Friday, October 29, 2010

ziocult vs permaquilt in palestine

there is a 'crazy palestinian' at The Farm with a great little set of permie principles.

It would profit the green prophet folks i train my gaze on briefly below, to imprint themselves with rules aimed to give greatest glory to the smallest and oldest links in the chains .. shekels of life ... failing that (and missing it is, very sorely) and even were it not, these folks are obviously just trying to rob such life-loving guidelines' appeal, to abduct and imprison them in abject stinking, sectioned and zoned off 
abodes of zionism.

Christians everywhere are held captive in more or less stringest but mostly milder forms of this cancerously ugly, secretive, purely mental abode of zionism which paradoxically demands flesh and blood sacrifice of both opponents and adherents. high birthrates and punishing attitudes to the neighbours is the health of the Israel state..

is this a green n cleans zionist effort? (since 07 - covers all arab nations)
truly scatterbrain spam makes the front page (under 'recent comments' here - stretching it allot slot considerably too).

.. they obviously cater to people who are messinessphobic and mercifully
spare them .... oops, i (almost) lied, here is a guy
in a Tel Aviv dumpster

yep, these are zionist, nasty cynical and dirtyminded too:

Karin Kloosterman

Olive Oil Lubricates Peace in Israel and Palestine

... like, come on, settlers weren't cutting down and burning olive trees back then???? Like they do more and more, unless they simply harvest in anticipation of owning them:

yep, one of her next items is proof positive (photographic too) that she takes trees all too lightly (danghang the pesky root n footholds already eh?)

is this girl into buttfucks or something? in januari this year she goes:
"..can stimulate and lubricate peaceā€¦."

.... yep, she is a perfect pervert, full denialist, absolute adversarialist, type of person i am ashamed sharing a dutch name with

by contrast, take the first and latest pic at

4 poddies thus far, mentioned here ..
though they quit listing write ups about them like they did (for) last year

Palestinians will continue to be treated the way they are as long as a shifty and secretive, mostly and where it matters most (matters, most or matters most, take your pick) semitic demograpulation team helps justify and legitimate the continued presence and ongoing rapacity of white (and multicoloured serfs, underlings and orc-like) workers in red territory.

In other words, this is the principle that culminated recently in putting Deb Frisch in jail rather than .. say .. Rumsfeld (the subtext: it was and still is a ok to supress natives push them aside and jail them if they dare sacriligiously protest against butt-ins that bring up the bigger revenue pile-ups. A rotten core want diversity to tarnish itself with. Let the play begin:  rap sketch w artists as rumsfeld assange .. 88 vids from Oz, none quite so succesful as this one ... visited via nmt (notmytribe - ericverlo on twitter to be axect actually)


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