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Byebye Jose Votan, hello Bob Snobbs and lots and lots and lots of other places around the world
a more US centric - and lots of other places, like
more on that last one coming up

First, i express my regrets - not to mention guilt, 'warpraised' a true bible belt boy and tolerating 2 minutes worth of bible text from me mom's mouth daily - not having ((succeeded in drumming up support and)) supplied Jose what he so lacked, realized the need and yearned for, as do i .. and so i do this towards myself also .. hunger for tribal eye to eye link strengthening (rather than rot) drives and distract all of us, keeps us in a trance, ruining our appetites ....

i now find Bob Dobbs 'socialTIMEdia' wrestler traffic(king) A CROSS acriss macrotime, life and death ajoinments, Nahtstellen und joints, not just over emphasizing abstractions versus the practical consequences they are claimed to lead to but leaving out (betrayal in my book) the latter altogether.

Talk down and negation like that raises my ire so here goes:

look at prompted to try help supply balance and/or at least pointappetitapp hopper di hop to it, the now and future living .. though i am certainly not more hopeful about finding gardeners to sponsor or join among Bob's listeners than i was among the rainbow family that was Jose's recruiting pool.

Still, Bob's audio oddIsee has been rewarding for me so much it has caused a spike in jump in my attempts to skip sleep .. since the 27th.

What i meant is that Bob ain't even bothering with lip-service and elevating the lo goALL stake out any, let alone, hi status - garden-culture, best of the indigene medleys muddles, mediations and snuggle puddles - like Jose did .. but he's talking folks through mazes at amazing speeds and more accesible too (less archetypical cryptology more pop cliche) and what's more, the man IS approaching me by way of inverting the honourable impact into disgraceful betrayal by way of pronouncing this work and intimacy with gravity a switch flick trickering the law of attraction to come do its thing in our lives.

he admits to inverting the aaa ask access allow (Dave Worchester - the abrahams - Rahi) 'seek wench' ..
oops, ask, answer, allow

Bob don't like time, the growing season or anything that serves. The butler karma has thoroughly put him off nurture. And everything he does denies the grounded things his wife strifes for .. he just undergoes the ministrations (and motions no doubt) passively and benefits from them but the lady is surely betraying her aims by doing so to such a blaspheming denier, ... or is she? Either way, i am calling the Deans out .. both.

.. as i did the dreamspellian miscalculationists and disfrictfractinotionizers. stringing out their place taking into time making ... forgoing the hard slog of creating landtrusts, regaining sovereignty, seceding and so forth, for the quick cerebral fix.

Bob Dobbs (Dean really) is in lots of ways a worthy one to be targetted for taking down a few notches. The showmanshop disease of allocating lots of importance in 'conceptual break throughliness' hooey - to themselves, like all selfrespecting savious do - did not pass this lifetime (radio)talkshow host by unscathed either. And that makes him prime. Target. Boom.

I of course will have to spell out better that he inverts the 'lightening up gravity' (see the first 3 vids in my 'natural' playlist) to receive and weigh down sunshine (the 'accepting' part he plans to make 'selfseekinstant' without the work and soulsearch) before he understands.

native ceremony for the occupier thrice guilty

Turning to Bob, i get to be a nobody again, just like Bob .. who is fond of claiming that but as much as he is of it's inversion. He too, is hoping to do the 'don't energize the paranoia' village idiot routine, harmless and unharmed. The very tactic that got TvGogh offed but Theo was trying to fill too tall an order, coming from a secret service family as he did. Anyway, nice to take a break from the Bowie, Margret Hiroshima, HARMmanic kinvirgins conundrums and quandaries Jose - by way of Shearer as i recently found out via youtube on which i saw him do a sometimes angry talk with smidgens and smudgens of ritual (hoping it would 'go through the roof') .. .but in front of older fatter and mostly female 'TIOccupists', not militant youngsters who might join a blockade, inspired by the likes of Ward Churchill

and so, for now, Good abode Jose, Hellhole Bob
DogsPad Pacal, HurryHome Bobber

Bob the mad central 'first prototype' cerebration banker ('who doesn't die')

part 2 of Battling cosmETicists - since show(wo)men need it
first, a quick recap:
midmarch i listened to some William Irwin Thompson, saying McLuhan was a quite solipsistic borderline autistic person. Then ..

.. the 27th i begin a 2 day (and nite) splurge taking in a lot of Bob Dobb audio. Some of my earliest thoughts regarding him, beginning with a tentative bottom line:
McLuhan and Dobbs are Gamer World Ideologues

want another taste?
my fave so far ... the most relaxed music Zappa ever made. Him and drumming (serious and so not toned but certainly turned down)

.. at least half of the other mash-ups by buzzcoastin i tried are totally unpalatable due to 'over-accompaniment', 'missmixage', .. to be kind about it.

he overreaches too. Lots of youtube accounts with literally thousands of vids up are not safe from the copyright infringement claimers, no matter how uncurrent and educational the material. Germanicfolc had literally over 2000 nature and historical documentaries up but instead of prize, cherish and protect he did something less honourable and that buzz fellow by the way, can be seen taking the side of the chinese (where he lives) over google all over the net.

a range of unmixed stuff here:
compiled by steve Reimer

fighting tec and spiri space races till my last breath
---- info volunteered upon application to the McLuhan google group .. prolly dead though. the Dobbs forum is too, more or less.

Bob claims (after McLuhan) the tactual is discontinuous ... used strategically by the secret services.
I take that to mean Bob is not in favour of atavistically holding on to centralism, censurship and 'moneyshopping' distortions, propaganda (disproportion)

compulsive masturbation? comes in many forms, this particular brand has its patients clutch their right to deniability.

Absurdization and distraction from ugly truth by way of alcohol addled situation and/or inspiration like Finn's Wake (itself making an effort to obscure and bury truth, yet show it off too in order to prove having that power)

McLuhan is the most cold-hearted philosophicationist of occupation (though one could mirroreverse his ((re)tribalization) formulas and claim he was propagating assimilation and urging people to do it right this time)... a thought striking me at the 18.37 minute mark of Channer's chat with Bob mid june 2000 ... halfway through the hour Bobb stuffs and tuck the grace notes in at a fine and furious rate, really packing some intricately multifacetted ones close nevertheless.

Willing to practice and speed up your licks and riffs yet another notch? In other words, can you perform and polish repertoire at the same time and at the drop of a hat? You either are a USaian or a prime suspect in the search for the wannabe infectee of this popular all too (massified) human pandemic

29th (eve):
ErisDiscordiana has a 7 hitter w Bob named ManyFesto
first part has pedal steel background music (which i am quite partial to)

"is there life before death" says Bob just before midway of part 2. Well, is life in front of death, ready to take it on and transform it, go through, take it and carry on with it necessary or wise if wishing for more life after death is wishable (and wise)?

bypass and pull your nose up at gravity and go straight to the 'law of attraction' bob??? What a childish simpleton you are. No awareness of hard honest sweat equity, pulling your weight, standing your ground and never mind being rooted. It's a dirty word for all those with the worst possible affliction amongst occupational hazards, that of occupier, descendants of missionaries, mercenaries, pilgrims, luckseekers, golddiggers and those harsh rent extractors severed from their roots, meanwhile overrun by the massification mechanisms the loot was being sacrificed to. You worship a form of this very cold disembodiment cause you suffer Oslo syndrom on top of karma that could be mended following a few simple rules of the like for which i am a lone but proud proponent.

a thought (cropped up at 1.13m of the 20th of feb 1991 - last of many Toronto radio shows):
americans can not be direct, all their conversations require filling to the brim with distance, however small but hugeually large. They're lost, the lost, lack direction .. are mediated, ... yet make a great show of being o so direct, warm, welcoming and open .... rather than a great big ugly collectivized warmachine.

wee hours of the 30th:
"cavalier about an old environment" says Bob at 13.22 of the 4/10 05 hour called 'building organic bodies', a series in which he debates a yoga teacher. Why don't you try on 'betray an old environment' for size bob!?!?!

30th morn:
Bob likes to do something the one time Mauii resident therapist charismatic marathon speaker John Ray (body-electronics) liked and recommended (to testdrive) also: encompassing dualities. Bob take a few year for each set though. In 1996 he bitched about Rockefeller making a real estate grab for the moon (or mars) even while hoping and speculating about some of his recorded voice reaching the man's ear ... since he studied under and inspired W I Thompson who WAS under such desired sponsorship at the time. Kinda like me findng comfort, identity, confirmation annd encouragement in the fact i read about the Hopi elder/shaman's vision of the spirit helper with the red helmet, .. well after 98 when i uploaded all 2 pictures (apart from my youtube avatar, recently photographed off of paper) i had to show for wandering turtle island in crisscross fashion for 7 years.

... nearly 15 years later now .. but still a bit rich to see him do exactly that:

"It's almost like the astral plane wants to get here, cause this is better than there"

there appears to be no transcript around ---- quoted from the end of part 3, all of which hosted at that Iona Miller link who by the way, is a brainy and magicartsy gal, another white person shamelessly supping up the vitality of native america to feed fever dreams of tecsolutions with reckless abandon, most of which if and when tried, cut that proceedure shorter very rapidly with rampant polllution (Bob's a ((killer))fusion man himself).. in other words, the progression of agriculture/colonialism disease (this 'ziektebeeld') is clear - all space race and space age imperia captives sooner or later toy with extropian singularitan and assorted ideas of their own accord. Eating light and more such bullshit (part 4).

What fits to follow up a rant about lazy 'imagine' hippies?
Right, a HollowCostly brainfart:

"did not know what was happening" .. "global concentration camp"

How does flattering jews work out for you Bob? Just like you, they were/are - but cannot (be allowed to) in perpetuity remain - collectively 'past-phobic', entitlement mannerism riddled yet blind, and though the vast majority of any kind of population was and always is innocent, the reason for multiple expulsions ought to be curriculum material instead of suppressed, prosecuted and propagandized away at all cost.

he goes:

How we can allow the registration of the positive facts of being dead.

---- Not: hey, let's develop our perceptions ('have eyes') and appreciation for plain rock, not so dead without perks after all, etcetera
... or
'well, let's prevent this race/culture to remain at liberty to (re)produce bastard banker culture and shekel them to a compost instead, liberally supplying them with stinking crud for them to turn over and over into great credit. Give them raw sewage and rocks, if they won't mix it they will sit in the stink, lose nutrients (we'll put some adequate filters around them, turn their desire for control against them.

None of that, Bob remains firmly entrenched in the fringe distracting from inner uglier workings.

As a good and proper addict to and prophit of the substitute surrogate prosthesis make believe arsenal of a dedicated somnambulist psycho he recommends reinventing contrast. physical deeply ill and falling away, it cannot contrast with non-phizz anymore

"cause nothing is being contrasted, with the non-physical"

Bob!! Bob! Boohhhoobbbb!!!! Over here mate!

In part 5 Bob goes off about hidden ground, mystery landscape, hope (blackness of obama symbolic). Those who have studied (like) me will see he is obscuring and co-opting ground rock .. vital beauty through mistery (in my sense of the ye odd aud auld concept), etcetera

... "mystery landscape can be known, and that's what i'm doing, then it falls away as a hidden effect on us, in other words, it weakens the role of obama's mystery body, we don't need the mystery body anymore if we understand the mystery and experience and allow it to happen."

(occupier's populist paranoia about obama overtones bob??)
After this he, confusingly enough, gets into what was allowed to happen economically.

Talk about this kind of thing condoning and producing shameless bonus cultures. It's a world wide greed-race / arms-race dialectic even as the progenitors pretend to 'go home' and are perfectly justified to solicit and engage the whole world for help defend it, not with trees but surveillance tec and agression.

Then it's time for ... and when is it ever not, specially after a lapse of a few minutes, to once again (chronic really) remind his audience that the past is gone, ..

i haven't even touched on more than a hundredth of a percent of all the double backs he performs.


Blogger Piety Piet duh Pious Poet said...

Sacred Sexual Healing Arts with Baba Dez
baba dez nichols - 538
44,336 views -- Dec 18, 2007
rough cuts from upcoming 2 hour documentary due for release early 2008.

dunno how we stack up and/or under each other on the 'shamman vs shaman scale .. if at all (we seem to not be in the same league and i for one, far from out to compete, let alone outcompete anybody) but nearly all of the whole world seems to lie between us ....

23-25th comments:
-- 1 second ago
oops, i lied, took me 10 minutes´╗┐
-- 43 seconds ago
is this 4m younger version slightly better?:
obsessive much? overspecialized maybe? .. kinda like the peacecalendarmovement ... too distracted and dissipative to get their off the ground (except in very tiny isolated circles - ) .. mating rites is where/when 'one' (single / couple and group alike) cross roads and dancefloors feeling around for ways to part, split, share but rainbow gatherings are shouldered most by tight cliques happy to bear the burden and privilege of charitably catering to the clash of novices and loose cannons, strays, fugitives, crowd'menners' (dutch for 'teamreiner') and wouldbe gurus like this guy bringing in "whatever works" ..?? ... for a close up earful of how 'what' works one need only listen to the petty tyrant crowdwowing 'conspi-vet' Bob Dean, lovingly fed and protected by a 'flabarmed' wife, who is as ruthlessly forgiving and uncritical of his prantics as Hillary is of all who bid highest for/at misallocation rites/rights of great and profesionally elocuted label, toptickbox, topplethicket- 'n' topticketbox' auctions.´╗┐
-- 10 minutes ago
obsessive much? overspecialized maybe? .. much like the peacecalendarmovement ... too distracted and dissipative to get their crests off the ground except in very tiny isolated circles .. mating rites are always the parting[s] and splitting[s] /sharing[s] of way but rainbow gatherings are tight cliques bearing the burden and privilege to charitably cater to the clash of novices and loose cannons, strays, fugitives, crowd'menners' (dutch for 'teamreiner') and wouldbe gurus like this guy bringing in "whatever works" for a close up earful of how that works one need only listen to the petty tyrant crowdwowing conspivet Bob Dean, lovingly 'flabarmed' by his wife, who is as ruthlessly forgiving of his prantics as Hillary is of all who bid highest for misallocation rites/rights of great and profesionally elocuted label, toptickbox, topplethicket- 'n' topticketbox' auctions.´╗┐

this prolly aint gonna make the post show up better for people searching "lockdown bobrule" despotry shillerismz but i'll try anyways

11:00 PM  

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