Monday, January 10, 2011

Born in the YouEsSay

The other day i listened to a snippet of yet another pre-tea-partyish radio rant (on backwoodshome) from 2002.

The phrase that broke the logjam in my head (and visible below) was:

'we are going to hell in a handbasket'.

It prompted me to unravel what they think and hope to convey when they say 'we' and 'our govt'.

Quick, dirty and short prefigurement of my answer:

not (we and) our developer, waresoftener or rock ungraveler,
neither our contractability monetizer nor our agreements banker.

Fiscal honesty is as problematic as fighting missions these day, but once upon a time, at least to some certain men i have had the luck/honour of reading work by/of, wasn't: Knapp, Beckerath, and still alive (in Boeing territory): Todd Boyle (, a man who puts himself in sight of commuting traffic at very regular intervals, as does Berndt (, 50 miles further south, in Olympia, just below a large naval base in Tacoma.

Berndt by the way, needs to write a crime novel about how the erasure and disappearance of a curious 4 story hi mural --- (ostensibly bycause of a renovation) in the Library of a U famous for its liberality, 4 miles out of town, painted in the late 60s by a man who went on to pioneer and become the world leading authority on synchronization, rituals, medicine wheels, mandalas, sand painting, matrixery and calenderaisers --- triggered, unleashed, seeded, signalled the waves, habits and largest concentration of them all to sprout up on all the blind walls around the State Capital of the pacific northwest, he already has a huge huge collection of specimens ... but hasn't answered any of my queries for some reason.

I have criticized the man (the painter, Arguelles) for seeming to feel a need to foster awareness of a mirrored and therefore distorted truth: sharability is worth it, no matter how vanishingly small and fractious or even altogether fictitious the morsels. It is the missionary and crusader complex, the machismo in him, though residual and mostly visual, that dictates a dazzling dance with razorsharp contrasts but cannot seem to recruit, convert and defuse the wrong way to go about it vitally enough.

Hard to take the trouble of sharing what is near ubiquitous anyway, preceding us and constituting all tangible phases of life always already ... but is it therefore worthless? To a rich-quick scam schemer surely but to those aiming for humility? Rock to soil ages and stages make up the bulk of any and all higher organisms no matter how you look at them. I want to say a few more words about patience before getting into mobility (and the immobilities in a german sense: real estate).

Study of collectives are completely, even inherently perhaps, distorted in the west, but bycause it is, the appetite for clarity on the subject will grow and i see a role for myself as 'pallatibilitator' of contra-pabulumysts.

'We' (USAians as Rowan* likes to say), are, like all organisms, struggling with unhappy making leeches and parasites. Lots of this type of humanoid (human paranoid) on turtle island at present are contending with some of their very own fellows who have not stopped but expanded and accelerated slavery, turning it onto their brethren, making it race inclusive (their preferred way of turning it around and putting an end to the old kind, aggravate it into exultation rather than progress it out of existence).

That is not to say i am one of those hammering the idea 'CIAians are fratricidal NAZIans' home (and vice versa) .. without calling outsiders suckering them into tweedullD&Dumbing it zionists. Hitler's diagnosis was spot on and yet he turned himself into his alledged enemy's best weapon, those gearing up to be derivative and hi-frequency traders just a few generations later ... cause, you know, ... they really are long term thinkers ... too bad they figure to need and favor the element of suprise to fuel their conflagraphers (congraflavors) of that.

* - the headline Rowan has chosen to 'sarcacize', hi-lite and feature today:

the western press will tell you that it was ‘bought by moskowitz’ but they won’t tell you who from
January 10, 2011

Rather than bothering to mention the basic fraudulence of the ‘sale’, the Guardian will regale you with quotes from right-wing Jewish cranks, such as “There is no more beautiful sound than the destruction of the house of a notorious, not just Nazi sympathiser, but Nazi.” If people were to read the two recent bestsellers by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman, “The Bible Unearthed” and “David & Solomon”, they would discover that the Jewish religion, and hence Jewish identity, are themselves nothing but gratuitous national-socialist fantasy. The ‘nationhood’ of ‘the Jewish people’ has never been anything more than a religious fabrication, and it never will be – RB

Israelis raze historic building to make room for new colony
Nasouh Nazzal, Gulf News, Jan 10 2011

Hitler allowed his target to dictate terms and set conditions as if he expected a miracle, prolly took to his grave if so.

He even adopted the (top-down) 'world' meme and perspective (though attempting to verbally deny (transfer, projec)) its tantrum-like impatience back to sender, the franchiser (who prolly allowed him to, it's called spoiling for a fight).
This plaque precipitation component (of monopoly friendly and therefore monoculturating money) is as impossible to refuse as a bulletrain (witness Lenin carrryin - that very version of fauled n filthied lucre - on - just such a bullietrain), given the sell-out and treason triggering source, traitors to the compost pile, invariably and yet terminally turning and feeding on bad making it worse.

Everything has a price. If you are not getting it you haven't offered the right price yet. After the reconstruction years (my youth) an insurance company next to central station Rotterdam (you could make out its colours from the top of the busiest bridge in holland) will borrow a poetic phrase to light up on top of the nation' first hi-rise: 'alles van waarde is weerloos' - all (not valuables but lovables) that is lovely (and valuable) is vulnerable. Besides being a play on 'the weathered is worthless' and a cocktail made from basic denialist half truths i submit generalizations, commons, and sharability are no longer taught and understood like they should be, not even to and by insurance company.

In days where compost building and food itself are beset by commercial attack and obscurantization (exclusive, we are the only ones to offer, ... morphing into a phrase used by/on every other pop-up: you were chosen.....), we need not wonder phrases Jesus supposedly uttered can no longer be understood and seen in a Cernunnos according to poetpiet sort of light. Same goes for stuff like this:

Dat is ook de ware betekenis van de alchemistische Rebus V.I.T.R.I.O.L.: VISITA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INVENIES OCCULTEM LAPIDEM. Bezoek het binnenste der aarde en door destillatie zul je de Steen der Wijzen vinden. Daal af in de diepe duisternis van je ziel en door regeneratie vindt ge daar de Verborgen Steen, het Universele Medicijn, de Kwintessens, de Essentie. ------ André Klynstra op 1 van zijn 5 korte Roze Kruiser vuister knuister snuister blog

Old folk and indiginous wisdom (along with its 'framings' infra and culturally instructive micro-climatic heirloom complexity) is disappearing, not understood or restored and reinstated, even this late in the day.

Phrases, gospeltruths, proverbs and adages like that can only be and remain so misunderstood bycause a not yet, up to a moment from now, spelled out meaning and implication remained hidden and lacking or bycause they are already a symptom, a tell tale residue of a fading practice and implicitation, despite it's prominent (and lofty) position(ing, -otion, -ation), reason enough to have a go at it NOW, time to cross the undead wastelands towards implementation:

taking pride in vulnerability implies avoidance and abhorrence of investing in 'defense', the very steepest and most precipitous 'let-down gradient' containing euphemism on offer in this day and age of DU 'enriched' ammo and the sports hysteria to overshout the deepest possible and least sportsmanlike damage dreamt up by minds that bring you 'hellishness is addictive' today.

Even before the socalled world-wars almost all flavors of money left standing on a battlefield thereof (off-shoreable) were designed to somehow sponsor & stimulate corruption and bellicosity, well past the stage of shy emulation, no longer just consequence following but cause provoking them (rapidly uglifying wars).

Politics was born from the diseased heads of economics like they in turn sprung from severely compromised priesthoods. The latter were of course, first headwear necessitating hoodlums cause their admirers, rivals and tributees were stacking and staking up hi up enough around them to need a little buffering against more than just a denudation dictated 'severicization' of sunshine.

Money gets crowned king from a certain density ('success') forward ... and indeed celebrated. Listen to the fresh and brash propaganda for innovation ('developed' ((really hi-jacked)) by the military and funded by porn (next stop 3d) on the BBC book review for 'Sex, bombs and burgers'.

Innovation and autism are front-line toxicity and toxic front-line phenoms.
Mainstream dynamics polarizes them:
The unmolested sorts can help disperse - john galt-like and for the most part equally fictional, rural '60s whole earth' adopting adapting community .. dispersed so successfully, it is a chore ... well, a pleasure really but not exactly a pilgrimage anymore as it feels more like navigating swamp, shifting sand and breaking ice by the minute)).
Those hi-jacked or otherwise recruited into a struggle for dominance facilitate dangerous concentration on the other. (see the little priest rant)

The worldwidth of transnationalized militarization.
Hitler's very own success up to the conflagration point was the exact opposite end of that spectrum (guaranteeing the stackability would not be a mere gamble and bluff, getting to such pinnacles as surely as slow: local and regional circulation.
It's as if a very small part of the world's population agrees to fight amongst themselves if in return they can carry the moniker 'world' WARians forward into 'memery' land.

Back to the U$$A
That 'we', the undeservedly suffering, are not going 'to hell in handbaskets' willingly -- taken (in) by people summoning, banking on, abusing and exploiting that smidgen of autistic calculistic talent in family and psyche alike -- without putting up a fight, malaudial as right wing shrillity gets, is understandable.

But try this on for size 'reduction' (inside joke):
What if your sentiments are a simple consequence of your physical location? Is it impossible to come to terms with a burden that lay over your innocence since, indeed even long before your birth(right)? How much time to try understand what occupation (hint: profession of ownership, entitlement, pioneered and made traditional by holy bookies) means do we have left before wars flare up worse than they already are?

I mean, don't you YouEssayian upright virtuous and industrious Americans ever feel you ARE in handbasket hell (do i need to link to pages of indian crafts here or can you see your way there by yourselves, yall victims of human trafficking in wooden ships?), yall DID make handbasket-land into a hell, HAVE turned the land of handicraft (including baskets) into a dying hell.
There is no going to anyplace you already am right at.
You can go noplace you are now.


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