Friday, September 10, 2010

Protective concealment vs dust duties

I live in duocultural bible belt polderscape (main crops dairy pasture and bibles) and the national christian daily carries 2 fat heads about islam today, contradictory ones i might add. One claims the scheduled Quran burning helps Al Qaida and the other maintains that the core of islam is violence.

This is how i see it though:
The (would be) sibling / competitors / opponents / amenders / improvers / healers of judaism, christianity and islam have been 'tegen elkaar uitgespeeld' .. are being played off against each other .. by the former.

Just like statecraft has lost state money and the market its market money (meeting mixing and matching by means clearing of state monies with real bills - "real bills doctrine" gives 11.000 hits on google), the mercy and justice of christians and moslims have both been emasculated and defeminized respectively (in reverse).


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