Wednesday, October 27, 2010

warm up for the main event today

a gawker item: the-creepiest-tv-moments-of-googles-ceo
half a milljinn views for this animation of google toilet humor

perhaps a little redo woulb be in order .. featuring politicians and bankers rather than somebody who likes indian food ... and in the light of the next post (down) maybe we could strike a deal here ... in which case i won't have to promise the lawyer who proves that the youtube skin/theme policies were influenced by views of my pages a generous cut from the proceeds of a succesful sueage. Hah? But if not, i will .. and hereby do. It's wins all around .. not least of which will be googlepride, true to their yell at last, .. so much even that it cannot possibly remain just a nugatorily negligent negation, a mirror to hide behind, a wink to the kidgloves. No, go eagle goyelp.. either way, gogo GO diggity orneyearnyjourneyman and the litigatorey digitants too.

then again, common ground lies way back and if we don't forget to bring our green thumbs along we could all live the garden culture fairytale rather than point to it on some page or other.


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