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indy uk hidden article
that aint kosher, that's torture!
03-02-2011 17:42
link to slaughterhouse footage ... the source is considered, from most angles, questionable and therefore i will write an off (equal rights and a proper place for organisms and aggregates alike but with bovine focus here) topic defense of using it.
+ from earlier today

i dont understand a word you just said
03.02.2011 18:17
"Of the 2 extremes available thus, it behoves us to tackle the bottom biosphere borders of bed-rock below .. or should i say tickle in the garden cultural variety way .. i mean in the sense is doing so, that way the top end will be tickled by tall treehouse projects, give or take a millenium or so."

thanks for tryin though
03.02.2011 19:18
verplicht = required
werplicht = throwlight
dutch indy nixed me stuff along with 2 comments... givin them a breather for a few years hasn't improved their disposition any.

light thrower

03.02.2011 22:53
What was that about Indymedia not being obsessed with Jews?


So your argument is, "Jews eat meat"?
03.02.2011 22:59
Is this something that's only bad when Jews do it?

just to get this straight

typical retorahtrick you got there
03.02.2011 23:48
cruelty comes in many shades but yeah only jews call their slaughter methods kosher and like anything they are wildly succesful at institutionalizing (read socializing) it (loss of ethics in this case, .. once again. So no, not my only complaint, smartypants).


Good old Indymedia UK.
04.02.2011 03:51
Nothing short of "kill the Jews" is ever considered antisemitism here.

But what do you want when the Indymedia UK editor Roy Bard is such a fan of Israel Shamir, the guy The Guardian just denounced in their headline as a Holocaust denier?

Here's The Guardian on the Holocaust denier:

And here's Roy Bard (ftp) worshipping the same guy:

ain't that the way
Shamir said Assange was framed by "spies" and "crazy feminists"

Maxis: you are a dishonest redactor with editing privileges jumping out of line and sneaking a few in to earlier stages, skewing repartee parity. No fair mate. Wait your turn, there's plenny of room at the end of lines, threads and tethers .. hell even in rock, if and you should make it so, that's my point most of the time. Speaking of digging up fresh air vs yourself into a stinkhole: amsterdam is 7 years late and 3 times over budget with its diabolic subway. And have they conquered soggy saggings now???? Or are we gonna see a new bill for that yet??
/off topic.

"Nothing short of "kill the Jews" is ever considered antisemitism here."
yeah, time for action to save the chronically threatened and endangered species innit?
aintcha forgetting the underworkers? not the ones i was on about but the subjectivators, CityOrcies imperially gesticulating by means of o so smart softening wear. Don't JeWorkers polarizing income levels whirlwide ... to boost the military tentacle of the densi- and intensification called the babaliya game ... count?
Oh wait, .. they do do that ... matter of fact that's what they're meant to and all they do, were selected to aindey?

Got some room for this clause in your semitismizmz equation to spare buddy?

as to Shamir ... i remember my delight discovering him in .. oh .. 2002 .. prolly on one of the 3 now defunct semitation discussing indies .. .speaking of which, look at the gentrified indy of/at urbana champlain ucimc (own their building even ... but the news items show a wannabe starlet's mugshots (local Assange?), one after the other and the 'don't crowd unless to comment - comehence and cohere culture' seems dead.

Prolly all bycause of that o so biased pro- jewish types like gehrig who signed off thusly: @%< .. during his heroic full on production in the early noughties on the (admittedly, often redundantly) indies i mentioned, which were rageing to the point of often making me wonder if wasteful duplication would ever be combatted any better than pollution.

gehrig can really do the nile, denial and triple negative pirouettes fancifully and skedaddle on ready for anothe one:

peeps sniffs out a conspiracy
Submitted by gehrig on January 31, 2008 - 1:33pm.

Oh my god they're all against me it's a conspiracy I tells ya!

Before you dissolve into a paranoid fit, I haven't thought one way or another about what I'd do if IMC-UK failed to no-platform the antisemite Atzmon, other than think, "well, they failed the anti-racism test."

Gilad Atzmon: "I am happy i circulated" Holocaust denial propaganda
Submitted by gehrig on January 24, 2008 - 12:02pm
4199 reads

Hoo Boy
Submitted by anonymous on January 29, 2008 - 1:52pm.

Hey gehrig, I know that Indymedia uk get unhappy about these threads, so its great that UC IMC are willing to share the burden.

Reading this i see non-sense unchallenged and a discussion that is sanitized. But hey, they own the building now ... prolly a reward for phoniness.
Promised land housing policies in place and firing on all synapses.

Holocaust? Hell they were never even expulsed as often as they just swarmed.

Rightie sites like to list expulsion of jews from various places around europe, but i think migrations might be a better more neutral term for the resettlements that occured spread out across a millenium.

I know few exceptions to semites lacking an urgent sense of permaculturally integrative indigenous heirloom preservation, thus, a self marginalization pushes, inches and nudges them out of their own habitat even if crazed bombing campaigns do not plague them.

... though mind you, even way back, blacks began sacrificing trees to imperial ocean crossing ventures, another fork in the human road that proved capable of installing a tradesman's trait and inherent concealed weapon in almost everyone: splitbrainy double standards .. doubling over and over, .. geknakte vergokte verknokte saamhorigheid.

A well known segment of semites not only score high demographically but tend to feed as well as conceal it by swarming, any appearance and/or revelation of over-entitlement compared to fresh host majorities or rival minorities gets turned inside out and called prosection, their loyalty issues lead to self-culls, calamities as well as overly conspicuous success via a scatter shot network test, a swarmage.

here's another one:
from late 09 with about 12 comments .. would be hilarious .. if it weren't so sad .. the last ones a year later ('chief' has to do with the mascotte issue*)

REALLY????? Wearing the chief is the same thing as wearing a swastika? REALLY???

I think I could find a Holocaust survivor or two that would strongly disagree with that, Mr. Kaufman. Strongly disagree. The last time I checked the former mascot for the University of Illinois didn't kill 144,000 FREAKING PEOPLE. You have NO RIGHT to marginalize the losses of the Jewish community in the Holocaust by comparing their plight to that of a long-gone tribe of native Americans whose image was being used at football games and on t-shirts (who, by the way, originally AGREED to be part of the tradition of this University but later reneged on that agreement because their grandchildren's grandchildren felt they weren't getting PAID enough, but anyways.....).

No comparison. Not even freaking CLOSE.

Grow up. We have bigger issues than the chief going on up in here and we don't whack jobs like you muddying the waters and draining credibility. The University should seriously examine whether or not someone with such questionable judgement and reasoning skills is really qualified to be a "professor" at this institution.

* - Anybody into comparing Geronimo's skull to the david star?
Or how about election media (roeptoeter)bore limits to make the race fair?
throwing fake and trash money at fake trash flaglets waved once in 4 years, just enough to remind the average voting public they really don't know how to behave in crowds (it's not like a REAL abundance tempted them to come stand and wave.. goes hand in hand with throwing more ephemeral dirt riding any and all waves that come along as long as they are remotable. sattelite spy systems is the real trade mark. the clever little plyers flattened and frozen into a symbol, a status, theirs.

as untrumpable bottomline i will add:
let all jews become or remain superrich but make it justifiable (and) as result of tackling the biggest growth factor quite literally, that is, through turning rock and rocky ground fertile, into composted deep soil, that would be putting their inimitable to good and common use i say.

peace out and cheers for free speech. Hail Indy.

where's me indy folder???
149 items strewn about in different locations - a gig and a half and 700Mb worth of vid and aud

prints, yearfiles, native, anarch rewilders, etcetera
first file with indy in the name is from the 26th of april 2001
com vs cap
.. created a file with shortcuts


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