Sunday, September 12, 2010

indexterity is totally grand and probably handcoded for the most part ... but it is exceptional in another sense, ... the google ads there give me grief and when i go anywhere near saved files from that site i get all these pings in sometimes rapid and always interfering manner (yeah i am a bill gates crap using loser .. what are you gonna do about it, i dare and invite you .. to ... do .... something .... good .... about .... that/IT!!!!!ASAP!!!!!).

well i asked and wonder what/if i shall receive .. David.
David found via a Dubai developer developer developer who wrote:
DexSense - Intellisense in Dexterity by Tim
Dexterity is the name Microsoft gave to some sort of info-canalization.
They all push buttons at the infectious lesion, gash, gusher and ash delivering edge where literal meet figurative meanings.

All i say here really, tis a rare meaning that turns out meaningful as well.

recipe for grondige (thorough) doorgronding (understanding ((take a receptive stand for and under tall supportive stationarily steady tree-crops drops))):

go serve someone for whom one lacks the talent to understand

God is taking care of that by way of plus minus see saws a la Andrew Lehman but we must/better be more explicit about if we aint all gonna be semite mindsetters soon, whatever colour eye we have left to cause wonder.

found via 'dominate in any word game' -- by the way ... where they seem to understand buttons better than bolts.

ok, i am a little slow, this is an attempt to attain an even greater degree of unquestioned 'naamsbekendheid' (brandinevitability).

Thus far the detection of impunitive theft of poor artist/teacher by the Bil Gates gang.

they slip in a game-boy ad as well, via a type cheat (in dexterity) they aren't bashfull about:

and of course they dutifully note the hard-rock band by this noble name (in italy last year).
Want of dexterity or readiness, especially in the use of the hands; clumsiness; awkwardness. --Harvey.

this page, like many like it don't either, .. doesn't bother mentioning the 4th degree/possible meaning:
dexterity of/at indexation
.... but manage to offer you a whole lot of irrelevant crud anyways.

ok, and i should also choose/offer/have/like the choice of 'next page' at the bottom ... and 20 pages per post or something


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