Tuesday, August 03, 2010

immunization to 'good' life chasers like ..

strangelovers, bright spot in pitchdark drowners
bitchdowners and sprotterparkers

see next post down with comments on footage from reboot britain which is to the US like sodom was to gomorrah i am sure

meanwhile .. immunize ... with over 20 year old work

Blended dusts and distinct digits: handled the right way they may reflect singular sentience and sussed sociability. Ground gravel is usually reemployed; graded and glued right back into compaction in the form of lootcarrying and -hoarding roads or walls. Most of this potentially fertile money is not taken to the epitome of diversity distributing soilbanks but gets spent and pent right back up into the rigidity of compact and secretively symbol shuffler sheltering structures where with all bulletbiting, glare, flare and heartless cunning, the colours and spices of life are bled into one black mass of mental darkness for as long, high, far and wide as their compulsory legal tender manages to enslave and infradestruct. (see ch 6). :: :: :: :: The real rockcrushers are not performing their (p)ungrate- and progridfully quarry crunch to increase credit for biomass crescendo; they do not mean to mechanically prime the from then on more lively unfold and swell made possible by facilitating rain and shine absorption, this very unpacking percussion isn't followed by a pack it in and up again kind of audience, nor do the kindly minded, mined kind currency grinding mints realize that is what they are or intend to attract such come around, carry crushed cash, go around current grounders that bank the biospherical way yet, but it will take such customizers of and by true nature at the cutting edge of evolution developing to save the day for civilization cause a more imaginative purpose than spraying plasters, pouring concrete or driving pilons lies in enhancing its mobility still further in the borderland between in- and organic to make its moves in favor of soil life and almost forgotten former glory. :: :: :: This basic, sharable and tenderly tenderized rock, the currency of and for aeonlong bio-amass- and diminishment has needed no symbolic representation yet cause it can be redeemed or cashed in everythere where moisture, its mate and close relative is present, being most universal indeed, unlike derivatives with a much shorter lifecycle and more specific extensions, but now that our feelings and instruments are becoming attuned to the full spectrum of frequencies thanks to our probing rationality and vica versa, (note the Winter work on the golden mean and Callahan on magnetism), other sundry rock predigesters than ice ages would add an ancient tender to count as naturally legal, which (as we will see) means it can be forced back upon the issuer only or hostbanks who's confidence and commitment he has gained and secured.


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