Thursday, September 30, 2010

french tv on celts yootoobed

3 guesses which one i downloaded

yeah!!! riiiiite!!, my favorite banker .. nothing petrified about him ...
lovingly chiseled to have him come back to lifelikeness and that much
closer to lifelikely(in)hood near you.

in light of today's previous post and my position next to the rack yesterday, besides the archaeological display ....

first of 3 parts

oh, and eat your heart out Dan Winter
predators trump metal (as it does 'in gebreke blijven) .. and/or vica versa
Attenborough visiting martins roosting in a refinery rather than the jungle ... he claims to be baffled. Is it cause of snakes? Chtonic stand-ins and stand-ups for metal use. What was that about fiery tongues and the nasty waters again?


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