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visibility (filtration reception)

visibility (filtration reception)
finally, ... a little too little but still ... skinzz!!
264 members
I could live with the 'scarlin' one
here is a better view of all of them:
Read more: How to Use iGoogle Skins Directory |
GMail Skinning Quick Guide
via a googler
* Install the URLid Mozilla/Firefox extension.
* Download this CSS file.
* Locate your FireFox Folder and the chrome folder within that.
* Copy the downloaded CSS file to the chrome folder (if you already have such a file, you will have to merge the two).
* Restart Firefox.
* Visit Gmail and see the results.

or ...
#Go to the iGoogle website and sign in or create an account so that your changes take effect permanently on your Google account.

#2Navigate to the iGoogle skins v2.0 download module by using the link in the Resources section. Read the information about iGoogle skins v.2.0 and click on the "Add to Google" button.

#3Click on the link that says "OK" in the Custom Skins module on your iGoogle homepage to enable the iGoogle skins v2.0 tool. Select the theme that you would like to use for your iGoogle skin by clicking on the thumbnail image in the Custom Skins module.

Read more: How to Install iGoogle Skins Version 2.0 |

Welcome to the Custom iGoogle Skin gadget!

So you want to create your own iGoogle skin? One day, there will be a built-in skin editor here but for now you'll have to create it yourself - but don't worry, there's not much to it! In fact it can take as little as 10 minutes to create your own. An iGoogle skin consists of a CSS file and some images. Here's what you need to do to create yours and share it with the world:

» Create your CSS and images
Feel free to use these examples. The images should be located in a directory whose name matches the CSS file. You can also add a thumbnail of your skins so that other users can see what your skin will look like. The thumbnail should be 80x25 pixels, named thumb.jpg and located in the the same directory as your CSS file.

» Upload to your webserver
The files which make up the skin need to be publicly accessible to work on iGoogle. If you don't have a web server of your own, your best bet is to use Google Code hosting or Google Pages Google Code hosting is preferable but if you use this, remember to set the subversion MIME type of CSS files to text/css. Google Code hosting (the subversion repository, not the file area) is strongly recommended as skin hosting requires a LOT of bandwidth.

fuck fuck fuck ... stupid stupid google ... skins are too heavy are they?
they are just getting everybody to wrestle with a shopping or wish list to serve the linux heads with devotees and followers.

it is like toilet chores in the unhewn wilderness that is the internet innit?
except the perks in the old version have suffered inversing and inversive blow upon blow untill they do the opposite.

guess i can manage to install the fucking skin but if it makes me have to read (glance rather ... until i decide to copy and cure it before looking any closer) mail in white as all but 1 (or 2, the blue too) of the very very few mail themes (unlike the igoogle choice range, mostly infantile and snuggly) do (all this theme talk is totally marginal and not total enough) then fuck them.

Visibilty - 'feedback'tofirefox:
selected text colour scheme is moronic .. .i would like to change it ... hey can be extremely useful for the visually more discerning and sensitive ..... why does something so basic have to be a day week year long struggle already???
whoops, sorry i said anything, seems to be a local system setting ... and i am really nerdophobic as you can prolly tell and that is cause they cannot begin to comprehend the input wasted on all that awkward suffocating conduit they tinker and probbel together .. they simpley know not how how precious organic material can be fouled up by bad plumbing, even irreparably with toxic varieties and the race for that has been on since fire was franchised from the gods.

by the way, this website has its own hi-lite colour imposition tricks:
very strict scriptic people these folks i might add
129 bluegrass artists

Back to the temple, monastery, madrasa, church, ... community, Manson, Crowley, Dan, Jose, Bob, Elizabeth culticliqe ckrowd, here's an astrologer musician who can make colours spin in loads of configs as well and most essential of course, he recruits nerds to the cause ... same since day one - peptalk/waffle

that rysa fella nutcase on YT has over a thousand subs and 21,418 subbers, 328 uploads (19 of which his music), 23 faved
he does ok harmonics

Positive777 (7 hours ago)

? So take my hand and come with me
`•.¸ To Light Our Universe in? Harmony.
?`•.¸ ) Our Rainbow Bridge of Love within
¸.•)´ Connects us all back together again.
.•´ ? Like fractal parts holding within the all
?`*.*´¨) Our Love and Light speaks forth the call.
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) For as we wish upon this star
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * *» ?? The dream comes forth from who we are.
Hugs of LOVE? from? the infinite depths of my Heart to yours
.¸.•*´???????? Charles (((((?))))) Enjoy your weekend to the fulles

HHHUUUUGGGEE pages ... endless bulshit and smokescreen, waffle and unmoored waffle on top, .. ad infinitum.

the brainwasher and -washee introduction page:

I sense a great misprision of earthly nuts and bolts dross, they all pretend to be fucking angels .. no need for material coordinates.

I hate these new sew ager!!! .. cryst .. they screw up big time with their fancy tricks of the light .. ( bottom vid) and derivatives of the divine presIDent font.

I try have a little fun reading stuff by folks who ferreted out the dirty real life deeds of this clique but at first 'rysa goldring' delivers endless result pages of yay-sayers from 1-13, 19, 28 and 33 too.

Moron rysa err.. more on rysa
he has 840 of them up himself (in only a year's time!!!!), 8000 friends, 5000 subbers ... a colleague obviously ... though with a lot more realism in the vidart .. he's got both Bridges and Winter up .. say no more ..

the only earthy vid up is an earthship footage thing ruined by 'rhythms' of 'house' music and political grandstand (Kennedy or someone) ... in the related vids i see one called 'the building of our dome-ination' (lol)
sacred geometry 7 is as much about chemistry ... oddly enough there aint such a keyword/tag in the stupid vid-info, many of them just show generic diahrea of keywords and phrases
.. meanwhile though, the vid is not nearly making the sharp distinction between the symmetrical ashes and organic more dynamical puzzle pieces as clear as Julius Hensel does (curiously undescribed, as if this were stealth knowledge - hint to self: try chemistry and burslemchakra).

It is worth repeating that on the 2nd of september i discover a German admirer of that special person has begun a serious extensive website about him(.com - check the grey table in this file and 2 days down from there), .. how such an intelligent person can get into all that monodron 'sound healing' is beyond me ... loads of uploads but he cribs them all over and i suspect, sometimes may strip them of sourcing info it seem .. unless it is explicitly in the movie ... for instance

ps about the hi-lite colour settings ... it is just to do with the appearance choices in windows - start - control panel - display
my admiration for rysa rises ... as i find his web sentiments resemble the ones i used to have, he is very serious about astrology (haven't found any 'raakvlakken' with the dreamspell crowd yet ... AND the link goes to a chat with david dees (from illustration, as stark as his living conditions are steady to boring ... he had eye vessel blow outs too and blames it on aspartame instead of his web/visual obsessions. He rants as desparate and solutionless as his illustration are, no matter how 'good is heye' for real friction points when it comes to 'realisticized imagination' if i may coin something not quite as deceptive as we all know hollywood and the networks are. The vid does a steady second per pic show of his work


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