Sunday, September 12, 2010

calling all angels

now, i have a mind to make her feel sore and sorry for passing me up .. thusly:

take a U shape ... whoops .. fonts don't work on this Communicator (huh?? .. might recover in a next session though, .. did before).

Take a classic letter u shape, you know, the one with a thin and fat column, except that it is hollow and the thin leg is longer and has a type gutter to convey stuff to the also hollow top on the fat side. Fill the bottom half with water and place a piston in the broader shorter side of the tube-like shape, a smart one, with perhaps multiple valves that manage to let and boost a body through the fluid to where the curve and narrowing starts or else just let 'm through with a lock-like system and let these hoberman sphere-like balls sink hence. These little bodies are not that stupid either and know when to fold (become heavier and on the way up the narrow end fill and/or puff out and/or up - depending on the air power we can muster during a quick pitstop).

Now can see anything moving yet in your minds eye? Say no more you say?

Not likely so here we go on:

the piston is weighing down on the water cause the bodies are weighty bundles when collapsed and contracted weighing down on the piston before they are let through .. again, look up hoberman spheres if you haven't seen this principle meanwhile turned into cheap plastic toys along your line of the plain simple type vision.

Type type taaip, .. want more? bis bis bis. Ok, ... now .. in folded position the bodies balls fit snugly up the narrow end which rises way above the level necessary to be lobbed or rolled along a slant over into the top end of the fat U portion. as well as a bit of water (why not, perhaps a nice occasion to blow some dust about and get the misterie show on the garden road.
T:h:a:t's future music, ... for now, here's:
Vicki Genfan
12 string song


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