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your sinkgrowmistery ministar schpuking

synchromystic excalibur ... nothing interesting

brace yarsulphs, squarely into ugly Drewoid territoire here ... wonder if he still tries to keep his head on overdrive, won't call on his blood to digest a little something every now and then, except reluctantly and therefore still has hemorhoid trouble. He has gone cagey. Perhaps i should post my visibility stuff at concen. Anyways, here we go:
bullshit radio and on and on this epidemic rages:
more newage schlager schlock sewage ... squarely in the ickey sedona camp .. she already has a friend in holland too: drums and rainbow lodges at a price and at some pricey real estate. ... oh, wait, he 'gives' lodges

Echter mag geld voor mij geen reden zijn dat iemand de benodigde steun mist. Ik vraag dan van je, ook dat je een waardige donatie geeft. Een donatie die weerspiegelt wat het werk je waard is.

Deze donatie hoeft niet meteen te worden gegeven, maar kan ook in delen worden gegeven.

what he says there is that he is open for castizing, criticism and reprimand but i guess not punishment .. since he does not mention reward.

For americans with a gnawing conscience in danger of seeing themselves as usurpers their is assuasion of such backslides into reality, some bounty indians that are happy to join them joining the ratrace (really, how much choice do they have? Lots, according to Hillary):
Yraceburu EarthWisdom is a non-profit eco-spiritual community that offers earth experience programs based on Indigenous traditions and values. We are honor to be able to run these quality programs for our 40th year and promote connection to earth's spirit and the development of cooperative, sustainable lifestyles among All Our Relations.
they make 300 dollars for 14 hours of work

I saw it coming as early as during my visit to Daniel Winter's home in Eden NY and then i tried to argue folks out of the Brand Rheingold Topper Hyperstition Hollywood Banking clique for a good few years, not to mention protesting too much. Aeonic fail. I resign and plod on anEway.

15 paper artsists (she found 'm at weburbanist also - as blogged before) and camouflage with a body paint in front of wallpaper combo
a dutch person among them:

artsy nudity
life-love-ran blogspot
.. haven't come across any skinned up picasa pages yet
I hope my turning him down (he wanted to call me on the phone too), warner bros censoring a vid he made and his messing up the blog (it starts 4vids at the same time) hasn't discouraged him (gwap360 too much.

A friend of his borrows a vid from a friend to populate her dollhouse .. ehrr ... YT account with proof that letting young folk loose on accuDoKeysham sees to tearing them loose from all birthnest moorings and away into the torrent of analyzing 'cult your (w)hole), turbulent rapids of mating ground strawmendrawquarter and diming ... instead of giving them a real practical and sweat equity apprentice-hip to hopper them into motion good enough to teach them to appreciate sitting still.
not unlike S Willner's friend (AEIOU3SEXT) really, the one that is totally addicted to the Hollywood FORCEfeed disguised as a choice filled menu.

meme scythe making fun of Glen Kealy (finding pics to go with it is all really)
the bag lady of the universe

the 188 and 211 views vidtexts (at gwap360):

THE INCEST SYSTEM (13 sYstem cells)

A serpent swallowing its own tail.

Homo Habilis begat Neanderthalers
Neanderthalers begat Cro Magnon
Cro Magnon begat HU BING Roma
Roma begat HU BEINGS (Ants, Bees and Scarabs)
Roma begat Pirates
Pirates begat Countries
Pirates begat Tax Collectors
Tax Collectors begat HU BEING Tax Payers
Pirates begat Priests
Priests begat Banksters
Banksters begat Slaves
Tollgaters begat Media

Tax Payers became Slaves who must do their own shopping.

NB: Ants, Bees and Scarabs are Asians, Caucasians and seven tribes of middle Eastern and African Semites controlled by Hindu/Perian (HP) secret societies (SS), such as the Skull and Bones society (BAS) and Ecclesiastic CoFreemasonry (EI). Tollgaters and Pirates had long ago morphed into Tax Collectors who employ Governments, International Corporate Conglomerates and Organized Religions, assisted by the National Media, to act as their "agencies" who then manage direct contacts with the tax paying public, the slaves who, themselves, must now also do their own shopping. The tax collectors and their agencies in the West in turn pay franchise fees (plus interest on their debt) to the Brahmin/Buddhist and Magi/Zoroastrian ROMA tollgaters in the East. This stolen money, when not employed to fund extortion, insurgencies, mergers, wars and revolutions, is then used to pay the bribes and blackmail that keep their AGENTS in line. Also, see Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, as well as, Olympic Medals and Academy Awards etc..

So past or future doesn't depend on what year it is, it depends on what channels tuned in, it depends on what we choose to watch. An infinite number of channels, but no set can play more than one channel at a time, so each one's convinced it's the only channel there is! If your advanced enough you can tune in to more than one lifetime.

Neanderthalers and Cro Magnons control the "Skull and Bones" (BAS) ROMA SYSTEM that currently rules our world. Presently, marooned MEDE REDMEN are stress-testing the existing "individual" male and female human genders, to determine which of their strengths should be incorporated in a newly merged hermaphrodite SuperSlave whose main submissive mission is to explore and terra-ferme the entire solar system.

Learn reality.

LOWSTORY (Gypsy Roma Bohemian Grove Owl Story) is the Skull and Bones' society of friends eternal truth conspiracy (see Karl Rove slant).

Family, religion, school and media teach history, and therefore, they all teach lies ...mostly on purpose.

You can't build a life on a false premiss.


Mystery of the Mindless

Do you mean ME?

YES YOU, because YOU, AS WERE EACH OF US, were Genetically Engineered before birth and Socially Engineered immediately thereafter.

Don't believe me? Still looking for proof?
Then answer the following apparently simple question ...Who won the last mid-term election in the USA?

If you've answered the Republicans you're just stupid. If you said Democrats you're programmed and even dumber still.

The answer is ASIAN controlled Secret Society "Trojan Horses", sub Marines embedded in the West from birth and their "Talking Mules" in the extended Media, who, by conspiring together against you and "the people", won the mid-term they always do in a DEMOCRACY.

If you still can't figure that out for yourself now that you've been told, until such time as you decide to take charge of yourself and "sober up" so to speak, you're really beyond hope.

Better start braying for your own incarnation right now because, if such a thing as incarnation really does exist, as far as learning in this life is concerned, so far yours has been totally wasted and you need another shot at it.

...When INTREPID is stuck in the MUD

A good place to start down the right path is to remember that #2 is always #1; that is of course.....unless #3, #4, or #5 happens to be #1.....on a specific issue such as reportedly happened with Donald Rumsfeld.


signed : Joe Lieberman (Back in TIME Independent Yankee from Connecticut)

Watch out for a BARBARIAN at the 908 (inside) Gates

via Steve Willner:
10 miljan views for a very simple double rainbow song with totally real imagery???? ... i am 26688th rater on the latest song by this clever use of the mouthmetalicochiggermajigger (use of which made me perk my ears years ago in songs like 'california knows how to party' .. which in the light of my fave lit at the time 'the case of california' i thought extra hilarious (rather than tragic which it is ... seeing austria is just about the most decent bread from stones making country left in the world .. .but no mattegrind that now.

177 on this one:

In many churches Easter is preceded by a season more...of prayer, abstinence, and fasting called Lent (TEN). This is observed in memory of the 40 days fast of Jesus in the desert. In Eastern Orthodox churches Lent is 50 days. In Western Christendom Lent is observed for six weeks and four days (46 days is TEN).

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, gets its name from the practice, mainly in the Roman Catholic church, of putting ashes on the foreheads of the faithful UNICORN to remind them that man is butt dust. Palme Un-day, one week before Easter, celebrates the entry of IAMS Jesus into Jerusalem. Holy Passion Week begins on this day. Holy Thursday, or AUD, Maundy Thursday, is in memory of the Last Supper of male Jesus with his disciples. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion.

Many Easter epigenetic customs come from the Old World. The white lily, the
symbol of the resurrection of the African hermaphroditic clan mother reborn as a Caucasian (original circa 115,000-89,000 BC), is the special Easter flower.
Rabbits from Antarctica and colored race eggs have come from pagan antiquity as symbols of intelligently redesigned new TAN or TEN life. Easter Monday egg rolling (its what a chicken does with eggs in the nest), a custom of European origin, has become a tradition on the lawn of the White House rabbit coop in Washington, D.C. ... (more info) (less info)

i can see why he gets his vids ordered down, he uses like 4 minutes at a time of stuff .. seems to be a radio show though ... the german accent makes me suspect it is exactly these type shows that got Drew into a visceral and kneejerk undie-bunching hatred towards anything even remotely teutonic, let alone the obvious tecnordicisms so sorely failing lately.

He fights the deletion via
700 views for a vid up since august 20th

how come i never noticed nor remarked upon this (joyceanicism) before:
Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust the Proof of the Pudding is under the Crust

did i mention plugging wessel at the Borschemich (near Beckrath, just the other side of the freeway there), a 70% resettled but just yet completely intact village .. before the opencast worktherapy (costly in every way) reaches it ... unless is gonna be a wildly succesful seachange (the groundwater whole in that are all the way to the dutch/belgian border should make it an international easily on the triple i would think. I have some odd odd odd photos of our 40 mile bicycle peddle round the hole. me with a version of the thing that is on a third remove of my poetpiet front page still (though i haven't checked in years).

As i said before .. america projects its own past into the future mirrored, they fear space alien invasion .. whereas in reality they project predict and persevere in making a supposedly nightmare past come true. You get sick drinking from a dirty well.

just to lay it on thick her for a second to get it over with .. not that it contains a shred of historicity .. as i just made 'uitentreure' (emphatically) clear

Glen on his farm seems to not interest anybody ... cause it is euro style sloooooooow stuff without explosions and fancy gifspinnage.

A 5, 6, 9 and 11 part series there ... saw a few a year ago.

A gwap friend makes me feel queasy .. i wanna go lover her awile ... .. don't sound like any of her 1559 are really getting themselves .. let alone each other together.

i am 22.000th here:
Frozen - Madonna (mash-up with Nelly song in there)
always felt that song was the reverse of lourdes for her. Butch bitch too scared to recipproach me.


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