Monday, November 08, 2010

wheels within wheels

no not that travel and Fuller inspired art and pic page i did in 98, atmospheric layers

but first

A man who needs to be made minister of the honest fighting department can be heard expressing some righteous anger in a recent radio appearance via:
Ken O'Keefe the man who demonstrably denounced his US citizenship in 03 (A'dam, on his way to Iraq to be a human shield .. after a career of rescuing fishing line entangled turtles) and i failed to attend even though i read about it at the time .. o shame.
short post about chemtrails with picture

how such clever people as this blog operator can fall for this abysmal, abjectly stupid faith is beyond me.

Remember those intricate ivory carvings of balls within balls? The atmosphere has as many layers and then some, all forming and reforming like multiple teams in a pick up game with a plethora of goals but each quite steadily moving in a single direction for whole spells at a time.

Planes fly in one of these predominantly, one after another, conveying their trails into stripey and many of them into crosswise patterns. Problem solved. Yall got phobia about blanketing patterns? Canvassing tactics. Mainstreamage?

Read what John Hamaker said 30 years ago about planes if you wanna be up to speed on vapor and human effort. Fill'm with rockdust and go feed some fishes and forests. Ban for humans. Are the marines helping yet. Yes John, one of them is!!! His name is Ken, i think you will like him.


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