Friday, July 15, 2011

help me recover some data please

harddisc defunct, lost 2 months of notes lost

prevent (splash)crash

do (please do doodoo) automate your back ups instead of resenting it as a chore ... for instance .. as in my case ... due to reconfigured folder constellations of collections large enough to seriously slow down the ever cursedly preferable 'fresh and refresh' succulent flesh operations, pulsing with live wiredness .. though mere substitutions and usurpations or the real thing (the bliss of which we can't quite handle yet) they remainder (busted, toxic waste):
The dust dist. road blessed w (zeg over genschap is een zegenschap) unravelled roc .. key .. road ..

google agbogbolshie in combination with
computer waste
what the low end of the comp 'in DUST ree' call 'export'

Jose Arguelles was right ... all the fancy and savantastic websites notwithstanding ....

So, ... dear dreamspell kin, let's find the largest expanses of cheap orchards for sale in the northwest euro world, pool our money, ban computers .. and focus on the decompacting of formation instead of on this devilish demonic compaction of information ... said it in the mid eighties and expected this eternal truth to become a serious, not contender but complementer (patrimoniously paritied partner in no time flat smooth polished and shiny ... but ....

thought it would help agression being made purposeful due to protecting a relatively uncosted from scratch thingie with smart permie methods and attracting the needie from ever further off.

sense making is right simple ...just ask the right people.

Toshiba 120G FM:AH001D
MK 1234GSX
HDD2D31 D ZK02 T
bottom barcode:

info on the back:
white strip (perp)
small dark in top left corner

A5A001590 010A (the A in a square and after it 07 in black, larger)
bottom (cross view also)

MDK239V-0N (the N is smaller than the others)

google hits for this don't look good enough to boost my confidence .... if yall have anything like the green plate at the back of the HD with matching info, please help

update (18th of july):
232 results for:

.. here's hoping some of them will reciprocate a visit
.. wish me luck goin in to what i managed to avoid for 20 years.
.. until a splash of water helped the hellfires of Agbogbloshie to impinge on my conscience, bearing it down heavily, as it should do to all of them/us.

This is what they look like:

at the portal of the dust-free top dollar world

at the front battle lines drawn in sand/oil vs soppie soil


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