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Helping Palestinians

the BBC has a big NASA focused report these days and the guy was on a bout a 'changing tide' as i listened.

Hell i fully agree but not in his favour. Turning the tide for and of rockets is to ROCK IT very very much closer to home .. . which is our home less and less wholesomely without that vital ingredient coursing and structuring organisms. Outer to inner space .. through rock no man went through before .. certainly turns an obsession/hobby of the comet-like global rock star i share a (dreamspellian) time-stamp with on its head.
Alien Rock article by Sean Casteel

Gimme a hand putting an end to machismo please, or failing that to put it to good use, ethicalized and all. Since they tend to picked (on/)out for breeding, might as well make it(/out) well.
As we all know the dominant routinely put life to death, specially when they scare savants into brewing even scarier plagues (calcues kill and the UK is whirl chimp IzzyShallShill didle you frevermore).

The transformation of machismo could save us time and money, not to mention grief in stupendous amounts. Leaving us with enough time .. for once .. and about time! .. to put some towards a tide a turnachearnin, rocks on the crunch .. get it? rocket becomes rock it and the rhythm-noise becomes very substantial anchorment of roots after the let fly (dust blown into rainstorm) phase.

That be not my - but after and without me remains THE - recipe for stopping the betrayal of the whole earth with spacetravel. That would(/will? not sure) be a change of chtonic and titanic proportions ..

By comparison, if all emigrated whities would clean up their act: start restoring whatever their ancestors found, back to the way they found it and return to their own people where a similar (perhaps even harder) task awaits (thoug by then..) .. it would constitute a turnaround of only epic proportions.

And now that i'm on a roll with radical inside outing, how about not just taking a person's nose out of the stars (trailing NASA junk and waste in his 'train'/wake) but personhood altogether?

No lack of projected, burnished, hyped, polished, transpositioned, deified and all the rest of it? Jeebus as the stellar one steps dow nto earth for real this time, to just another idealstic one fancying sounder purposes for metals than put to by coiner and motorer. A mythic owner of might and right becomes a steady stream of season followers, holy men migrating from door to door with musical rockgrinders instead of tinkersmithies (shear sharpeners, story tellers, shamen, snake oil salesman, a complex procession that kept crossculturality on the road instead of dispersed and settled into permanent mayhem.

The only heaven you can ever get is what of it comes down to you. All humans projected into the sky are just a traumatic aftershock of colonialism and the irresponsible, incontinence demography-wise. perped by cowardly machos looking for cannon fodder or Rothchillen (networkers, pigeon breeders and other bird abusers)

Culprits/victims need to be stepped up to in order to help them step down. Step them down from suspenseful apparation positions. Realize we need to keep on counting on (THE REAL) them (ensure compliance, prisons need to become monastic orders, healing herbs grown in full spectrum force carrying (and yielding), freshly composted minerals) in order to and to have a change at successfully counting (THE FAKE) them out, very far out. Out so far them spectres remain in a rightful place, are seen in proportion, as a mere distant trace. Regular, steady .. as a true and nothing more than a real star.

3 wise men (lined up in the sky as ever) moving the star of bethlehem in line with them (the vica versa is equally untrue, purely mental .. as yet in this case, luckily and thank the gods) and then the four of them pointing to the exact spot where the one and only first sun of the year will peep over the horizon?

URLzzz???? i trust you'll find them, hint:
Acharya S made a career out of this knowledge which has gone viral and she is alive and well.

Now for people that move, put and lay their lives more in, on and along lines of more dangerous fire. Meet Ken O'Keefe.
conversing with Ken for over an hour

harrowing vid alert

i will be talking about Mary (and comments at her place). i 'found' M Rizzo trying to follow Rowan (XXXXX) around the net (one of the few men who ever answered a comment of mine ((in endearingly critical fashion sometimes, more often uncomprehendingly)) at the indymedia sites i frequented between 99 and 03).

She used to edit and publish Gilad a lot (on her 'peacepalenstine' blogspot) .. but let him go as taskmaster meanwhile. What she has not stopped is posing a picture of herself young and most beautiful, kinda unforgettable and least so to herself apparantly .. but it has caused a distortion in her perception of purity .. it raised my eyebrows even back in october 05 already - when my nearly 2 year spate of her blog started, to banter with a handful of people there - and even more so now.

in march 03 i discovered
(5 languages at it for 5 years) .. but did not make much of it

october 05 i wrote:
It's not hard to find Rowan commentin around the net, 550 hits, ..
-- update: 376 meanwhile, google must have pruned the fishing and autopaging quite well --
.. here's one at an ozzie jew's blogspot (antomyloewenstein's) who has noted bnai brith with starting number two too, boohoohoo (a counterpunch(tuat)ed 'vertigotiable'): jew-sponsored-stock-car-booed-off
Palestine Somoud: Arab Voices of Resistance » item + over 160 comments - 550K
Truth Justice and Peace nearly sunk as RTH convoy facts emerge, and as usual, Gazans get the worst part of the deal
really loooooooonng big ass borderline boring post by Mary (with whom i bantered and cantered friendly enough for a few years up to 2006) casting a great big stream of innuendo on Ken O'Keefe' behaviour negotiating the obstacles Road to Hopers found in their way throughout Lybia

Mary on Ken:

A purposeless “signal distress” for the seamen is simply a sacrilege. A “captain” should have known that.

If the neighboring vessels had responded to this “distress call” only to realize that there was no emergency at all, the person who actually made the “distress signal” would surely face claims of hundreds of thousand dollars by the ship-owning companies of these vessels for unreasonably alerting neighboring ships for a non-emergency situation.

Video uploaded by Mr. O’Keefe on YouTube:
In 10:14 of the video: Mr. O’Keefe making a “distress signal”
In 10:14 of the above video we see Mr. O’Keefe making a “distress signal” and his communication with the neighboring vessel MV OOCL Oakland.
However, in 10:34 of the video it is obvious that one or more pieces of the footage have been cut. Why would Mr. O’Keefe extract pieces of the original raw footage?

Arbuthnot (brave Shield movement member in Iraq):
He scared them to bits. So another initiative for peace, of huge and desperate (literally) importance which was nearly destroyed. One could not possibly comment as to why this keeps happening, but it does seem like controversies dog all he is involved in. Having also been only an "armchair" watcher re the latest debacle, what does stick in my mind is the, number of times before it happened, how he wrote of the time for confrontation drawing near.

short version of Mary's take:

Mary Rizzo on December 9th, 2010 at 10:58:
It IS a scandalous tragedy. Face these FACTS
1) there was NO contract.
2) K o'K and K Turner refused to leave the vessel
3) obstruction was placed on the vessel to prevent it from leaving
4) the vessel had written port clearance to leave absent of cargo
5) once the ship was leaving, Ken admitted OTHERS jumped on board.

.. by the 57th comment Mary gets downrite fishwifey:
"..personal soap operatic drama of an adrenaline junkie."
there's a few commenters who stick up for Ken, like Eileen, Eric Verlo (who i have had the pleasure of reading in personal print .. though i slacked off .. for over a year already ... my my), Sam, who goes:

"As you can see from her childish name calling (King Tatt, O'Con, etc), she displays a behaviour that one would expect from a teenage girl with self esteem issues."

comment 87, 130 (and at least one in between), written by Xa are, by far the best ... so far, though not entirely fair nor accurate either (no connection between these convention breakers .. with and towards the greatest harmony possilbe and the egyptian uprising, really? See the vid of Ken finally crossing the Egypt/Gaza border?).

Xa is quite solidly on mary's side but with succinct and dehydrated argument (not to mention better language economy ... what a babble box Mary has turned into):

And yet, despite believing (against all evidence) that they would simply be allowed to tag along into Egypt, none of them bothered getting visas to go through Egypt!
Almost everyone on R2H is a person of deep conviction. Those who led it, who lied and conned people – surely not just O'Keefe (he joined in Tripoli, he was not responsible for all the claims about "al quds convoy")

.... alas, on comment 156 xa loses all decorum, objectivity and benefit of doubt towards Ken, claiming he's in Gaza to abuse their hospitality. Low Blow.

xa posts157 as well, a participant account by Sonette is worthwile (perhaps to many overly concerned with budgeting and funds solicitation. A 'Magic Hat' discussion of a type i know quite well. And Butterfly Bill's yearly rainbow gathering accounts usually have a hat ingredient. I love them all).

It's a harrowing read:

Our van was almost empty and we only had a few boxes of food stuff, Judith's mom's beautiful knitted toys and our own personal belongings. We were told that they collected about £4000 from the convoy members, the vans were paid for (?) and we left in the middle of a sand storm. The storm became worse and worse and about 20 minutes after leaving the hostel our van broke down. This event is fully documented in Judith's report. I totally agree that this van was not up to scratch and we could have been in serious difficulties if it had broken down in the desert far away from a mechanic! The rest of that week we spent driving from reception to reception and although we had a fantastic social time with the locals, valuable time was wasted and we could have reached the Egyptian border much quicker!

The greatest irony in all of course is this:
These commenters display the sort of personal aversion either shipping agents or the captain (or both) most prolly felt towards Ken (who, being so there when there, cannot be missed, overlooked or ignored, ... not even on a very large ship, and not on one that could just repeat a performance on the strength of routine alone) .. or put off by so many flakey do gooders, to the point where they start misquoting the contract to each other just to annoy the bunch of them.

I dunno how many other Mavi survivors were on this thing but the need to resist a repeat/replay/reply impulse, a traumatized reaction wasn't felt keenly (Kenly?) nor dealt with carefully enough and so, all (egged up and on) in service of a people struggling with life and death issues (yet keeping up demographics with abandon, ... aint they insufferably unsuffering????) a little urge and cajole here, a foot in the door there, a (nearly empty) van on a bridge and an all too stern word yonder ..presto .. already we're in 'clashitory' to the point where it may have felt like hi-jacking (or echos thereof) for either party already! Tragic. But the entire Arab youth began to make up for it all quite soon afterwards.

One of the last ones is best: 160th comment at Mary's long thread on Ken by Anthony Hunt (who has known him for years)


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