Tuesday, March 01, 2011

i wrote a refused comment here:
i wrote a comment refused here:


There is a deeper conspiracy about climate destabilization. The modeling is so complex that super computers are relied on and "quantum chaos" is the science used. Quantum chaos means that the computers create the logic through reiterations. Steve Strogatz, a quantum chaos mathematician, warned about this in 2006 for the Edge science journal -- no longer is human rational argument in control of science. The computers are in control and the computers don't care about ecology, etc. That's why there can be no real proof for global warming, etc. -- the means to measure the change are creating the same change as the effect of measurement. Rational human thinking, in fact, has never been "pure" -- just as global warming has been traced back to the rise of human agriculture.

Posted by: drew hempel | March 01, 2011 at 01:11 AM

how do you like that? .. coming from a guy who on the same day manages to once again, and after such a long time of obs opps, even still, even yet, remain a fop, sop and sap (and root for) for a liddul china man who once pushed himself into knee pain (i know exactly what that's like) until a 'master' (cough hack, he really means circusman*) told him to sit still for 7 hours .. then he started to heal.


don't he come up with pretty free-way similes though? So sweet. "sluggish vehicles. hu ha huah".

what a fucking crock. Can i send you an unconditional bill for wasting my time listening to you? Have you healed your wife yet, asshole?

* check that lovely link to monestaries, plenny of whities over there now, female and fuckable too. Hell perhaps they can even finance this ancient recluse-cult of remoteness mystique ... benefits from visits to which were and ascribable to the exertions and adventure needed to go there. Now a christianized china man in western urban enviro is a much more iffy proposition. He's got new tricks up his sleeve though. He can direct investment of his energy savings account, despite its huge bulging and toutly globusboundsbursting and intercarnationally stellar bulk to believers in him through the tiniest and modernest of modernist and on the whole poisonous to all culture except monoCultYore ... and i don't mean monkeys either. I am all for monks in the middle, delighting in humble yet most basic building blocks or harmony (herbs, fruit, compost, shit, etcetera) but monks with refugee pedigree, the very ones with fabulous reps for being so prosecuted tend to tender pretension.

Meanwhile, the statues of the real archetype anywhere close to deserving status are crumbling and the professions flowing from their inspirational practice are as good as extinct, with worryingly exceptional exceptions ... unbelievably precious ... which gets me in direct competition of miracle claimants and the plague of snake oil salesmen and secretive secretion pressure exploiting potion peddlers. Not the type of company i tried to find and invite to join me in delight about the notability of Cernunnos-like after 'shockarockas'

you know what' really funny too? Chunyi lin's page title is: 'incompatible webbrowser' and has been for months.
he is fishing in the dregs of unbalanced and nontalented people obviously. 'incombattible prowesser' would be an improvement no?


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