Friday, November 19, 2010

amy goodman is a double agent

De lire per format - perv rate - abundance tempts to storing, that in turn to spoilage .. directly or the market variety... a smooth slide from rush to it preceding a narrow slot of better times but they soon hit saturation, flooding and a cheapening rapidly degenerating into saturation, then force feeding and fiercer forms of torture

DemocracyNow's Amy Goodman sounds more like a woundmam, is a double agent and i hate her. she sounds as discouragingly sad as the equivalent of all red leaders combined after 200 years of disappointing attempts to share the peace pipe smoke .. cracking their voices into a type of supersadness that sinks any and all just cause.

delirium performans
i myself tried to discourage use of violence but not for unclear or nefarious reasons. on the contrary, cause i thought in folks like me invincibly agile, unassailable and suprising cleverness would sooner carry the day. Shone the limelight on just the right way ... and who would have guessed Madonna was such a little lady until it was too late? Who will notice my ears are to large and face too long ... until my ways of dirty fighting clean up, or replacement with clean 'form' (informed, informal and above all, well patented, even better advertized and unbeatably lucrative). We are focussed and will dismiss and disarm the dirty fighting so it can start in earnest. I am conducting secret negotiations with Ken O'Keefe at this moment.

well, not exactly, my homeboy is retracing my steps in a weird way, ones i made in ... oh, 78?

Road to Hope Convoy, kidnapped in Libya, freed in Greece. We hope to rejoin the convoy in Libya in the coming days.

thanks ziz, for the shout out. your last line ('way to light is through darkness'# - aljazeera app Ql linked to) will, if googled literally, lead to me so you sent your audience home with some serious work. bravo

# - as a philospher, i will give you an apparantly contradictory answer, there is light, but the only way to light is through, corageously confronting, darkness.

oops, nope, nor did .. Your search - "through matter" - match any documents.

tolerance in the pre-technical and also pre-sociological sense denotes closeness, close calls, matchedness, weighuppityhood, pursuit .. in the same trajectory one can slide migration into invasion and so most lefty multi-culturalist are pretend anti-imperialists and would just replace one with another even more inextricable and non-reversable one.

competittiveness must be made the way clear for
all white coat lab folks shackled and chained into composting jobs, sorting and solving the pollution problem along with well suited financialization epidemic vectorialists, drugdealers and gangsters set free, bomb builders criminailized. how much easier must i put it.


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