Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'war comes home' by Aaron Glantz

follow up to my wildly succesful post on the 19th of november:

ON the second of november i dwnldd the oct 18 Democracy Now program which served up a report by Aaron Glantz, the author of 'war comes home, washington's battle against american vets' that day, claiming 3 times as many veteran take their lives once they are back in the US as lose it on active duty.

Thus, many 'frontline' returnees have survived it in vain as it were, came home only to not prove it aint really survivable.

I think all can agree that imperial (ad!)venturists ARE instead of, as they claim FIGHT invasive species and won't under all, specially not under ideal circumstances, find willing and eager takers to go do the doing and to take to taking with that easily, so they put the squeeze on. Austerity anybody?
oh the recruiting tricks .. no mere tricks them .., it takes more than just a trickle down culture! you need to really pour out adversity to raise kids up to dupe and dope standards hight enough to pitch 'm into hell en mass.
to go do the do and take with
no mere trickle to go do the do and/or take away with
let alone what doing it takes to those to be done away with and (generaly same those to be) taken away from, .. never mind the generations of suffering we are now capable of inflicting.

An old argument (mulled it over before meself):
are money people hi-jacked and coerced by arms people?
are money people sticking to, coming up with and commited to the kinds and flavors of money that are so 'mean' they might as well be called militant monies?

The latter ... unless you prefer to -- leave the nasties well enough alone (senti-mental boycott), quit resisting=feeding them (which provokes them into smear campaigns of all such name-calllers) and simply focus on outgrowing them -- instead specify the alternative kinds (non-militant monies), start calling them consensual kinds 'state monies' for instance. Might be easier bycause after all, at least there is real precedent for that kind, .. for the 1000th time: read me alongside Knapp and Beckerath. A full integration as happy medium between our ideas is essential, imperative, pressing, urgent and really needed. Yes, i am getting impatient and arrogant about it, patience and humility hasn't worked as it should have, or perhaps i mistook distraction and laziness for them.

Imperialism is not a higher form of socialization (which ravishes and ultimately miniaturizes and rations everything with it's telltale token SCARCITY).
In holland we had a hit-song that went 'bus will be by any minute' using only 4 not six syllables and one of them diminutizing and cutifying the affair: 'busje komt zo'. Well, .... how long till along comes the next iteration of 'role calling' slave and dupe, state-terrorism and human trafficking by/per state, 'toxicitification' cloaked in and veneered with a pretense to go fight in defense of a threatened freedom (triple mendacity hazard on that trice noble score of course so be cautious)?

back to the facts broached on the Goodman show:

This could be a great selling/recruiting point:
if you die on foreign soil (forget the argument about being born on some or any in the first place for a moment), rest assured 2 of your buddies will wonder why you and not them ...

....and if that does not get them - i mean, which in itself, apart from - all the rapid-fire hindsight (sim-, im-, sex-, ex- and) plexplosions lighting up imperial aspects of and obstructions to chances for conscience clarity building will .... collide, churnaturn and collocate the adjust, regret, mourn and remain upstanding imperative into an unworkable mayhem of machine rigged strawman drawery.

'Defense', 'duty' and 'honour' are terms that spring from induced crisis situations. Respect and prestige are much more voluntary terminology. If you fall victim and/or give in to hype, dissocialization and epidemic of the former, do not hop to be spared the collision with self-delusion and self-deception, TRIGGERED by horror echoing even or perhaps especially upon going and coming home.

The first time i tried to listen to this file i got so frustrated with Amy Goodman that i wrote a note about that and turned away in disgust.

Why the fuck does she not get little kids to read the endless list of outrageous and incriminating factoids like money spent on (superficial soundbite vote-bait) campaigns, in the background while making a concise statement that these costs are really fines imposed by private interests who {sarcasm on} nobly take the task of protecting the masses from their own mass-sentiments very seriously. They subvert and empty common clout and amassment sign, symbol and tool, go mum on others or simply do not dole them out without smearing these 'dangerous' and 'tendentious' words with an ugly charge beforehand. It's hard work, soul-destroying, no, really soul-aborting even, hard enough to cause all kinds of casualties, cause counter-intuitive, dishonest, hypocritical, schizophrenic and psychopathic, bloatedness of money sums to this type of propaganda reflect that and only that.

talk about dupe and dope contests.
If this report confirms anything it is that what people began calling America never was and certainly cannot soon become a country, let alone one that liberates others from imperialism country. This report confirms 'America' is just another word for warzoning, and zonings that are not peacemeal personal matters are always in service of extractive sports, like transports and transpositionings, egged on by the hiero- and sycophantic preachers hollering about some not just themselves but worlds betraying transcendencies.

All supralocal zoning is fishy .. netting .. geometry, wrongful filtering, braindead meterment, manipulation.


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