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a comment continued

Come to think of it, if you look as whities as halfway to asia (USaSian?) the watery way (the overland one had been done to death ... and it would be going against prevailing traffic in a way (read Weatherford on the mongols) .... just yesterday i examined how smoothly asians adopt indian ways, in Manipur they mouth and mimic mainstream India a whole lot faster than actually look anything like it, aint that like turkish sounding mongolians? I will return to Manipur in a minute.

a song called Gun by Todd Rundgren - Album: Arena
When tribulation makes me need to unwind
And pierce the air like I'm in Palestine
Here's my gun
This is my rifle, this is my gun
This is for fighting and this is for fun
I hate to gush but I'm your biggest fan
I really love the way you fit my hand
You're with me always like a wedding band
More than a friend to me, my true identity
You're smooth and hard and that's the way you stay

Todd making fun of the fighting fetishism
Is this a beat that can be used for a step by step people's army??
A lockstep or a rock step?
another song on that album goes: why not here why not now, why not today ... today's the day we're gonna settle our scores .. bycause tomorrow we are gonna wake up even

Or would banging and grinding rocks together over one's head do the trick?
Beware flying splinters and bounce off (the most innocent form of blow-back totally betrayed and abandoned by the 'defense' industry .. How far back did Orwell trace that 'usage'(/abuse)? Or did he?

Aint the most ethical hebrews, rare pearls in a sea of biblical camelslop on (such dubious) record to have had a thing for ashes? Wasn't all easy ashes was it? They weren't all pyromaniacs i trust .. but then again, nor are they famous for insisting on 'nobody for president' and 'afforestation (groves, orchards, treehousing projects) for legacy' are they?

But can we blame them for actively suppressing such repute? And if so then what? Blame them for white skin in america, Oz, etcetera? Holy book crowders, voice boomers, abused to 'order' ammo rather than blow minds. Are a few herds, dumbed scared and tired enough to spend their days in ammo factories enough to spoil a little little glob(ul)e like ours, like the proverbial bad apple provisioners neglect to remove from the pile? american is an 'arma yideon' and cernunnonians are a dying breed..

it's not unimaginable that ([pre]dominance of) a meme like 'women and children first' will sooner or later have the opposite number of such birthing (deathing?) as (inescapable?) consequence: 'martyrs for firing lines' .. unless they are not specially partial to young and tender, including the sewage digesting oxides, that staple for the bottom rungs and humble beginnings of all chains of life and being. Such a people, an accomplished enough band or tribe or gardening guerrilla with permaculture credentials known to even the remotest of their brethren, is not known to me, other than in limbo, the liminal conceptual promisory potency one must accord even the most offended, mocked, betrayed and nearly washed out memory of better days.

i'd grant all tiny grouplets 'gunning' for that all the demographic incontinence they thus afford ... but i despair of getting the cheaters out of the way.

It's like Middle Eastern semites and semi-semites repel each other and drift apart only to meet a full fool's errand round later.

Settle chore = sprinkle the dust across the sewage, render it oderless, preserve the precious compounds ... fertilizer anybody???

Settle chore vs stettle whore

i wonder how long we must wait (around) before revolutions start implying, not drawing lines anew but withdrawing from them, secession .. not ghetto like but as a self-sufficiency AND inviolability measure written into international law AND enforced ... the need for that is obvious for anybody who looks at this area .. and i do not care if they choose to judge by a scope of decades or centuries.

Manipur has an endangered deer with a beautiful rack ... it tells me volumes about the status of nomansland .. not man's (but animal's) land, it vanishes as the borders sharpen and ever sharper shots ring, no matter what language they sing. Installing asian authoritarianism anybody?
Andrew Lehman has fun little orientalish 8fold mating and matching schemes on that by the way (

Where IS the truely white way of sparing no effort and expense for (enhancement and nurture of) noman's land, vying for the honourable title 'lord of animals', every little township it's own league, entirely replacing militance or the goofy footballery ... quite as gay as the banned superbowl ad (good old dutch insurance salesmanship was a bridge too far but mercifully, youtube can take it to 2 miljan people. Any expression of superiorty, haughtiness, put down, irredeemability is evidence of contamination with the enemy's arms. Under no none of all possible circumstances are we to use the enemy's methods (soft nor hardwares). Why do you think they get away with a 'Dresden was justified', 'Gaza was a ok'. Well, they rip the denigration out of your hands and use it against you.
there is no progress except through temptation. An industry on lockdown (hollowhood) almost as much as Palestine is. True simple truth imaginatively rendered is left nudged pushed to and over the margins without any qualms.

The 'degenerate art' call the nazis made and all that greenishness the vote for them promised and called for was totally betrayed, sacrificed, sold out and slaughtered by the jew and what their 'advance' (financial) forces managed to make Hitler do.

Nevertheless, oulmouthing is always reactionary, and using it, like any trojan they slip you, defeatist and counterproductive.

easy for me to say here .. now .. instead of in an all bets 'offing', under fire situation. This realization makes my admiration for Ken that much keener.

Not for nothing did Ken harp on having no use for and having made no use of what he took from his waylayers (a forward thinker would prepare a cache in order to negotiate stuff ... like reciprocal return of property ... if no better agreement ((like arms conversion#)) than that each be returned their own devices ((and return to their own vices)) can be reached).

This gets the masses behind you. Show you are stern and principled but not out to kill.

Failing on that front, even if only occasionally and/or in an unmenacing tone is what makes (jew-critical) folks like Alex Linder and Craig Cobb so pitifully marginal and ineffective against their target. Actually, they do it on purpose just as much as they feel ((and their constituency does .. that)) gun flaunt and flourish is virtuous or something .. like Todd sings. But ... something to be said for everybody being everything part time, down with professionals and work, up with amateurs and hobbies. down with private subscriptions and armies of paperboys, up with libraries/social centres.

So i admire the honour seeking facing off with militance of somebody with a military training ... rather than like mary, suspecting Ken of seeking militance for its own sake, a closet addict to mayhem and megalomania, plagued by vision of it and pretending it's a yearning for justice, like much of the white right does.

#I have some newsletters from the eighties i could show you and see my ideas of the hardware needed to pull of a musical rock grinder act in the festive spirit such an effort so richly deserves and is denied and detracted from by the Bolshiwood wherewithall crowd.

ps: a sample of the good old times

the only other mentions of palestine at songlyrics are by
1 a gospelsinger
2 one that hybridizes western pop with arab music
3 an arab song with horrendous idf cruelty footage

Peter Liam Holcross: Palestine
The sun still shines the same upon the land
The mountains and the hills and every man
And yet there is the stain of oppression in the Land.

PALESTINE ¦ you are deep within the heart
Of all the children of your land
Whose hopes in you are chained:

Maher Zain
Palestine Will Be Free
begins with sound of gunfire

Untuk Mu Palestin
62.000 views .. .shows arm breaker footage ... and not the kind i envision

jebatdex | October 08, 2006 | 66 likes, 3 dislikes

Perjuangan saudara seagama di Palestin, mempertahankan bumi yang dijanjikan. Adakah kita menyedari hakikat ini?

The strive of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in defending the promised land. Do we realise about this?

Lyrics translation:
Make zikr , in the name of Your Lord
Pray in the midst of the night
Repent with full of humbleness
So our doa' may be granted.

So we may own Palestine once again
So Palestine will be free once again
Peaceful once again, shine with truth
Of Al-Quran and Sunnah.

Palestine will be ours once again
Remember Allah and keep away from sin
Palestine will be peaceful again
With Obedience and Good deeds.

With Iman and Taqwa to Allah
The Most Powerful
Fear and Weakness
Bullets and strikes
Is no more obstacle
Allah's help will arrive.



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