Friday, September 24, 2010

site fixins

changed standard colour here (i think):
has a few attachments and the text:
click thee hence but let me be your guide through my ref-roll

regilure linkiwingk was made as an attachment (i thought it would help skip struggling with the templates but the nature of attachments is taken literally and google insists the damn is routed into your computer before you get to see it:
so instead of just

you would think rite?

well ... no .. Opera does manage to show it but is dealt the following bloat:

http://2221569214841439250-a-18027447737327 2zdxSHhakuQQaun14DK4dO6q8qvbD1nNbwzQ8aDzzPn q8E7EjVKz7M9UEgdHPgNCePv5NOmIcJAO40sGW_SVwo 8ora4Ty4j2URHC8ED5xB53oHVZFoR9kCOAZStqtlSsB MMK7tSIlpMfmmOO3c-sidbz_1_FaRpzQBCse32gHntkwqLFlatH_JXDM0DRQh Yvq6waREX6zop7D6b-c7zt0o85SrQ%3D%3D&attredirects=0

firefox has to tempt it:

chrome gives me a warning about the file being capable of 'possible harming my computer' (as if it cannot discern the simplest code from worse) then it opens an extra, totally superfluous blank and to me hateFULLY white window and after enormous delay .. i finally get to see the stupid document.

the google site builder codeITarians can manage a fancy schmansy schlooooong of a url but they cannot get the link colour (of the composition mode) to somehow contrast pleasantly with, so, essentially adapt to templates ... i guess blue is all they offer in that department .. .but if you happen to have chosen a dark blue template (about the only choice they had on that too in the beginning if i recall) you are left with very poor visibility indeed.

that and a host of other just so totally alien ways of thinking that went into
this page builder (as opposed to the composer and frontpage i have most experience with) make me give up the day i almost restarted ... but i did enough to get what used to be my googlepages link to function (after being broken for years).

i got confused about what's up and how to link to it for an embarrasing long time (and google keeps a record of it all too ((see the recent changes button at the link up topathispost)), of all and nothing to be proud of alike ... why don't they fucking invade the banking biz already? ... or have they stakes in the likes of goldman sucks?) -kin-con-comment-2006.html Arguelles-kin-con-comment-2007-B.html
.....these and the indy files do still work though

lets end with something that i got to WORK (though it took me the whole of this week to make a succesful and smooth attempt as follows):
after creating a test blog ... from my existing account since it seems only
the old-timers have the choice to shift among classic themes anymore i

at the end of comments:

#blog-pager-newer-link {
float: left;

#blog-pager-older-link {
float: right;
#blog-pager {
text-align: center;

and (stuck in the footer instead of below the google ad line .. which was a good guess):

oh, ... almost forgot, i should mention that also by way of test but perhaps i will use that blog more than the 2 posts so far, i created


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