Saturday, March 10, 2012

Division vs Diversity

Dun''ave to be this way ... jussayin

"use can't be quantified. It is a quality/quantity distinction."

hey, we're not talking about light and dark here fella, or male and female (but even they gradate into each other). Speak for your self (and Marx of course). Yallz separation of use/value : indiv/social : mind (plan)/body (execution) is law- rather than flawless but hey i might as well become known as mud piet. If that's confusing come see 'my crushing passion' playlist. You might learn something. Marx wasn't interested in social as such but in hiding his bias towards the upper strata. Hereditary split brain patients (from brainsplit installstillstigate keeper cultures) cannibalize their right with left sides. Duuh.

parting shot:

niqnaq on avaaz


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