Friday, September 10, 2010

99th here so far - rain n shine (got 3* useful files from just the first half of this page .... i just love page styles like this ... as i noted yesterday (for ((knol)) text).
Turns out to be the right place for Dan to get excited and after about 10 minutes of the hour, things (in this routine recantation) get downright dizzying for the non-connoisseur .... come to think of it though ... aint ever heard him speak a word of the francais. .. Is he like some kind of Einhorn purrhips.

* - 3 guesses as to what one of them is about ... the latest book by a guy i got to know in Dan Winter's ' heirloom' house (cough), toted in there by a rather obese and mighty friendly female guest who got it straight from a supermarket sales bin):
“There is something distinctively American in his enthusiasm for Israel's innovative genius…As a nation, Americans have always passed Gilder's ‘Israel test.’” Read Caroline B. Glick in the Jewish World Review

If I remember correctly CBG has a rather dubious reputation in some circles less obsessed with (quanti over quali) money

the third is not even remotely Dan related ...oh wait a minute .. he thinks economics is a perversion of his pet fractality theories, and GOLDEN mean??? Fekete is known as a 'bug' .. but by no means an unmitigated one. An intelligent one i my eyes.
The Real Bills Doctrine
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:00 PM
Monetary policy expert and renowned mathematician Professor Antal Fekete discusses the Real Bills Doctrine and his latest publication, Stepnumbers.

"... until you have your own source of bliss, you are by definition a parasite"

Dan's way of speaking of economics i guess, some preachers like their concengration in walking or peddling distance, not Dan, he speaks the last cited word exactly at the end of the 21th minute, followed up with an equation:

government = body-polis -- charge projectors
mushroom lacks own charge -- parasites.

but he?? hey, .. (sarcasm on) synthesizer, stinger stirrer stink steer vererer (worshipper in dutch), lead thy water through plastic and pay me for it counsels the man. Never mind me. I am just mad as all holey hell at him in perpetuum for not getting me in touch with Callahan. He deserves all the grief he gets for just that if not for equating him .. sort of .. with Vencent Bridges (in importance to him yes, me no ... that man is supposed to be the nostradamus expert ... well ... i share dreamspell constell with him but am not consulted on aspects of such make-up/

Dan counsels and prioritizes precise symmetrical arrangement or rocklumps rather than generous, innumerable though not innumerate, not to say lavish dispersion, disbursement and distribution of dust (as minimal charge building effort) to stop the dissipation of precious solar energy ... which deserves to be caught in anything from towering clouds to skytickling family treehousing projects of the type that are perpendicular to ones that fall flat and flatten life-forms trapped/attracted (?!) by their flatness (for rate and meter convenience in its 'purest' form).

I am talking about a centerpiece for community gardening, in his mind no doubt important but in my mind tainted with the ritualism, exception, centrality, lack of tracelessness in terms of central pomposity and lack of tracerichness in terms of minerals.

A bunch of Dan's vids are up on the account of a german raw food free energy man who calls himself King Ring Rollo Tong on 'You TooB'
Looking around i find a few interesting vids, this one in German by
Volker Pispers on 9/11
over a million views, 5 parts
part 1 has 2,423 Comments

triplexterity (youtuber and blogger) 'disexts' the insect urges but what's the big deal ... i mean the diff between hiding stuff and searching for it? Both lack the object, wether little or big a and whatever through to z or not.

Most people work hard enough to end up thinking about sex during most of it .. even though they take and get some in the off hours.

whoops, no, let me try again ...

Most people DON'T work hard enough to FAIL HAVING ENOUGH ENERGY LEFT TO end up thinking about sex during most of it .. even though they take and get some in the off hours.

... overstay your welcome way into rigor socius, work so hard you end up -- having little time left for doing anything besides thinking about it (better yet, become a crack at deceiving the masses (the more innumerable and innumerate the better, thus join the thankless ranks of the elite, become one of a few, a jew - yeah, it aint just a race .. .but i aint going so far as to claim that it just aint a race just aint just a rat-race ... as the vast realms of the gemini will shortly prove). Advertizers and other teazers of anything from ironic, past sardonic to sadistic persuasion sublimate a part of their lack and longing in 'work' (on the sly, no porn on the boss's hours ... unless he is a porn peddler).

he uses fower drawings by august bullock ... will check ..

This person is neither one nor the other but a bit of nevertheless aint he? Anyways, if this rant made you curious rather than cautious you will prolly go and encounter the 'seductive' phrase:

"Download the blocked video "Subliminal sexual and satanic embeds in religious art" (mega-upload link provided)

Sigh. It's like with all them goth and horror folks. They should have been blessed with butcher apprenticeships. Perhaps Louise Erdrich was ... but i mean ... this fella wasted his time with bill cooper .... who has proven to be breakthrough flake (snowball effect seeding mountebank flake).

Dan did Bill Cooper big time too. And Barbara whatsurname accused Dan and Vincent of satanism at some point.

He can be so tactless, in answer to 'do you know such and such?' he goes: "oh i don't think so". Instead of 'oh i think so .. but i will look him up'.

He still hasn't kicked his extremism though and it still will be a cut-off point for many listeners. When he emphatically states that you die in metal buildings .. well before starting to nuance with his take on longevity, the listener is bound to think of all the greenhouses foodstuffs emerge from and go, 'this is a cook, period'. A form of self-harming, ... Self-harming even.

27th minute:
"..they should burn their libraries, it would be good for them ... chuckle chuckle chuckle"
In the face of the international threat of a match in the wrong premeditation this is apt, pert, etcetera. Comes at the end of a spiel doing Callahan some justice actually. More Callahan the 31st minute.

42nd minute: "you must invite compression" - i like that, in the light of my previoius post.

the rainsite did one file a month in 2004, 1 file in 2005, this one:

Etheric Rain Engineering
Friday, November 18, 2005 9:00 AM
Trevor James Constable takes us on a journey through the little-known world of weather engineering and etheric energy.

and then gaps again, top 7 8ths of the page taken up by 2009 and 2010 .. they are slightly too omnivorous to my taste .. raising birds of prey in captivity?


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