Monday, September 27, 2010

if you are on your way down reading

..the next post down is a typical case of wanting to 'see' (take the delusion of faith TO BE(come) vs WHAT IS real. Note the not so hidden comer there. Same issue the 'subliminal sex in ads' man (August Bullock) perp(etrate)s. Bullock is all over the place though, his focus swerves from cases too obvious to point out all the way over to what the dutch call 'sought too far' - a wanna be/see that went/is going and/or taking things ((trying to ride crests of past cred)) too far) .. also, this -Rotten Apple Series by Apaul Corps Ltd- crowd seems on the (par)take with (nothing so much as) their announcements of (upcoming) crops ... cops from what they once sowed, timed and finally ready to be showed (on a slow release revenue basis .. bit like a miniature version of the zionist project, adopting and juggling new names and clues every generation since the days of nemrod in a macabre style of what they dutch square away as thinksport - denksport)

.. talk about wanting to see stuff (overlay), here is a clincher of a page, immaculately instructive .. thank god for overlay or you'd never figure out what the hell they're on about .. .but whatever you do don't move your mouse over the picture until you try long and hard. Do not even read below this link until you do:
.. clipperdi clappertitap ....
drum drum
roll roll, I like the real Crazy Horse better (read Dee Brown!)

OK, that horse covers half the state of Wyoming, how'd ya like them apples?

Driven nuts by centuries worth of ancestry poring over Scripscrapture and going all missionary about it to make sure.

... speaking of which, usurpation of jesus and alike (Paulpost below this one) shall be endlessly repeated ad nauseam, a task, the payrolling of which shall make any and all companies willing to partake (on the take not on par) the biggest in their field ... until we understand just exactly how unified the field we live in is.

PS: how Hendon Harris can appreciate the likes of Cyclone Covey (to whom he dedicates the discovery of two lookalike lakes (one in montana, the other in peru, NOT) is beyond me.

I thank him for a welcome bird's eye glimpse of scapery on my way back to reality, not that plots he points to have been less evilly designed upon particularly, or else there would be a tree or two on its way to a centenial anniversary or other -- or go straight here# --, but however bare, its earthiness feels more natural than pop(goes the rock)history anyways. Let me oouuuttttt, dear migration man... and besides, .. google maps and panoramio are in my mind, infinetely more instructive than twitter trends and the like



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