Friday, September 10, 2010

screenwhite allergy notes

the pains that led me towards the condition that has knocked Andrew out for months (see a few posts back) have disappeared cause i a: pace myself better, b: am less dependent on lighting conditions i have to argue and cajole to tweak, adjust, then defend, etcetera.

looks like i have to search for another customized google page to my liking - something is blocking access to accusing it of malware.

many hours of plodding on later i find the definitive solution:
plug-n-play-with-custom-search-themes.html .. but more on that halfway down this post:

sitereportDorg about Currently Not Available biggest website in the world. The domain has a valid Google Pagerank of 4. We estimate this domain receives about Currently Not Available unique visitors and Currently Not Available page views per day which earns the owner about $0 USD per day and gives the site an overall value of $0 USD. The server is currently hosted in N/A, United States and links to network IP address The exact geo location is -83.1383 / 39.9649. The ISP who hosts is N/A.

UK leg of has a version
.. here is the sacred groves page:

and linked there, another:

not available either way ..

hey ... hope this way to the trannied google works
HURRAY, it works, though it looses the background tiling says the compiler is Kevan White

Saturday, August 21, 2010
Roman Britain Organisation by Kevan White.
A beautiful example of what web-sites used to look like, tiling background graphics, very little formatting -just the table tag- and and a default font in different colours represented in the html as a colour name, not hexadecimal code:

I like that a lot, there is magic in those names.
font color="limegreen"

The basic code is good and sturdy across lots of browsers, and best of all -low bandwidth- (BT keeps throttling us for our usage).

Where this web site excels is in its content: Kevan White has created a site full of information for people interested in the Romano-British. I'm not one of them, I have to admit.

I came across this site when looking for information about a Roman shrine in Lydney Park, Gloucestershire and booked marked it because I loved the personal, human qualities and the absence of CSS.

Official sites such as that belonging to could be said to focus more on the whole picture, including details about the fine formal gardens, with plenty of beautiful rhododendron and azaleas but maintained by Kevan White is interesting and enthusiastic and that makes this site with its basic format worth a thousand times more than clever code and copy and paste information.

weird, blog about handcoding with only 2 posts, .. hilarious, they use straight white on black ... i worked with it for years, and preferred it to the reverse but it is truly awful and harmful.

i think it was lance murdoch's blog where i saw the gentlest possible scheme first: grey on grey.

Mmmm, cannot find his blog anymore, here is a snip sample of his thinking:

Lance Murdoch said
September 23, 2009 at 11:03 pm

Your blog self-description is as a “revolutionary Marxist-Leninist”. Yet I see no reference in this critique to Marxist texts such as Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State by Engels, or more modern theorists in this vein such as Eleanor Leacock (as well as other modern anthropologists who are not necessarily strict Marxists). I think just reading through Engels old text can answer many of your questions in Marxist language such as where the problems started. Obviously they started with the development of hierarchy, patriarchy, classes, alienation and surplus. Surplus is the name of the main film showcasing John Zerzan, no accident.

disinfo used to use dark and light grey but doesn't anymore .... huge number of followers there though 11 thou or sum-thin ... hey wait ... the old way still exists .. just not linked live from their site anymore, i am using my personal archives (used to up via lycos).
Historical note: PaintPot was one of the first programs developed to demonstrate the potential of personal computers, as far back as the 1970s.

well you morons!!!! why don't you show some respect and learn a thing or two from Shirley & Spinoza or some such place (palace) where you are offered a color choice range right from the up front get go!!!!!!!! You just don't want folks to feel comfy and at home cause you are to busy invading what gardenculture we have left of what used to go by that name aintcha!!!!!

And did i mention the webman mailed me right back with a thank you for the heads up? More than google delivered prolly but they did beat me to it of course.
could have saved me a few minutes searching for a temporary replacement* going here: -- 889 followers
Custom Search is only 4 years old (nearly), ... seems longer

* did not manage to locate the pages where i had 3 customized versions at the top of each page i made. Sigh .. i know my own pages less and less instead of better and better.

i pine for the minable stuff ... places i meant to revisit while caught up in novelty waves coming towards rather than flowing at and from my fingertiptaps.

damn. thoughts for a rainy day. like tadoy.
custom search discussion -- hardly anything there.

i am so a-technical i cannot even find a list of sites that adopted google's custom search let alone install it .. though it would improve my windows ellende.. dunno if linux engines beat google yet or not, i got helpers in/from neither camp .. sigh .. like the dreamspell family affairs leading to deadly competitions .. my hailery bailery railery hasn't gotten me any higgeldy piggeldy closer to pasturing sows in a tall forest let alone help make tall forest rearise on zeroed ground)

Custom Search adopter(s), . implementer(s), .. user(s),
zippo .. so my next search went 'you assholes!!!!'

repeat the same with .. using site list(s), using site(s) list .... skin or theme?

custom search theme gallery
this has to work ... but first:

hilarious, google did a brave deed and introduced background choices (with fancy cpu slurping fade in effect even) the second week of june but pulled the up-front demonstration 10 hours before schedule and reverted to offering choices in the bottom left corner ... missed all that till now (confusion, scolds, wise-cracks and assuassions at the web search help forum in a thread called 'New Google Homepage Background, How do I change it?' - 30x .. with 10 related discussions totalling about a 100 comments altogether)

pfed is ok by me:
You can position the search bar wherever you like by dragging it so it doesn't obscure a main part of the background - great feature! -- thanks pfeds!
http://pfeds.blogspot .com

the phrase 'custom search theme gallery' gets me back to this very thread.

so, .. background images that do not carry over to search results are useless to me ... and impossilbe according to pfeds but the top of this post proves that wrong well and good.

background image in results page

here is a page to look at in my netscape 9 (cause it consistently erases and overrides of pages i visit):
Designing the look and feel ..
If you want to change the background for all the results, see The
Color ...

A ligit post from july .. but no replies so far:
How do you control the display of results in Google Sites

ok, found the 3rd (and 4th -via juancole -still too 'light' to my taste) themed ((throughout)) google ((including results)) pages again .. 3rd is via (fucking awful Bl/Wh extremism really).

i featured all 4 early 04 .. must have just barely made it into before lycos pulled the plug .. to punish me for migrating to europe too slow? They never let on ('klant binding' is alien to gangsters, legal and illegal ones alike), even the 100Mb free for early adopters did not get me thataway away from mommy tripod ... 2 guesses ... it was yet again a too much white on page issue .. of course i had not discovered that spare upload page yet at all. THAT serendipity did not register until at least a year down the digital road.

"theme in results page" google (a single hit at an adsense optimization blog)

come to think of it, lycos made me livid about pasting white ads into my pages (i much preferred pop-ups at that stage).

"background in results page" google
just one result yet again about an on-site searcher for an indian music site ... COMES IN WITH AMAZING SPEED!!!!! ... but otherwise (as to my present objectives) useless.

"background for results pages" google
0 results

fuck this crap ..... nerds working away on form and folks like me on content and never the twain shall meet ... garden culture via family meets? tree livers/lifers meeting water earth and tecced up ones ... bearing goodwill gifts??? or do the latter come with whips, then swords for a while and lately encryption keys?

i will just use hell with a select all in firefox for now ......

another moronically simplistic page at 'my digital life' has a few incoming search terms from the likeminded or the likes of me - can't smell can i?:
how to put background in google - how to add background to google - how to put background on google - add background to google - how to put a background on google - how to put a background on google homepage - how to add a background to google - how to put a background in google - add background google - add a background to google - put a background on google - how to set background in google - how to set background on google - add google background - activate google background - how do i add a background to google - how to add background in google - put background google - how to put background google - how to put backgrounds on google - how do you add a background to google - how can I add a picture from my computer to my googleaccount? - how to put my picture on my google home page - how to put a google background - How do you put a background on google - how to put a background for google - windows 7 main background images - google add image - how to add picture in google search - putting a background on google - doi need a google account for addig background to google hoepage - google add background - how to put a background on my google - put background on google - how to put background on google? - how do i put a background on google - how to put my photo on background goggle - how i will set in my photo in google search page - how to set my image on google main page - how do i put a background picture on my notrbook - select a background image - google background image download - HOW CAN I PUT A BACKGROUND ON GOOGLE? - add background image to google search box - how to upload my photo and set background - add background to main search page - how to put background for google - plain background images - free download background images for google homepage - how do i add a background to google -

real good content (though the page is white):
other smart posts there too .. he is up to 449 of them. Adityakane (twittername) devilworkshopper ... haahaaah!!!!

lets try this a6 trick .. basic asick trix hahah!!!!! now let's find out if it holds into the results as well ..if so i am going to scream for joy!!!!!

nope ... not so smart after all that putz (at least got that part of advanced nerdifoetusness right. .. same cheap trick at gazoomy of course ... Hell, i bought this laptop here from a moron webmatser who did not really bother answering even the simplest questions .. too busy with his 5 forumites and moron links i guess .... the gazoomer peddles nudes via a dirty sister site too. Hope they will get my mind off of all this eh?

Posting all this will help that for sure ... plenny of experience there.

so, sweet readers, here i come heavin a swee/at load @chs or so he went depending on which end of the divide keeps us apart .. my beloveds.

oh wait, one more blow before i gow, this aint as bad as white at all:

# Select "Tools -> Options..." from the menu at the top.
# Copy the following link into the box that says Home Page:

oh wait, one last thing, just to prepare you to read on into the past (me):

anagram = nag a ram .. below are a few for zero g round ... on top (or ahead rather) of that lemme say something about taking a pig all across any property targeted by muslims for warshop ... works like a charm .. (and the likes of asterix were never romanized ...yeah rite). Anyways, if you do keep going you see me writing about Dan Winter talking about burning libraries

.. i hope the quran burning either does not happen or gets matched by the same amount of bibles .. with a difference .. .at least that pile of monomonstrosities might be used to fire a smelter to make at least one of those rudimentary rock ramming (nim)rods out of scrap metal, so there. keep on reading yall.
internet anagram server
i rearrangement servant
ground zero = run zero god
rend rug zoo .. a hard one to think about ... suffice it to say i always considered babylon too ant- and termite like to not be wary of .. .but when i saw what the zionists did to the saddamites on account of his (perhaps not very effective) efforts for the palestinians i had to rethink a lot.

Force without wisdom falls of its own weight. -Horace, poet and satirist (65-8 BCE) ... hence no way the false flaggers will come clean.

The real cave-men are in the Godman slacks building. piet, poet and satirist (97-10)


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