Sunday, November 21, 2010

high time for a deb frisch support group

didn't find a deborah frisch fan club either

Deb has a 'test' level too hi for her own good. She allows it to fuel her 'braving compulsion'. it is quite innocent really, noble even, considering she is aiming it at war mongers who don't think twice about being disruptive if it concerns a class of people sufficiently demonized by a media monstrosity they adore, are part of and accept unconditionally, with all that entails, like job security in defense related industries, 'defense' being a noble word they gag, strip, choke and place in front of their positively thanatopical products. Still not realizing this hurts all and everything including themselves in multiple multiple ways, they get busy incarcerating a lewd and lascivious lady making obscene type noises loudly.

People like Deb are trying to make these aggressors think and shift positions for but a moment, mentally. Hoping to help them relate to bad news for folks far away, which the wars supporters, her targets, caused directly but just as absolutely and instantly disown as if the connection can be broken by sheer force of self-righteousness, -confidence and -assurance.

Division of labour has leaked and bled into a kind of regionalisation of sentiment, feelings of superiority kindled on all sides of collidoscapist divides, the gaps between rich and poor growing steeper and unfriendlier, more uncrossable .. worshippage slipping into warshipping.

All of that makes a 'what if it were you' proposition highly offensive and worthy of prosecution, especially when done with any consistency and perseveringly even. worse still, done in the name of something they own and is perceived as besmirched by these actions. The simply cannot take note of Deb as comedienne but feel justified in pestering the fuck out and the drink into her cause they see her as an abductress of what is precious to them (a freedom, but fail to see that hers cannot and is not, like theirs, spread per bomb, no matter how hurt they feel when told a scold), a hi-jacker (to put/think/place themselves into the position of devilbrood is to them a useless excercise at best, it's what they pay taxes for) and god knows what else. defended her once but his writing is very drily academic.

second part of second Deb post in a row:
Look, it is very simple really. Take me. An odd mix of masculine and feminine aspects constellated in such a way that agression has too be as smooth, slick and sounding as pure water itself (in other words, mars in pisces), i think it is the result of my parents being born in one world ward and maturing in another, plus the fact that they had the prehistorically speaking valid but modernistically speaking outdated attitude that substances are by nature digestible, break down ok and chucking anything is never a problem. Enter paints, soaps and lots of 'chemiabolic' materials. Poisons which we now now, totally change the gender balance.

i have an eye for the pacifist aspects of Deb Frisch and they are easy to spot unless you actively resist that.

you, me, like anyone else, can only recognize and admire in others what we realize and like about ourselves also. Any behaviour we consider ill, depraved and to be avoided -- starved, suppressed, tabood, routed out) -- is reason enough to condemn and punish (hunted down, locked up, tortured and last but not least, supposed and suspected (most often 'merely' projected though) clusters and clumps, bombed, forthwith) in others.

In the interest of world tension release, i would invite folks like 'oregonmuse' (proteinwisdom commenter - that place is as pro-war as the lgf crowd, about half of which derive job-security from defense industries and derivatives by definition) to put calling folks like DB 'vile and threatening' on pause (can't be as much fun anymore with her in jail now anyway) and go camp out at Fallujah with a delegation of documentationers (i will give them 100.000$ if they will put themselves under the command of Ken O'Keefe ((ex-marine activist and arid region policy critic)) to record their impressions and promote them on Arab stations around the world.

let me conclude with a hearty (air-pressure letter)uck you (palin likes that letter too eh .. but she aint beat the deb yet) plaguers of a woman i care for !!!!! .. as well as is possible (!?!?!?!?) blogwise (woefully short of adequate i know) .. untill they take my computer access away as well, ... just sympathizing with her should do the trick eventually, in this cultural climate that breeds and grows crop after crop of fascistically inclined fanatics. ... and you all wonder why the real climate can't hold up under that onslaught (including folks who call themselves green - endcivics and such)?????
Come on!


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