Friday, August 13, 2010

dirty birdness

dirty bird on clean boom

Pat, you sent me a picture of a cozy fit with plenty of muscle to move, stir, wiggle rock and pound it, but it is bare bone blunt direct sho(r)t (but not too short) cutting. It is not just myopic limelight seeking but fundamentally dishonest to strike and cut all context (while reckoning richness in money but no further, a bluntness compensated by pointing and when possible witnessing the ((totally/equally artificial)) flowerings of culture), making a dickeryducting trick punctuation the climactic point and reason to be (just another specialization after all though somehow affording a peculiar keepage, (or drown as the dutch have it in boys books) illusions of closeness can be pumped upright in manners closest to dancing, hence, youth, hence ((dodge diligence as)) freedom) rather than a crowning glory.

Luckily i am not the only one to notice:
from the 23rd of march (via piglipstick):

Oversight Is So Stressfull
SEC Employees Yanked To Porn While Your Economy Tanked

growth figures quote and recite obsessions (over half of all radio and tv routine) are like porn ratings and pricings - total disregard for context (like demography, biomass and fits in the sense permacultcourse-offerings are struggling with. Close to nothing of reality (the real thing) left to convey impressions of how it all can and shan .. eh could and should be soon (thousand year minimum though) again regards tree-cycling and all that.

get a taste of (pls) musical taste here:
july 19th

just one of his intriguing sounding sources:

tough taking up all of this mans putout (heh, one picture and i have a dirty mind for hours)... pls july 20th.htm = 3rd weeks of july, .. i missed the 2nd week and the last 2 of june .. and the last of july and first of august

you are so caught up in the wash of sensuality that a straight answer is not, as you often claim, (my and others amongst the stable full of) your correspondents' but your own weak suit. Note the immaculate use of parentheses by the way, conventional even on those last ones. The mothers hip man by the way is as paranoidelusional as ever, regressing ever further (back with mom n pop he has kinda driven apart as well, mom cannot handle his ducking food and losing weight), stopped allowing comments at his blog (though still eagerly throwing himself at commentariats all over the fabulascivious faces of the web as fervently as ever) and obsessed with empty assholes (which i told him is in large part responsible for his hemorhoid complaint (that seems to have got him worse than all my other pointers). From just his equally obsessive and repetitive tappage i will never divine just how he got embroiled in a sinoisoid al superstition hybridized with virgin parthenogenesis of the holiest. He calls himself naturalresonancerevolution now.

Here is a definition of china i came up with yesterday (pass it on to Land if you talk to him again .. and send me his new book on once you are finished with it): the world's slit-eyed, most 'promising aspirants' (certainly most massive bunch of them) to (naively heading towards) anthood mowknowmaniacality termit(hanat)oid status(symbols) such as symbologistics n symbolosis symbolishness

of course you flip this whole lot off thusly (didn't your, .. last april?):

" I am offering my services for the Hailey's Weekly Comet, which Mr. AA said was not unsupportable given the way Goldman may have stolen all that money betting on materialisms and other credit-default swaps owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland."

you drunken ravIDiot


Blogger a female Faust said...

thought you'd like:

you see its karmic. so its selective. why am i unafraid? its funny, i lean back to answer again this question, a favorite with journalists, especially if they have never met me before. i chuckle softly because they expect it: everyone is still nervous around me like i am some sort of Mad DARPA Scientist eleventy gazillion times more demonic than sweet Oppenheimer, yet to repent having won (or inherited) the 'Death, the Destroyer of Worlds' award (title?). I like to fuck with them some, since its nothing really of which to be afraid, not if one really DOES love the Good & really TRIES to see things as others do, to love their neighbor as themselves, to love their Creator above all. Its so ironic this divide, as they regard me, obviously convinced their opinion remains unreadable, as they look at me in fear & disgust. As they are careful not to get too close to the reclusive genius who discovered quantum perspectival karmic singularities; as they laugh nervously & refer to me as The Sicko That Invented the Karma Bomb as they cut to make room for some of those new hip interactive ads....

excerpt from:

be seeing you

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