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Money supplier pecking order snipery

OK, Max Keiser, Bob Chapman, Mencius Moldbug, Nick Szabo et al (but John Turmel, Richard Kay as well and Geoffrey Gardiner w Dirk Bezemer no less), listen up here, a lesson in recognizing the historical signs of decentral and regional socialisms that meet (and clear with) their capitalist (not rivals but) mates halfway in a fine mesh covering (and beautifying) the landscape. These periods show small taken seriously and turning beautiful.

Last night yet another new regional money was launched, this time in holland - the 'gelre', printed in the same country that sent a plane full of similar stuff in much much larger denominations though, to zimbabwe not so long ago.

This (only just slightly botched#, 'button pushearemony') happe(ne)d at the edge of a huge urban park, in an old barn remodeled as visitor/souvenir centre next to a tiny but working and organic meal producing watermill, right near the center of Arnhem (fought over so fiercely in WW2), just remodelled with very complicated loop-di-loop verkeer-in-de-knoop(stunt)erij i listened to salesman (one of the 3 oldest bar manufacturers) who of course trots out the scare mongering spiels to panic doubters on the edge of their market into becoming clients, ... (those that do, do so) usually not so much out of pessimism mixed with a lack of the faintest (mining)pollution awareness but quite the opposite, bycause of certain redeeming factos, redemption factorings in more ways than one, these people really feeling the urgent need for a brake on the (UNbacked .. and i do not mean the UN) money/debt creation ... specially now that print and virtual ways to add zeros and push them around in untraceably speedy ways a la balletje balletje gone bionic and ballistic in no time at all is leaving the world wide open to across the board grand gesture contenders (very very often covering for and distracting from them) ... speaking of which, it is odd to see Middelkoop link to debka whereas Migchels is about as skeptical of jews as debka supportive.

Yet Middelkoop hints that he would be ready to take over backing the gelre from euro. Hah! Joke? The symbol of distrust and distant (cruel, absentee, .. you name it) power will come and help out its opposite (worthless paper which is nevertheless equally valuable backing and entitlement to a slice of the goodsflow pie since, upon which, valuable complementarities, their rhythms and regularities, the commitees (hands-on commiters meant here, not thumb twiddling lip-flapping 'vergaderzaal' zionazis) are all specified including life-like perishable status (differing from gold especially in that last point - validity - houdbaarheidsdatum - 'tot en met de tijd en plaats aan toe' - this is where most most of the unethical aspects of interest are cut off at inception.)

Middelkoop emphasizes the regularity with which unbacked (top down) currencies have gone bust, Migchels claims that (bottom up) regional moneys will never have to contend with interest charges, debt burdens (and all those signs of degeneracy and thanatopic deadlock after which only military approved banks get sovereignty oppointments and opportunity to seep into and at earliest convenience carve up the neighbouring and rival territories beyond), in stead leaving time to do heart-stuff ... but if he had wanted to give Middelkoop tit for tat here he should have made a point of showing a little overlay to check if the expulsion of jews co-incides (or regularly lags if not anticipates, iow precipitates or follows the credit crashes.

I haven't actually done so my self but as for expulsions i have suitable pages with regions and dates .. and if i search my 3 (most easily searchable) boxes besides google i should soon have something to show for it.

# - months ago i had visions of Migchels in just the sort of limelight i found him in last nite ... and mailed him about the on-topic reading material i was looking to set up securely and strategically enough to help folks like him enlighten and recruit more easily. I got no answer from him until i mailed again for permission to attend the launch last week .. where i arrived after reading my first fresh print in over a month (folder hygiene preoccupation has totally displaced pulpreading time) ---- Gardiner/Bezemer (on what i would summarize as the militarization of the banker/accountant trade - "In sum, the BofE defense relies on QE changing ..." and sets out to prove Goodheart's (97) law* ---- by myself in the car next to the Forum in Wageningen where i spent an afternoon checking for recurrence of rockdust related articles in Acres# (still carrried there .. though by now it is the only publication on paper that cheap) where i showed up late but still too early.

* - This is the html version of the file Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the web ------ Munich Personal RePEc Archive
::::Innocent frauds meet Goodhart’s Law in monetary policy (“any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes”):::: Bezemer, Dirk J and Gardiner, Geoffrey Groningen University July 2010 ----

Methinks the last line before the concluding remarks must be music to Anthony's ears:

There is no theoretical limit to what forms of credit the public uses and invents, and no monetary authority can stop these new forms of credit from becoming fungible with ‘real’ money, and thus becoming part of the money supply. Therefore the money supply is in principle not under the discretionary control of the monetary authorities. 7.

As it was almost half of the available space of remained empty most of the night and stuff in the other half was too packed to have much flow in it. I can only blame my seriously flawed timing and lack of follow through but going for a quick look around the web to find (at least semi) related subject treatments elsewhere in holland i find them less comprehensive and myself being proud of what i wrote so far, specially of managing to add a few thrust# refs to that one great trust one:

# - Calvin F Bey - Steve Diver (did the most recent quite comprehensive overview to date as far as i know)
is that bruce tainio??

Graeme Sait
Phillip Wheeler and Ronald B Ward

Valerie Solheim (Spurling checked out by Callahan)

other miscellaneous notes on to me noteworthy Acres articles:

Ron Breland - dodeca-hives

tim king last wrote about compost - he lives in Long Prairie Mn

thomas pawlick wrote a book called The War in the Country (about Canadian land tenure and ethnic/prior entitlement troubles). - a native bird threatened by imports also.

Anyway, here's the minor stuff (only the first one in dutch):
Wilders met jodenster plaatje en wat netureika mensen op video (weinig tekst, geen gesmeten kommentaartjes)
a dutch radio guy (colleague of the one spotted last nite) chats with Max Keiser

500 years worth of hyperinflation charts please
hmm, doesn't work out real well, let's be as dumb as a machine for a moment:
hyperinflations since the 15th century
delivers nought
587 hits for this: "hyperinflations "15th century"
837 hits for this: hyperinflations millenium

think time stamps people and don't be too wishy about it, or else they are gonna think that when you, like me, hammer on factoring in 1000 year old trees is a weird allusion to zazis and nions you know.

hyperinflation 15th century
hyperinflation since antiquity
"best hyperinflations chart"

zip ... can't find anything useful .. even though hyperinflation is hyped by the goldpeddlers in a continuous, not to say chronic fashion

hyperinflations chart
ah .. 2 results .. nah. .. that's just Rogers vids mostly

hyperinflations chart (without quotes)
sigh ... none scoop beyond the decade scope it looks like ... guess i would have to enter a chart farm or something ... not my forte.

there is one place that comes up a lot. It features humor and high comment numbers too:
164 on this post

Time for my own summary and conclusion:
the golden rule is 'wave aforth and wave aback'
... hard-backing and up-fronting (conditioned by venturisms unfamiliarity and risk ... then slowly as routine/contract eats into the need for gold (yeah .. aint it incredible ... for trust, as it evolves, gold proves edible!), nuggetry gets nudged to the side and grand misuse of trust begins to take place (and displace all thrust in my favored sense and high air pressure breathing as in the wesselish ideas i bring to the fore often).
The snipery with upscalements and all, enabled and exacerbated with stronger and rising penetration of black boxing is nevertheless a vulgar barbarian market phenomenon and whatever Spinoza so mystically loved about the state (cause Knapp and Beckerath had not come and gone yet) isn't trotted out to prove its match .. just yet.


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