Friday, October 14, 2011

my take on Occu Pie in the skEye

my take on Occu Pie in the skEye

my observations concerning Occupy movement programming and slip ups:

3rd of october i wrote a slightly in depth comment on:
SONIC YOUTH -- from Sonic Nurse (2004)

a song somebody stuck under some popular protest movement footage ... mostly from Spain. This vid got a lot of play in the early days.

2 longer pieces and this:

altered the beginning slightly (looks like it doesn't allow live links): protest culture is not in intent but in effect an evil conspiracy to urbanize the young and innocent ... give that decrepit old parasite conglomememerate some much needed vitality infusion .... try tie a few tasty morsels down for the much needed billboard cachet ... .keep them hungry, on their toes and raging. No need to push the best to the front line so they can be done worst to, spilling into the street is quite inevitable for anything approaching crowd condition .... easy pickings for the orcs of global crowd control HQ

obama began slaughtering blacks in north africa ... have you even noticed????? a retraction, an apology .. might be in order dumb whitie. obama is a hybrid .... and what does every new brand try to do? Push all the others aside. And one can afford(/get away with using) the most horrid means to do it (when/as long as and) if one speaks all syruppee and out of the side of one's mouth about it .... like the Baracks man does.

the real evil right now is taking the focus and media heat off of another crusade like slaughter ... this time including blacks ... sanctioned by a hybrid such hopey for duh dopey Barracks man
'creative' destruction breakneck racing diminished returns and dwindling resources to the death.

.. but hey, i know as well as anyone, the young love crowds (controlled, doped or not), it widens the mating choice pool) ... and at least yall are a step away and up from that demoniac rave crowd.
Long live the People's megaphones, bigger and better block n borough circling unto the 7th generation, so fiersome the poor Quranists will drop jaw and gun in awe

on the 5th: LIbya: NATO-Rebels fully
armed by the West ready to kill,destroy and loot (20.09.2011) - YouTube

[23:34] <poetpiet> meanwhile your black prez has led the way and has been led to ok the way to occupy and slaughter .... yall are being used to distract from that ....

     [23:34] * kizmut [YouTube URL Detected from poetpiet]
     "LIbya: NATO-Rebels fully armed by the West
     ready to kill, destroy and loot (20.09.2011)"

23:36] <poetpiet> just air that footage if you wanna prove you won't be instrumentalized and traded away at hi free queensee

     23:37] <par> poetpiet? you going to be a problem?

[23:38] <poetpiet> you mean 'do i wanna join you'? No, i am a perspectivist and that requires distance

[23:46] <poetpiet> come on, say something about your 'black' prez slaughering the only true supporter of africa and minorities left with any clout besides chavez and ..... not so sure about iran .... if you wanna show you will REALLY challenge your useful idiot status as well as his and his theatre crew

[23:58] <poetpiet> lybia libya africa champions murdered by the 'black' prez on the rez ... come ... on ... show it!!!  .... show that!!!! ... i am bored with the regular programming to be honest.  tyranny comes to lybia tirrany goes to libya

There WILL be a point of contact with those aiming most to please and hierarchically minded 'bottoms' professionally prepared to do the worst (paid of in advance and publically too in this case) and they will too make contact  .. pointless .. no point to it.

Apple commercial from 1984 played on the ows gr channel:

by the way, that jar jingle they've been using all this time .... it sucks .. rotten eggs.

just don't believe this naivite .... like the arab spring driven by a desire to have the 'neutral' and sanctifying western HANDY witness .... held up in droves and throngs pointed at lynchings perped by these 'rebels' (Al CIAduh) designated to use up a little more overstock and excess inventory .... always aiming at the capital destructions that temporarily reverse the rate of diminishing profits.

barracks obomber first 'black' prez on the rez is destroying the only champion africa ever really had with any kinda clout that mattered ..... or am i forgetting somebody????

5th of october:

[10:10] <Atm-584> here's the link to this:
[10:10] * kizmut [YouTube URL Detected from Atm-584] "ANONYMOUS: "THE
[10:10] <poetpiet> permaculture in kenia vid was fun

] <Funkmob> When they say "Anonymous is an idea"?
[10:11] <truth2U> BERNANKE confronted about Occupy Wall Street   He IS a LIAR. He spoke of QE3 Today!

[10:12] <poetpiet> banks propped up RE prices propped up ... big bonuses propped up .... noNORMALbody got any

[10:15] <poetpiet> please please pretty please .... make a note of this .. copy into txt file or go visit RIGHT NOW

6th of october:

[05:26] <poetpiet> better just read into quietly at this time of precious piece in the rapids .. there's a wordpress called realcurrencies ... by a dutchman like i am  Striking The Root of Wall Street Corruption!/lessig/status/122087428369563649

[05:29] <poetpiet> read some taibbi to us four eight six nine folks .. clear space around bad cops on the double .. if you're gonna repeat this endlessly i'd like to know ... read a Taibbi article on live feed yet ????
why is e-waste so invisible to digital activists??????????

     [05:34] <crode> Hongpong you could try Monica on twitter

     [05:33] <Wolfen69|irc> <- my home..
     b9AcE :D

[05:34] <poetpiet> man, you need a gasmask next to a stack like that
[05:44] <poetpiet> i have yet to hear someone read out some really great piece at nite. hey, yall crypters, get somebody to teach you an E-waste lesson if you really wanna be/get up to speed

[05:46] <OnionMan>

[05:47] <poetpiet> my opinion is that E-waste is already a greater prob than the surveillance issue
[05:48] <poetpiet> i am not joking
[05:48] <poetpiet> on that one
[05:49] <poetpiet> guess we got nobody awake to throw something interesting on the feed ....... us poor four six six eight of us

got this black white red poster

is this movement growing? A nighttime ows dj reading chatting with fingerchatterers.

yeah, loads of people bringing their seedlings to the hardest growing grounds possilble ... downtown this or that space designated for heardened heart parades and prestige displays

great bigbug pitfall looming:
the word occupation will no longer be associated with palestine hereafter (in a while) ... and so the beams of attention embarrassing to the Israel Lobbyists round the world and the IZ occipoo mass media throwing shit in eyes of all colours will be dimmed and deflected.

well into the eigth of october:

hey, who was the spiffy comedian they cut in briefly a few minutes ago????

[03:21] <anonlou> hang on... my husband knows who the comedian was but he will be right back

[03:21] <poetpiet> thanks anonlou ... i will

     [03:21] <LurkN> His name is Jamie, he is with Citizen Radio

.... found later:

the 9th:
i got the Jamie Kilstein vid (taken from a different angle .. which makes an annoying floodlight show n glare up right next to his head Jamie’s official site is An in-collaborative-development,
not-endorsed list of demands. Join and help expand and refine.

poetpiet> yeah totally lame the whole street for like 2 minutes .. then 3 minutes the next hour ... then throw out the demands again ... they will listen pretty quick fucking digital coinshavers!!!!!!!!!!!!

at piratenpad:

---- on this topic i humbly recommend reading Ulrich von Beckerath, an insurance mathematician who died in 57, virtually unknown to this day. Genius though. --- i would change only one thing about his Real Bills Doctrine ... as championed today by very few people anymore ... like Fekete. I would tweak the gold standard (keeping paper money honest and cheapening as it gets more honest ... no stockpiles of it nowhere by the by) into a system of accurately measured diversity x rate of
photosynthesis. A slowly rising value standard, parallel to treegirth and soildepths. After all, the current that turns mountains into seafloors makes a stop to form and feed soil and everything.

[04:07] <Lili> hongpong... I know this wasn't your idea  but
     this is a really bad idea:

     [04:08] <chr__> I hope nobody takes seriously

[04:09] <poetpiet> piratenpad is a rainbow of ideas pong .... not AN idea

     [04:10] <Lili> such an awful idea.  That thing is all over the
     place , this isn't gonna get us anywhere

[04:11] <poetpiet> it's like the cardboard park carpet crashpad ...

[04:16] <poetpiet> if yall were in santa cruz ... you'd be in jail on the double

[04:19] <poetpiet> yeah, drummin, that'll do it every time .... one of the greatest of them all just hung himself 12 days ago

     [04:22] <dx398> Private Central Banking has caused
     tremendous pain and suffering the World over...

[04:23] <poetpiet> private and corporate are NOT the same .. .redo your history lessons
[04:26] <poetpiet> good page ... but yet another where i have to use my secondary 9 year old white background censoring/tweaking browser


[11:04] *** Channel created on Sun Sep 18 04:15:07 2011

     [11:04] <par> the cleaning detail is constantly cleanin the park
     [11:04] <AndChat> (if not U should)
     [11:05] <KoolG> Yes, I know it isn't true, but that's their "stance"
     [11:05] <par> i myself have seen various cleaning workers (the owners      contractors) cleaning the park while i was sitting there.
     [11:05] <KoolG> They leave garbage where city easily comes to remove      it etc.... All good things.

     [11:06] <par> people in the park are constantly cleaning and sweeping..      they have skateboards and brooms hehe

[11:08] <poetpiet> i am the cleaning tedial mmocander chin ief .... wots that owsmell?? ... dustify the moist waste and go to the powder (to power the plants) plant

     [11:09] <AmosNewZealand> did anyone else get the feeling
     that there is one huge war about to sweep over the world

     [11:09] <KoolG> Scroll down to bottom to read Melissa Coley's
     statement, spokesperson of Brookfield (company that owns) -

[11:09] <poetpiet> yyyeeeaaaahhhh rainbow family synchronicity .... about time.....  but really ..... mineral dusts to suck up sun via compost / soil / plants is way cleaner and smarter .... not to mention more beautiful ....  sweetly dreaming ..sleep well, seeya later

muammar gaddafi should have raised an army of camera aimers ... how much is a drone camera telescope these days anyways? He is the last of the critics in the west to be able to afford it easily ... he blew it. Guns and harsh language. That shit is too old. Gotta go.

teles telos tell us copey camera ... who is the most peaceful prince in the sand????
**** It is currently at throw-shit-at-wall-and-see-what-sticks phase. ****
throw the Wall portions begging for size reduction, in appropriately dustificated form in the shit and see what grows ..... is i think a luckier phrase, realistically speaking

****Feel free to add points [[or comment on points]], spell check, etc..****

somebody there is dominating the convo and intolerant towards passages such as this one:

---SOILBUILDERS vs BANKERS-- on this topic i humbly recommend reading Ulrich von Beckerath,  an insurance mathematician who died in 57, virtually unknown to this  day. Genius though.

--- i would change only one thing about his Real  Bills Doctrine ... as championed today by very few people anymore ...  like Fekete. I would tweak the gold standard (keeping paper money honest  and cheapening as it gets more honest ... no stockpiles of it nowhere  by the by) into a system of accurately measured diversity x rate of  photosynthesis. A slowly rising value standard, parallel to treegirth and soildepths. After all, the current that turns mountains into  seafloors makes a stop to form and feed soil and everything.---

     -- basically, the more centralized things become, the more
fedfeeds/hubs should be a transparant 'read only' indexation, an aggregate info point. Like the ocean 'surplashes' superseedmoneying solids, following the rain, available for basics (education of specially the hi test boys (optional for others), teach them to crush rock -- trust me they will get a kick out of having their playkill thirst given a tweak in status raising ways rather than letting them drift into armies and wrecking everything including themselves -- capture that rain .. grow that tree ... turn dead rock into live compost, money bare naked relieved from the symbolization chokehold of literacy. Scratch, stroke crush, polish and spread currency .. i mean rock. ...make sure no polluted currents('ease') go to make up oceans and you won't have to worry about what comes out. On the contrary, reason to celebrate .. finest glacial milk-like river water effects: explosion of plankton pops. THE micro economic effect to we can reasonably expect from federal fund flows founded on and fostered from that totally firm a footage. ----- This mating and anticipation game is festive ... so completely contrary to the big guns gone bad ... their desires metastasized cause they hadn't had help developing an eye for the minute demands that would make the bigness they feel in their bones and are willing to go and die for .. Spring (P)Uppies or CropPeace anybody? can't and won't have one without the other, stop pushing them on the bajonets, campaign trails, settlers roads .. playstation consoles.

rESTART restful art: whereas most regular money has been captured by the formerly knives wielding cutthroats and coinshavers gone computer savvy and brought under digital control, a jubilee will be incredibly buttonpush easy due to the rigour of that binary world. The people were long scared,cowed, kidnapped  enslaved by the thought of the nuclear button, but now that era flipped into one where the banksters (those who suck at servicing functional centralization) are gonna be fearful, and throw a few cornered rat antics to be sure, of the button that turns it all transparant. Perhaps we need to do a few occupations in the country that has been cleverest of benefiting from corporative sins but pretending it kept it's hands clean: switserland. If they would throw open all corporate occlusionisms crossing their borders and using the modern mental plumbing like levers n pumps we might have that first vital sheep across that vital first dam.

Stop using these ridiculous power sources and invest in LENR (Low energy nuclear reactions) it's very clean, easy to produce and very productive, ok just be sure to explain. The process is not really relevant, but what is relevant is that it is a very interesting way of generating energy and with some more research it can provide cheap and clean energy ---- As a future engineer, nuclear energy is going to be crucial to energy independence and stability. I strongly agree --

i sure as hell don't, cut the toxcrap be humble and run your hot water ceramics through a compost heap ... we got churches now, we will have compost and pool our shit better in the very near future .... in fact, i wish they'd slap a mobile digester together for everybody to shit the shit out of themselves into on occupied pie in the eye 'prime' real estate around the world. What's prime about it if you don't do that sort of thing anyways.

and then there's all kinds of stuff like
--- ---  thanks for kicking me in the head though ... i don't want to get my hopes up about a mere website ... or have you begun to secede here and there already .. .according to various mixes of real and imagined cleavage requirements? ---

above also at
minus the quotes

     Principles of Solidarity
     The American People’s Economic Charter
     OWS Education Contact List
     Goals of the OWS Movement = is being written as a hub | | help us form solid goals]

[20:19] <+poetpiet> wow ... i am featured ... as it were .... ask me anything about the deep purlpe portions in that .de link at the top

[20:22] <+poetpiet> alrite, guess not .... more free time for me ... looks like even in a packed chat like this the breaking up into channels and doing 'best ofs' in the main one, the shop window as it were ... aint comin off too good huh ?

[20:25] <+poetpiet> never mind ... i retract ... a holy of holies ends up run by the worst loonies everytime. have a good eve yall

hey,why don't you guys do another colourquilt of polished shaved, buffed, critiqued amended and re-amended protocoolcalls at ??????? that would help out great.

you guys are pumpin E-waste gale force ... lordy lordy ... i am bowing out .... been good to see yall though.

In that purple section i mentioned there is emphasis on the need to be sanitarily selfsufficient ... like any self-respecting task force would be. That means biogas digestion tanks .. compost containers

[20:40] <+poetpiet> before blowing a lot of material and equipment on keystone coppers retreat, regroup and restart in small spacious green places ... THEN work up to theTOUGHer NUTS and WALLS

[20:45] <+poetpiet> now i am really going .... this was fun ... let's do it again sometime soon. ..... i've been here half an hour and nobody remarked on the link at the top .... i went, took part and liked it.

 ah repeats are not modded here???????
and/or evacuate (at the top of the vacuously white site ... but it has an intrestin byline there too (it's the old nettime Holmes guy):

Occupy Everything is an anti-capitalist platform—established in  2009—dedicated to militant research, critical pedagogy and public practices that include mediatic intervention, feminism and the anti-enclosure movement.

wait now, woodunt DISoccupy and/or rootup/crowndown be a better idea???

october 9th:

this is provoking cops to go for the worst of santa cruz policies and attitudes towards the homeless ..... hong pong is already in cahoots with alex jones ... don't follow that madman's playbook folks .... my advice to retreat, regroup and tighten 'protocoolant pretackle' on a featured collab doc was erased ... against their own rules.

i am not sure this won't end in tears for too many.

poetpiet: taking my stuff out and not even leaving a reason here is a no no if i am reading my post police state post calendaric flip sensibilities right poetpiet: if i find no reason given .. a valid one ... not about the colours cause i was assigned that and don't really know how to change that .... i will replace it.
nother collab thingy (dwnldd it)

back at the piratenpad you may see the only passage of mine that survived there so far:

Gold/silver backing wont work -- our GDP (and thats what currently backs it) is worth more than our total gold reserves, thats why we moved to a fiat system in the first place..
------ me:
this is the pessimistic diagnosis, namely that distrust will prevail (only lowtrusters demand gold) all others that work with contracts and
commitments don't need it --- read up on the Real Bills Doctrine. -- The Fed is top down and feed speculators.

     dutch lass >> > shakkarumpa:
     is ion a human microphone ?

me: is ion on wallstreet to help occupations .. trading his alliant tech shares for something a little less more ... ehr... metaphony?

Ck777 posts a Lessig vid called 'rootstrikers':

22:39 poetpiet: pffft, sure happy that didund go viral .... what a moronic term ...makes duh sense only to displaced whities on red soil ... at least subconsciously struggling the concept if not the reality of invasive species. Like bad guys are rooters. Bullshit. But literacy itself as a whole has become one horrendous pollutant even without dragging down the foundations of true standing. GROW don't strike roots.

back at the piratenpad some more:

     Many of these issues were addressed in previous #'s, please don't copy and paste for the sake of redundancy. I have crossed out issues already presented. Also Many of these are ideologies that would infringe on individual liberties. --

dude you prolly nixed my stuff yesterday eh? Mind affording me the same decency and tell me why too? I'd say the more the merrier and follow the colours you like. Be careful about fessing about though, i will be sorely tempted to reciprocate.

**** It is currently at throw-shit-at-wall-and-see-what-sticks phase. **** dustify walls, throw in shit and mix thoroughly ... presto .. energy, soil, live sticks

10th of october:

OWS is a huge shaming action aimed at those who refuse to and won't be shamed, named nor tamed. The unshamable will also obstruct any shading action, no matter how huge. But that might be the better, certainly more easily distributable and attributable, dispersable and catch-allable, catch-onable, not to mention the more honourable thing to do.

google shame shade and poetpiet for the 3 decade long run up to my thinking in their present stage of ripeness.

i realize that the last lines i wrote on the piratenpartei chat just before 2 am this morn were the motivation and justification for the ohnehin and anyway already all out - across the board assault on the music industry.

[09:22] <kizmut> Big ups for livestream
[09:24] <poetpiet> big down for all of ditigal and for that matter electric E-waste. ... and by the way ..... the whole Boston camp went into the trash .....

[09:26] <poetpiet> austin sign: we the people do decree, tax the banks and set us free .... is there a text file with all the protest sign txts someplace??????

[09:32] <poetpiet> old man in a wheelchair goes: we have the best gvt money can buy ... he should have said worst money to complete the equation ...and echo a forgotten past of state money 'vs' money ... the gender truce at work ... putting the highest possible value on their strengths but never taken over, down or bought out or off or any of those 'market' hijack snipermoneymen

i think this is Boston:
[09:39] <heyguise> a guy with a pro grade 2k camera
[09:39] <heyguise> was hit
[09:39] <heyguise> and his camera was thrown into a dump truck

[09:46] <G60Doogie> seattle live stream:

[10:42] -- me -- i often wonder what kind of rite protesters perform .. do they step up to the branding and possibly maiming plate in order to install the ruling dichotomy, divide and gaping hole into which disappear peace of mind, resources and all sorts of stuff better pooled on less contested ground?

[10:43] <poetpiet>
i realize it aint easy to pool and put to use allyallz efforts at more lastingly and/or more easily defensible/defendable locales with better effect.
it's one thing to mobilize people and material, quite another to keep them on their toes and all matters needful quite mobile enough to avoid what happened to the Boston media eqyipment (2k cameras flying into dumpsters ... and i guess the person who held it should be grateful for not having his brack broken like what happened in that state to a meanwhile old time long hair in 1981

[10:43] <poetpiet> also in Mass by the way
[10:43] <poetpiet> his yt account is medicinesocks

occupyboston arrests video
they ARE asked to leave and stop tresspassing

[10:49] <poetpiet> ah ... i get it ... a silent march ...... that will distract from Nato bombing like nothing else .... nato is called otan by the hispanians by the way ...

[10:51] <poetpiet> wouldn't it prevent bit congestion if you blind your camera during angle changes? Just wondering .....

luke rudkowski (wearechange) chats with Roseanne barr briefly (1.54)
photo next to these kiddies playing red cross is a huge pumpkin painted grey

[10:54] <heyguise> Boston PD trending on twi

[11:06] <poetpiet> i would like to be known and feared as the white supremaciist who abducts entire police depts and dumps them in abandoned villages of france and slavic countries with permaculture manuels

[11:07] <poetpiet> they can take a few of the real criminals they are defending right now with them of course

[11:28] <poetpiet> i want effective protest, a huge radical grind-rock-up springcling thunderground around movement ... cause it will be .... effective ... and has the most entry levels and perks .....

... money used to be a celebration, illustration of THAT (the prechristian nature lovers era) and has degenerated into a distraction FROM it .... in an era leaders prefer more docile self-destructive and thus controllable and milkable crowds.

[11:45] <poetpiet> i am gonna google "lefty philanthropists" "community funders" ... place your bets on hits now ... back in a minute

[11:47] <poetpiet> 9 results for the fomer but both is a no go
[11:47] <poetpiet> Soros is a pied piper leading you into urban perdition ... not that you don't go there voluntarily

[11:48] <poetpiet> i am not a hair better as long as remain commited to change through use of alphabet
[11:48] <poetpiet> it's counterproductive and i realize it more and more each day.

 "lefty philanthropists" "community funders" -- 0 results
philanthropists "community funders" --- 2,270 results

on popout links
saves me a lot of processor juice that way ... kinda precious .. since i don't plan to ever upgrade except to the true info processor .... a compost heap and the vital implements for that .. is .. a rock grinder

on advertisements
[18:07] <poetpiet> they were doing logistics UPS ones earlier

     [18:09] <roastedcoyote> our local livestream got upgraded for free yesterday, no ads and more viewers
     [18:09] <KoolG> why for free? Do you know?

[18:10] <poetpiet> they are prolly still unleashing their ads on free accounts ... maybe even more so
[18:10] <poetpiet> i been at tripod for over 20 years ... and lefties always scolded me for it

     [18:10] <roastedcoyote> I don't know, the guy on the stream told us the viewer allotment went from 50 to who knows......also informed it had been upgraded by livestream and that it hapened all over the occupy streams......
     [18:12] <KoolG> That's why I love the internet so much. Never an ad anywhere ever if you know what you are doing.

[18:14] <poetpiet> yeah, but nerds like you never help the content specialists like me out and there's the fift an ... the there's the rift, the rubgub the divide
young rightish UK dude on ows

your flavor idiotology deserves to dominate and lead the 'movement' (have my own qualms about that) as much as the next ... namely not ... clean pragmatics, modest logistics and fair demographics haven't been sighted yet

oooh, you poooor baby .... it just isunt monolithic enough for you to understand is it?

[18:53] <poetpiet> i suggest breaking the streams page up into 2 or 3 for the slowpokes among us

     [19:04] <grape_crush> "20,000+ VOTES = 1 FREE GIGANTIC BILLBOARD."

[19:23] <poetpiet> 27 viewers on the Den Haag (The Hague) stream -- here's the PopOut link:

     [19:28] <legislationviagithub> heres my collection of links so far

desert memists are succeeding in 'feeding' (feeless feed for the fearless martyrs, huzzaaahhh!!!????) the most fluid, neotenous and gentle of the west into the maws of those they have already snared and snagged into their violence and the violent breeding nets. Don't go there without thisknowledge. It's the best self defense there is. Dance around, don't be cornered and when blocked immediately swerve ... it's your strength .. saves wear and tear on breakpads and bonebreaks.

It makes me kinda despondent to see desert memists book success turning yall into throngs so familiar amongst the succesfully opressed and helpless.

 Yall gonna have to catch up on my work in a hurry. I wish i HAD uploaded all my folders to some share site or other already. Not sure i will emerge from despondency anytime soon but anybody wo turns up with a hard disk can get a load.

Don't blame WallStreet, blame the fact you delegated your money emission powers and needs out of sight and into the wrong hands ... and blame me for not making that obvious to you ... though god knows i tried for 2 decades already.

     [19:41] <grape_crush> "clear the air on some of the myths surrounding this movement in American society and politics."

     [19:41] <legislationviagithub> soylentia: what about the free energy hojo motor stuff? have you seen that?

[20:04] <poetpiet> guys guys, stop, swerve into a poor district .... we believe you are brave and bruise defying camera smash braving herooooos already. you are playing with fire ... only one rich bastard picking up the phone is enough to make it start raining trungeo s trungeons .....

[20:06] <mindspun> poetpiet: we're not playing with fire...these things do cause change.

[20:17] <poetpiet> ehhh ... mr bloomberg .... if they listen to me ... you owe me l... haaahahhaa!!!!

[20:19] <poetpiet> oh you lovely people ... why don't you all come and settle one of the abandoned villages in europe ... most of you are white anyways ... and lordy do theose swhity extremiss need good ezample

[20:22] <poetpiet> 5383 viewers .... shout it out and you'll attract the most ambitious and hopefully also the most musicall caller sloganeers to your mike

[20:43] <poetpiet> be nice to protesters and thus distract from fascist crimes in lybia

     [20:43] <poetpiet> be nice to protesters and thus distract from fascist  crimes in lybia
     [20:43] <snowcrash> Like what? Those by Gadaffi?
     [20:44] <snowcrash> And it's "Libya", not "Lybia"
     [20:44] <poetpiet> no he actually DID is IS fighting al CIA-duh
     [20:44] <snowcrash> poetpiet: No, he terrorized his own population
     [20:45] <chaz> what is the CIA-duh? is that some new covert black-ops division of the CIA?
     [20:45] <snowcrash> And Al Qeada is real.
     [20:45] <poetpiet> about equal amounts of results for either way to spell
     [20:45] <poetpiet> otan ... nato .... fascist
     [20:45] <snowcrash> Simplistic
     [20:45] <Arete77> we created al qeada
chris sedlmair
alle menschen die zu waffen greifen sind ratten ... deshalb lieber
verhandlen ... dann steigt man zu vogel status auf

[21:14] <mindspun> for anyone who wants to have Environmental
Discussion please join #owsenvironment

[21:52] <poetpiet> this is what you idiots are distracting from and that's why they are leaveing you alone .. and even loving you
[21:52] * kizmut [YouTube URL Detected from poetpiet] "Testimony of Libya - Lizzy Phelan - LIBYA ON WAR 11.10.11.flv"

state money to REPLACE politics .. and yes, kick the fast boy kind out

Hong Pong doing a whole hour on the 9th

52m on the 5th

october the twelfth:

yall will have noticed youtube is flying off it's handle and i can't handle that. They'll have to go without me .... i am seriously thinking of
terminating my account here ..

[10:25] <poetpiet> ok, i'llsend it to drew hempel ..if he has not just mention but unblocked me as well .... common couitesy i would think
[10:25] <OnionMan> argh -- its to ask the whitehouse and state reps to stop abusing protesters.
[10:22] <Clunk> Xzeropoint: ?
[10:22] <Xzeropoin
 299 on the seattle stream ... seriously blips the pic ... sound ok ... here in holland

     Thanks for the invite.  I'm out in Washington DC at the moment and I'm not sure when I'll be out in Europe again, but Holland is one of my favorite places.  Thanks for watching my Laffoley video.  It's one of my favorites, but like you've mentioned no one has seen it.  I was close  with Paul while I was making it, but his gallery didn't get along with me and so when I completed the project it didn't get much exposure.  I think they hired a crew to make their own version of the same story and my independent movie could've potentially taken the wind out of their sails.  Anyway, in case you haven't seen the other parts of the documentary I'm including the links below.  I've started to explore your  YouTube channel and I am enjoying your videos.  Very refreshing point  of view.

[10:38] <TT66URH> off topic, but why do these sitcoms made for/and by african-americans feature one very overly silly and extremely stereotypical character?
[10:39] <TT66URH> seems demeaning to me
[10:39] <TT66URH> the real housewives are
[10:39] <poetpiet> fuck us media culture ... UNoccupy turtle island! Please the rightie whities and lead them by good example ... back to the abandoned villages of europe with a permaculture manuel

[10:55] <poetpiet> on today's world westwide media improper propcrop up about how the badd ones are still trying to stir up more arms industry capitalislm
[10:55] * kizmut [YouTube URL Detected from poetpiet] "Do The Right Thing!"

[10:57] <poetpiet> occupytvny has a very expensive camera

[10:58] <poetpiet> definite rainbow family flavor there ..... we looooove youuuuu
[11:22] <poetpiet> i wrote loads over the years on blocks of all sorts .... aint gonna do it allover again
[11:23] <poetpiet> a little info about yesterday's action, .... the walk to Paulson: --- 160. Economic Hypothication -- chris story - - 'eye fi' play on/off McLuhan -- Buzz doing great visual (colourpatterns), audio aired Jan/14/2009 - gist: Paulson came in 2006 to 'hypothicate' (keep the economy virtual and off shore, nontransparant) ---

[11:29] <poetpiet> co-lateral is vertical in my book .. the big radial radiant secret, green solar and the dark (rock) 'opened' to light .... been yelling this for 2 decades now ... but the hour is nearing yall will understand ... at last ....

anonymity lover lists are endless, here's the lastest (hope not) entry: offshoring illgainers who abcond w close coinshavins, leaving the shorn behind ... to send their kids to the army or ows

[15:37] <poetpiet> onioner, you are a treasure trove of riddles, ... what's the prob with the WayBack Machine?

[15:44] <poetpiet> the fed is like a clutch of ocean pimp, holding up the rain for ransom so it can't get down, .. won't come ... ehrrrm ... forget it

[15:44] <OnionMan> at any rate, the rest of government won't allow USPS to fold because of a minority intent to fold them

[17:28] <poetpiet> Nato pilots to continue cooperating with their fascist paymasters

[17:29] <Arete77> that seems to be the only real solution we should focus on.... getting money out of our democracy.  everything else is tied to that one cause

     [17:29] <whitestariv_mirc> elections are dumb if groups prove
     themselves better than individuals at decision-making.
     [17:29] <chaz_> Cygnus: that is why we must vote out politicians that allow corporations to wield that power.
     [17:29] <Arete77> good point whitestariv
     [17:29] <Arete77> chaz when you vote them out, another one fills their spot
     [17:29] <Cygnus> chaz:ok, let me repeat: but all of the politicians are bought and paid for...
     [17:29] <anonAZ> as long as money does influence the system it will.  we gotta either get rid of money or the system.
     [17:29] <chaz_> yes, the 1% thinks that way too whitestariv

[17:30] <poetpiet> Arete, wrong money, good money in ... read some Ulrich von Beckerath

     [17:30] <chaz_> Cygnus: go to you townhall, ask for campaign
     finances for your delegates. Don't vote for ones that support
     businesses that abuse the people. It can work.
     [17:30] <ddc302> u don't think ppl can see thru the money and
     see the person w/idea?

[17:30] <poetpiet> oop, wrong money OUT

     [17:31] <anonAZ> ddc302: not as long as money decides which ideas they see

     [17:31] <ddc302> the press .. and the internet can beat out 'money'  and its message?
     [17:31] <whitestariv_mirc> its harder to buy a group than just 1 guy.
    [17:31] <Cygnus> chaz:they all get funds from big biz...that is the system

     [17:31] <chaz_> if you have two candidates up for election and one takes money from corporations and one doesn't who might be a better choice

[17:32] <poetpiet> better yet, wrong KIND of money .... diversity of money as replacement and uptodateness of politics ... if that makkes sense

     [17:32] <ddc302> let them both speak ...
     [17:32] <ddc302> work it out with expression of IDEAS and
     [17:32] <chaz_> Cygnus: That is chicken and egg thinking- we
     can't get money out if money pays for it, and money pays for
     it... we might as well pack up and go home then.

[17:33] <poetpiet> in the golden age of holland 1000 KINDS of money
circulated ....

[17:33] <Cygnus> chaz:ok pray tell, who is not receiving funds from big biz?
[17:33] <whitestariv_mirc> So for corporations it is very easy to meet anyone´s demands... so anyone can get sold out with ease.

[17:33] <poetpiet> no false advertising or political propagandists to be seen ... the good drove out the bad ...and kept it at bay

[17:34] <ddc302> false advertising - so produce a video to refute it.
[17:34] <ddc302> use media and inet to be effective
[17:34] <whitestariv_mirc> Instead, if there´s some sort of ´family´, I believe other members will put some pressure into everyone so that they make the right decision to achieve a common advantage.
[17:34] <anonAZ> just because you make a video does not mean people see it
[17:35] <balloonscanspellyourdoom> chaz_, you'll never get rid of the "bad guys" as long as the rules create bad guys. The rules have to change


october 13th:

[10:24] <poetpiet> settle in get comfortable on THE most contested, karmically laden, prime , desirable (supposedly), quasi ceremonial (miniaturization through specialism here we come/go/stay) and
prestigious bits of real estate around the country????? Delusional. Screaming won't do it, they have the amplifyers.

time to begin/resume yelling 'end the occupation' again yet?

[12:44] <poetpiet> poetpiet is now unknown as a cryptocraptor

Where and when the quality of violence is too low, Nato triest to get it condemned in the security council, cause they, as biggest supplier of violence are eager to show how it's done some more ... after all, the whole western ideology rests on the premise that violence has to be a monopoly .. this throws the first stone and sets the devastation tone, eating, drinking and the rest to follow the way  compost heaps, community gardens and all other aspects of live uncivil enough to show a trace of autonomy and sovereignty already went.

     dutch: tomorrow in holland! i will be there!

i wont but i am happy some of the concepts i have held dear and up for decades are finally starting to sicker through, peep n seep out ... show thru .. tcetera
too late though ... the ones about violence are not .... and present forms are runaway .. running into different walls

at the moment ..
friday eve
friday morn on Wall Street
the permapanic referee whistlers are trying to ... yeah, ... trying what ... catch the attention of their compatriots captured and stuck in padded cells nearby ... just to let them know they are doing their utmost to just push right on through to them closed doors they got cached behind due to their sheer bravery?

all i do know though ... is that i cannot stand it and it made me quit standing with the protesters as they were trying to .... do whatever ... at the occasion Ruud Lubbers came to Amsterdam. I had some tiny handouts ... and managed to slip the man himself one. That makes 3 (Gore, Arguelles ((also in a squat, elf .... ahhh, he prolly visited to try be faithful to his 11 magic i realize now)), Lubbers).

They lost me there and then ... and i haven't really returned their property, not physically ... except that we shared 'base' (toilet at the back of the park i lived right by ... under a giant elm ... till the city ordinance, bureaucrapparatsjik carried of home and content while i was at work.

end of Hock your Pie to the Pi inducskEye


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