Saturday, August 07, 2010

beauty in the eye ...

met het oog op morgen .... provision duurzaamheid .. the dutch word for sustainability (while 'duur' is expensive .. so a non-current but nevertheless perfectly logical translation would be 'expensiveness' but perhaps ... expansiveness would be better cause though these guys (a load of them) operate in hollywood (vacuous headspace)
if gives me hollow woodies .. .breathing room ... faith in a future .... a company to invest it .. .a link to send my daughter with the feeling that i am really giving her something on top of ... to top off .... anyways, without further ado ...

money - is dust - is weather is the o2 pump ... it becomes clearer and clearer .. .'cept in moscow at the mo.

wonder what Christopher A Brown is up to. find my blogs about him yet .. and/or any good? .. haven't met him yet .. unlike larry rickels (in cologne briefly years ago) who is prof there.

keep finding inpressive people in/from seattle lately (Vrabel for one .. think i sent you the link already).

found other neat pics ... the cymry climate camp last year ... next one comin out right now .. they go constantly throughout europe ... the biketour has 20 participants ... perhaps so few cause they make them cross the channell 4 times within a month .. that costs ...


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