Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ap+ vs ap-

assessinotion politics (0x AP+)
assassination politics (8,130x AP-)

The former is a tweaked and pacifist libertarian version of latter, the better known though poisonouos and perverted form, occupying and making it's life miserable if not preventing altogether.

Assessinotion is of course not a google whack, which takes 2 words but it IS not only not to be found on google but neither does it appear in the dictionary as you might have guessed, at least, it has not been added as yet, and won't until and unless i am not as alone as now, but yall stop being lame asses and set up echo chimers, tastiest words in prosey poetry written around the turn of the second millenium post jesus caught between nemrud and rome .... go ahead, try to ridicule it, give my neologism score a shave before i trip up on a corner of this glorycloud i spend daze and daze in already and start stumbling even worse than i already do.

AP+ = a - certain anarchist propositions that crossed my reading path in the flow of news that ensued after Seattle 99 known as indymedia newswires, and for which the 'early' promotor Jim Bell did time.
AP- = b - present highest bidder gets to kill all he can, assassination politics, fueled by, running on and, fortunately, impossible without very dirty money. AP- is yet another ugly result of the wrong kind of money, doing the money thing wrong. Mediations that actually break, breach and separate instead of staying as close to immediation as possible (step throughs, wether up or down with steady in- and excremental graduation, no outrageous and sudden drop offs, barriers or ceilings, like in the land of bad money, of largest, most majestically unbudgeable - and hopelessly unhippy, let alone grippy and never mind nitty gritty - high throne, high prestige, high piles n pilings, hot bonus topple tiptop(per)s.

Speculators descend on such emergency guarantees like vultures on a carcass.

Money from below ... now found an embarrasing 9,520x* on google as phrase ... and perusing the first few pages it is prolly save to say the hits reflect fears rules like that will stir things up too much and bring crud to the top

* - most interesting hits from the first 30 results (skipping over some of the more obvious coupon applications):

Credit and Money in a Search Model with Divisible Commodities
by S Shi - 1996 - Cited by 59 - Related articles
When a credit is repaid with money, the competition also bounds the purchasing power of money from below by that of credit and so eliminates the weak ...

Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution. By WOODY ...
the “democratic” pressure for paper money from below before the con- vention and then the acquiescence to a Constitution that prohibited that very practice. ... -

An Impossibility - "Fair Marriages:" An Impossibility Working Paper
by B Klaus - 2008 - Related articles
sufficiently large amount of money ? (or unbounded consumptions of money from below) would restore the possibility for fair allocations. ...

A Black Mud From Africa Helps Power the New Economy -
12 Aug 2001 ... Kuwait -- a name suggesting big money from below ground -- was one of 20 illegal mines hacked in the past year out of the Okapi Faunal ...

Ponzis and Pyramid Schemes | Genius Baby Toys
Money exchanging hands up the line in any manner, with the expectation of receiving more money from below is classicly an illegal pyramid, but what of those ...

[PDF] Credit and Money in a Search Model with - aaav
by S SHI - 1996 - Cited by 59 - Related articles
bounds the purchasing power of money from below by that of credit and so eliminates the weak. ine?icient monetary equilibrium found in previous search ...

Reviewed by Todd Estes | Book Review | The William and Mary ...
... "democratic" pressure for paper money from below before the convention and then the acquiescence to a Constitution that prohibited that very practice. ...

APapps are in the works and will come from the heirs of Silvio Gesell, Michael Linton and Todd Boyle (Richard Kay, Thomas Greco, Art Brock, Gabriel Shalom, etcetera).

AP will make more and more sense in a world with less and les chunks, 'varieties' (a hollowed concept in world amounting to nothing but a mere amassment and amount, however mountainous, like the meaningless and not very healthy 'free' space on a google account ... i mean, even if not yet switched on and circuited into the grand circudolatry, would you vouch for the non-toxicity of chips in store, chips in stock, here a chip, there a chip, everywhere a cheap chip? Rite, didn't think so.

'we were all wounded, at wounded knee' -- song by Redbone, banned in the States, hitsong in holland (no 1 of main chart for 5 weeks)


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