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is america is still going .. thug ugly?

going going ....
more botchingly so in South America
more brutally so in the semiterritory...

policing needs to be a part-time job covering less ground but communicating about it better (OPEN SOURCE THE PLOD!) involving loads more personnell ..

Economic 'necessities' (alas, more greed than need driven) may have managed to force people into closer physical proximity than they would otherwise choose to maintain but it has the opposite effect on lots of other tiers and dynamics from the range of closenesses. It's all good in the eyes of exploitation and in as far as police are enforcers thereof, no remedy in sight until it is all ... gone
november 3 post + 25Cs ( - pic of him and the short news item shows his less tall more chubby red haired bro)
the Porterville police department stop Vincent Steen, cyclist (no record ... got that? NO RECORD!!!!!!), pursue him into his home a block away and kill him in front of mom and bro .... .

america is a very sick place ... and i saw certain things coming and counselled (councilled?) best i could ... i urged euros to open their doors and help whities back off of that magical continent (do massive eco-repairs along the way etc).

It is now 5(?) years later (prolly dropped those ((econ))cultural ((you're all cult E conned)) bomb warnings at Mary Rizzo's place back then) and the euros are rid of their euros in relation to that fabled continent alrite, but not bycause of joint revillagizing effort (with 'the say' of/in big authoritarian blocks devolved, cut up and strung out in a hugely longer, more complex, finer, local and most important, female hands), so not alrite, but all wrong.

Still worse, the siblings, astray overseas (socalled americans) are very very rid of their perceived savings and entitlements also (poof, pop, sunk, splat, split). Their house of christian calling cards (no matter how magisterially I M MEdiately 'banked') collapsed and conquered once again by the jerklerc, the clerical hysterical pulling crowd awing savanterisms out of his voluminous wardrobe (full of crooked and strayed jackey clientelle), sucking native local rooted and protective wealth down into a barbaric past, suckling the new on the old testament, performing binary bias (pushing the comma ((along with the bubblier, most blow rolly-runaway prone amongst 'numbers', that massive and no matter what, growing bitpile with digital dial)) to the right proves a slippery task).

The colonialists though, besides a genocide weighing down their conscience (if they even dare to try keep one up) ... also lost homes to fires of dereliction, piling waste upon waste in the frenzied potlatch atmosphere that comes about when somewhere ... far far away, a potential receiver loses and/or betrays his foothold, ungracefully abandons his heritage but piles waste and shame on top of shame and waste by ALSO refusing what is on offer whereever he arrives after arduous journey (more heavily ' armed' then he realizes, 'harbouring' scourges he ((only at first, innocently but blankets (((as Ward Churchill proved))), can and have been used to greater effect than bullets in at least one instance, further instances undoubtedly suffering parallel fates we might as well coin a word (((OR 2))) for: PROOFICIDE - EVIDENCIDE)) visits upon unsuspecting and alas, skeptical nor cautious hosts, not least amongst which i count the slight/right ((flight/fight)) to alienate, e- and immigrate, rights of alien nations, the lie factor in commercials, minority rights, a slew of problematic 'baxwalls').

Our poor exile, risker, escapee recently began bearing the break-down of repute, the 'bringer of democratic freedom' re'christ'ening attempt upheld since WW2 is a broken scaffold ... and nobody actually got to live and bear out what this lofty title promised no matter how much 'freedom' kept on 'rocking' (IN!?!) the world since then .... after a quick back of envelope calculation a general snowballing consensus agreed recent escalations ((literal ones, fueling higher (((chinese))) risings for 'slavelaburbanization' of infra (infractious structuration) couldn't be afforded (bombbuilding for a warfueled economy ((health of the state as Bush told the spokesman for the southern american nations - see last quarter of the Oliver Stone docu South of the border)) perhaps not such a sustainable routine after all)

Our tragic hero, guilty of multiple genocide (simmering unconfessed, unmourned, unrepaired) threatens to 'deliver' worse and still worse ... we already have downright deadly poisons that not only defeat the purpose, since they instantly and for the longest time thereafter eliminate not just the target and supposed obstruct but lock up and those who aim them before those who sent the aimers out of these very (very contested) ground of any and all beings far and wide (Fallujah!!!!! you cannot rollover guilt onto the direct and already deceased victims just cause they can bear it better and/or bycause you claimed they caused and provoked your (freedomf)ire in the first place).. along with the creepier socalled 'slower' ones!!!! -- The fact that joining 'the force' is tantamount to joining the ogres who sold their souls is dawning on the general populace similarly to the way creditcon did.

What galls me the most about all this is the subtle way in which hard though rotten core judaics manage to abuse the talents of those of their own who flee and in the process assimilate lots of talent, cover lots of ground, become as good as white, get the better of their new peers etcetera .. only to be bested by their old ones, to end up proving one cannot really betray just one's own heritage... and we are stuck on this lively rock soup for a long time yet. Better get to know each other better.

Another couple of google alert (goodness) for WC:
1 - takes me to a weird site that mixes a whole decade worth of news and turns 'm into fresh posts ( 06 in this case).
(PRWEB) June 2, 2003
West Warren, MA (PRWEB) May 30, 2003 The West Warren Library

2 - FBI secrets - an agent's expose -- by M Wesley Swearingen

ps: a gamer .. many of the comments claim was quite adament about wanting to avoid the police .. .with a last name denoting innocent inert, dependable peso (weight) and momentum ...

the double mirror fold number 2 letters away from r=t, thus Potterville .. is a town southwest of Lansing in Michigan ... where the rock it man of the aeons (john hamaker) used to live.

wow, after that flashback to the 80 i realize the Steen articles are at least 10 months old also. I take it all as evidence recycling works, taking care not to make too fine a point, too sharp a tip unless ready to loose it instantly:

Porterville (pliterrovil - plotrevile - vrilporetle ((??)) is near Fresno)

guess this is a good post about it all:
+7 quite mixed comments
the one that tries extrapolate similar to the way i did though from a much lower (more local) vantage point goes 'It’s a cycle that must stop.' is quite bitter (not to mention insensitive) in the face of what actually happened.

i have written defenses of police overwhelmed by duties and hampered by restrictions at the same time too, cause nobody ought to be tied to the whipping post ever (gainful employment starts at the compost heap, always an opening (rock waiting ((PATIENTLY)) to be opened) there .. but sure don't feel like it now.

Chavez liberated by his mates .. the police protecting the public on its way to and all the way into parliament is the type of tale america is badly in need of. Who's bad and sorely missing inaction. Not me. Got plenty.

o wow, it is positively raining complaints about polishless plotlosing plod n cop duty duds on that blog ('OPERATION NATION: Keeping U.S. Government And Media Honest').

from an article there a few days old:
"The next year would take Mr. Holland to court four times, on charges of saying "Jesus Christ" on his own property, .."

helpful to know that mr Holland looks like the decidedly non-bloaty pacifist type a cowardly macho wannabe man can safely harass .. which is what happened (though he took 3 friends ... just to be safe i guess), mr Holland tried reporting it and a cop, though he came out said 'nothing i can do', then took offense at the expletive and being turned a back to too abruptly perhaps ... who knows or will ever find out right? Been good for 4 court proceeding already so far. Keeps Mr Holland from thinking things through long and deep enough to learn how to appreciate work by the likes of me i guess.

pps: ideally when all rough policing work is done and pride rises undistorted to get down to the fine-tuning, it will be like masonry, polish and palatial environs, that is to say, all environs passable, palatable and palatial, no ghettos, no oppression, just pressure in the right places, on rocky surfaces, proceeds of which entered not contest but context, vacancies in the photosynthetic realm exist. Rocks 'needed' (crushed, ground, mixed moistened and exposed, vulnerabilitated, sprouting life), not greeded (all too few of them choice, elect and all such rot while the rest is poisoned and otherwise offlimited).


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