Monday, December 06, 2010

keyfigure-bid kid dumps data

We used to have regular crops of socalled fascists. That willwell didn't just dry up, people indoctrinated and simustimulated to make certain hormone, enzyme, etcetera imbalances permanent, make inner and outer flora conform and conducive to shooting off mouths, guns and SUVs are now simply sailing under the new, and for the unsuspecting, perfectly acceptable nomen 'bundlers', so far with that same perfect impunity .. Thus, in my eyes (and those of a veritable folkhost whose democratic hygiene is up to snuff but who typically get to represent nothing, but scolded even, spoiled and failed utopians, etcetera) there is only one Latin word still really relevant today, and it means bundler: fascist ... duuuuuuhhhhh.

I wish the earthenware waterways of them days would have remained and retained the standing (lying?) they lost to plastic sewers.

Ironically, all the attempts to boost and bolster machismo is having the very reverse of effects, gender indeterminacy and odd mixes thereof will become more and more prevalent. With that prolly also the chance to see what the illustrator of the little 1917 book Das Deutsche Volk in schwere Zeiten .. in direkt relation to and

Allow me to henceforth call fascists bundlers, if only to grant me a little validation for the above, .. for the moment.

These types of (NOT)socialized men (too much single sidedness and wall mentality) are notorious for raising armies. allow me another neologist coinage: remotation = growth (=aggravation) of behind the scenesness. Referring to movers and shakers who gamble with and sacrifice them (i am not going to get into what gets squirted around visibly or into women's faces but a few points can be made in that dire action). I like to speak of the abstraction of horniness gone mechanical and ballistic which Shakespeare identified as usury (going securitized these daze..

That which europeans call subsidies are looked down on and scolded in its rebel amokookyluxclonolies. That is not to say Americans ('Stayterse') refrain from the practice but over there ..

.. (in 'their' illegal settlements .. the ones izzies directed and rode from the get-go ((bundle some billgrims into bibled boats)), rode'm like dumbed n dutched down drink addled djiants ((genant gynend DjinnAnt!!)) and model their own on besides after making socalled nazis do so .. remember them? - those who accepted their bundles of money to betray, sell-out and bundle their kinfolk into arms manufactury, same as before and after them) ..

.. they prefer to call all subsidy, matters of either debt and philantropy but never the twain shall meet, thus tearing 'lefty laziness and cozy cottage craft industries capable of re- and dissolving supply and demand into a self-sufficiency bolster and buffer yielding autonomy that gives meaning and lends substance to a word like sovereignity, hollowed out to script writer cabal 'teary touring' into 2 diametrical opposites .. causing the rift of pure and unmournable loss between them to open up ... instead of opening up rock - a focused and bundled blow by blow celebration of making a fist and calling the rhythm that builds the compost that grows the ludilube .. making that fist good enough to match meet and mates mineral togetherness, bust it up and open, so that 'plotsklaps, hey presto, attractive ... of water for instance and starters. All 'rapitition' (mono invariability) turns back to well tended treecrops one more.

'Lightstone' Devil reigns.

uniform is recognizable, tradable, dependable, reproducible, routinizable and if it is handiwork of an artist (ID boast boost bloat) we have the very best guarantee against inflation .. (borderliners like Warhol and worse excepted) .. however for all other mass pro repro (random and algorhythmic too) we have a different set of rules (though equally uninformative about real value): after a steady climb and rise that seems sheer interminable, there is a top, an over the top and time for a rough cut and tumble .. interchange- and expendability all the way back down to the levelest level of basics and pretentiouslessness. That is where Dave Pollard and the like might be handy, .. if they are, as i suspect, members of ('telgen' van) Tilth, Abundant Harvest (the first directory i purchased and really really treasured .... fantasized about engaging ... though never ACTUALLY engaged .. oh horrible thought, did the monsantoans jump into the gap, fissure, lacuna i left 'versmaalde' (though fresh grind never far from my mind, neither coming nor going though, like a stuck record).. my charity work is not even malfunctioning it is dismally disfunctional and defunct!!! /full confession, fully confessed about never making the earmark pending. It is a bio-taboo curse and cross i bore.

To sum up:
Bundlers (formerly known as fascists) raise and sacrifice armies.
Bundlers bind stack and these days datadump pages (and pages..etc).
Bundlers tie securities into neat little packets based on and to build more illegal settlements.

apropo datadump: really wish Steve Willner would do a full rap on wikileaks rather than the hollywood scenarists, for a change ... at this point i wish he'd show up at all, i am worried.


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