Friday, September 24, 2010

magpie reprise

youtube now has 5,030 hits for magpie
singing magpie family ... too bad the quality is lousy and i was beginning to suspect the maker mixed a bunch of tracks but then it quietens down for a spell ... from 2008 - nearly 7 minutes
a minute 12 here with 5 birds

this one sings along with a little strumming (on a cheap guitar), not hardly letting up (i sense gratitude, companionship), with view and within earshot of the surf

for a little semi-on-topicality we move to germany for a spell
Nicoletta has only 9 vids up but loads of short avis

Die Amsel

zwischen Zweigen und Laub verborgen
singt die Amsel ihr wunderschönes Lied
sie trällert und zwitschert
in gefühlvollen Melodien
um uns' re Seelen zu streicheln,
Trost zu bringen den Traurigen und
Gefühle der Sehnsucht zu schenken
Den Liebenden
Im zärtlichen Mondenschein.

© Nicoletta de Vries 28.04.2007

The Blackbird

Hidden between twigs and leaves
The Blackbird sings
her wonderful Song
she trills and twitters
in tender Melodies
wantet caress our souls,
bringing comfort
to all the unhappied and
give all Feeling of Longing
to Lovers
in tender Moonlight.

© Nicoletta de Vries 05.05.2007

Vladiraz has 2566 vids up but this birdvoice one has overexposed distortion on it ... and static camera
google earth shots of swiss raillines and plant close ups ... in short, a nutter

back to magpies
but .. by contrast now, here is a european one (magpie), tame and in very excellent shape (they seem to generally be more into moving than parlaying, look way more athletic), he gets the libidinal charge of his keepsters remainderless, unreservedly and head on no doubt. She actually calls him fucker. And i do think it is the bird one hears, she taught him to speak(!!!!!), calls him a famous soccerplayer's name and the bird compliantly plays footsie with her. ... I remember seeing this thing at the time of my first magpie post .. what is it .. nearly 2 years ago? ... but it is hitting me like a ton of bricks now .. led to meet another ton of bricks at 200 mh while i have the spout of spouts bolted in and aimed at just that fateful spot.
yup, leaves little doubt ... though he older now and less happy, locked away (cat prolly jealous or substituting for the flown father figure, who knows). This one is awful.

Rooney the talking Magpie is named after UK footballer Wyane Rooney, he says his name and "what do you want" and laughs like a fact he is an expert mimic.

The Brits can be the most insensitive cruel and hypocritical people on earth bar none. Blair the shining example ... gets to be rich of his raving craven thinking while he ought to be tortured in public by all who care participate until he dies an agonizing death.
an asian one, lots littler and singing hysterically, songs of freedom no doubt.


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