Wednesday, August 11, 2010

part 2

.. and yes, i do realize my last post contradicts my often ardent (cold hard, clear and dry ((into the dark north(((ern most food for thought))))) is not a cower and retreat) advocacy for unmixing and bufferment betwixt cultures, ethnicities, nations, regions (and the myriads of staggered telescoping, scaled and overlapping networks we once had to reflect protect and guarantee biodiversity), tribes .. even family members and most expecially single sexes .. but serving temperedness need not entail domination and suffering .. containment is good enough.

Once jews would be offered and given as well as have taken to the type of career i outlined in my post about Izmedial flottila mockery, they will be the envy nations and fresh blood will not only be as easily obtainable as before but the proceeds will not be skimmed and siphoned off to serve a vat of stinky bubbly mind poison, a doctrine way overdue for proper burial and suitable mourning in order to forgive and forget untold suffering that today is touching more and more people thanks to the mono- and massifying effects of enthralled and mis-used digitation.


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