at the 9th minute
it's an awesome times to 5 minutes though vulgar lubing up of confie circuiting candidates (bet they bought it with or without a Gilder among them pointing away with his very long limbs, of course he being thrilled to point of shook up by zioshake outs somebody will hit that vacancy).

just the type of thing Anthony tried to pull off.

53rd min shwowp ... echos of josep ( ... mixed message ... curate ...taste ... roll your own .... canadian meme i guess.

.. which reminds me .. hey, folks at kk, don't take it personally, if i sound long in the tooth it is cause i hate hate hate alcohol (again, see jewdas and think distilleries and graintrading jews throughout russia)

plastic jungle man likes the name tag that reads 'another stealthy start-up'

a company that takes titles to a range of target gift cards, throws'm into a mash-up mix and trades them as variously flavoured split tenders ... what's not to love? eh... the endless whiteness of those pages????? Quite endearing to hear the man and one wonders how long he has (and or his kids have) before alzheimers ...

these people have no problem pressing a few buttons ... but wait, .. hiroshima .. wasn't it served by button also?

give everybody rocks and make them promise regular dust 'payments' until you bargained and slavedriven them down to the precipice of perdition by:

a: demanding more dust than can be got from the size rock given

b: turning that dust into goods catering to extravagant behaviour of the puisant riche, ..

the insouciant and filthy shameless exploiters everybody knows an adress or two for ... rothschild may not have gotten rich bycause of but despite of waterloo (as per Adam Curtis, love his work with Nial Ferguson) .. yet doing so tilted the drawbacks of gold into paper so that nobody could actually leave the weight but not the mindset behind.

or into bombs rather than orchards .. presto, crisis .. and not just a fake one that can be solved by lifting lock down reserve cramp (cutting bars into little beady units one can wear in and transfer to other belts) or with a slew of slick innovations or reschedulements Curtis and Ferguson went to Memphis to film comment on so endearingly.


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