Monday, October 11, 2010

rainbow family revisit

looked for footage from that scene intermittently for over a year but now .. here it is in all its g(l)ory:

the rest of this post has impressions from gathering in the states (mostly new mexico 09 .. but there is plenty up about this year's repeat Allegheny one (my first 'national')

rainbow gathering germany 2005
11.22 artistic rendering (heavily manipulated by a jerk ... ehrrr, i mean, by 'Reel Groovy Films' jerkily)
1 of 9 by blisscup ... yeah .. new sequence!!!!

hey, .. a soap commercial

reminds me of the richard powers book i believe i did not finish

intriguing, ... google interrupts my stream of already way over 10 vids on gatherings with a soap commercial?????

am i allowed to deduce they think hippies are smelly and in need of??

anyway, .. learn a little american history this way ... andy pettitte patooty slings that stuff ... but it aint as live as with bits of clay .. on a wooshy willow whip .. .. that is like comparing regular building with cob (see the eminently settler version of rainbow vibe conveying film 'first earth')

let a trezillion cryptocrackles leave
rock go green
the give a rock a drink boom
a choice other than think gloom
let a bazaoilion heresies, as many borders again, tiny untraceable harbingers or the trace that matters in all races of all species

saw an encryption article at technoccult today and this is pertinent too:

been to rainbow with a pricey camera and he calls it wonder
13 short gathering vids
.. doesn't realize that what goes out of man, his mediation, yet fails to (help worm and root) reach below the surface of rock is a fail, a self-immolation .. failing to aim for it is sacrilege .. failing to teach it is mortal sin and giving mining a bad name with gold antic is downwrong diabolic. .. How's that for a heartsong?

here's another polyrhythm Drew
don't mind the lassie rubbing up against the back of her man drummin
serious number of short ones there ... and a funny (BIG)belly dancer thing as the present opener .. features the obligatory wingswing and of course, ... a hole load of shakin goin on. Usury, money supply escalation ... the stimulation and failing that the simulation of sex, sold to us by the folks who impose ruthless demographics on every race and space they encounter, even that of their first cousins. ... speaking of which .. why not go for some links on the stink
nother delusional whity where he should not be (NZ) and who doesn't notice there were many that shouldn't have either before him .. leaving not a single mature tree standing ... but he whispers all rapt ' lush ...' blah blah.
28 vid rbg series .. looks like it is done by a hare krishna .. who focuses of males fucked up in ways compatible to how he himself is

... woow, rbgvids are coming fast and thick now.
pretty soon you will be 5 clicks away from your favorite book from my collection with your lastest favorite person's favorite music playing (or mine too)
part 21 - shows robin playing mandolin and gets a few words in later.
serious rainbow vibe channel ... old timers ... the old grandpa, i mean him no disrespect, but he annoys the fuck out of me ...following law enforcement vehicles crossing and recrossing but giving the female talent little time.
New Mexico Rainbow Gathering 2009
84 Photos By inspirit
Last updated: 432 days ago

this one will prolly require a proxy:

thehighpriestess22 - 50 vid account of Missoulan harp and fairy lovin hippies is a collective in Austin Tx operation insidebooks (provides prisons)
7 minute vid -- From: FluxRostrum | March 16, 2009 | 7,844 views
threatened with eviction (under the pretense they ae not up to code .. they recycle too much of course) .. they are actually on ground they own due to their clean-up work

at this point i cannot imagine sticking my books in a prison someplace .. but ..
Youth Organizing Philosophy 101
2 weeks ago
similar thing in New Orleans
all their vids again via ... basically, they are everywhere
nother visual joy of a page

Rainbow Part II
6 min - 13 Nov 2009 - Uploaded by MountainSeaProductio
Rainbow Family and some history. Part of a full length documentary due out by 2011 called What's a Hippie, anyway ... - Related videos
70 vids .. lots of street muscicians in santa fe

hey, the ny purple gang schlepped an entire band up the mountain
too bad nobody managed to find dry (or the time to dry wet) firewood .. assuming somebody among those 50 people might know how to .. that IS embarrasing (which is what Drew calls all rainbowism i guess)
the juke here has loads of songs and 'may the beauty in your heart' is sung by a lass who decided to clone a famous voice. She sounds just like Joan Baez.

you know the type ..

Annotated Catalogue of 'Bows

AbstainBow (tells you all that's bad for you)
BrainBow (knows everything you don't)
ChainBow ("please dose me round the clock")
DrainBow (you'll feel it when one got you)
EntertainBow (won't let you in to sing a song, no matter what)
FeignBow (wears store-bought Hippie outfit, uses "dig it, bummer, groovy man")
GainBow (ground-scores inside your tent when you're not there)
HumaneBow (thinks leash a cruel way to keep the dog from shitting in your kitchen)
InsaneBow (can be observed to boldly argue with a crew of selves)
JustPlainBow (eats a lot, doesn't say much)
KitchenStrainBow (frantic, wiped out a week before the Fourth)
LameBow (already carries bliss cup, thus can't carry wood)
MainBow (prominent functionary and authority)
NameBow (regards more words a better name -- DreamyGazelleFawnTurtleSong)
OrdainBow (initiates you on the spot into whatever mystery you want)
PainBow (profoundly sin-aware, and vocal too)
QuartrainBow (expert in all matters prophecy and Nostradamus)
RefrainBow (tells you what YOU ARE N!O!T! ALLOWED to do)
StainBow (your stuff won't be the same after one touches it)
TrainBow (will show you how it's done, whether you want to know or not)
ÜberRainBow (won't notice Bows of less than thirty gatherings)
VainBow (seen floating past you on exalted tribal status cloud)
WaneBow (fizzled out Bow you'll stumble over on the path at night)
X-RayFameBow (will know you inside out the instant s/he sets eyes on you)
Y'allStayin'?Bow (carries itinerary of all shows and goodies times for every camp)
ZanyBow (will tell you "all you need is love" after you tumbled headlong down ravine)

Know any more? Well tell us!

note to self:
did selections from 9 pages for "rainbow family" (setting the time to a year)


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