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watered rock growth fund rules

watered rock growth fund rules
'night', dreamspell, aliases and wordplay go together well eh? Not to mention mutant photoshopping ...
i propose to go exactly the other way ... primitivism .. but not far enough out of the way to be left (and bereft entirely) in (and to one's own) peace so much as, instead, right in the heart of occupied territory (plenny to choose from), defiant to empire, excellent to nature!

I heard Sepp Holzer (the world's most spectacularly accomplished veteran permaculturist) recount his run ins, dealings and encounters with regional officials last week.

He lives in Austria (teaches worldwide), a country that pioneered internationalist formalities leading straight to what are meantime less and less ambitiously called 'world' wars (which number's up matters little once 'THEY' become THE interminable and morphose 'IT', dominated by digITs). This metastatization of way old macho big mammal domestication, leaving earthworks the lowest of status except when it came to faking the succesful imposition and impressive roar in churches formalizing dominance through a mimic of distance Cannonfire (gebulder in dutch), shifting from ballistics to banking brick by brick.

Occupy Wall Street Library

271 items showing collections of what are like code words and treasure maps at best, hot tips about and to places to (C)rest and recover lie the difference devouring waylayers upon layers in wait ... stop trying to stare the riot police down and pushing against them as gently as you can mime the patience of a glacier. Avoid raids and destruction, stay ahead of the binning! As and on lifelines between these hairy sitshoewayshins and the Crests our focus rests.

The aim is to take a stand, put up a fight, BUT/YET ... minimize the amount of time spent on the distracting use of language and imagery, let alone be stubborn about displaying it to the point of riot police confiscation. A lifeline TO not OF them. iow, dear OWS folks, take your energy, seeds and buckets to defy the temporariness of your counteroccupations with the smarts that can last.

Sepp Holzer is burdened with specially designed higher tax rates bycause of his incredible yields .. on the other hand he has to conform to the poisonings pre- and proscribed by the deadening mindsetters - setting the mind to dead- not gardening, offering the blank and dead stares you get in professional versions from the riotpolice units in close formation no matter how you bawl out appeals to and from hearts.

They already have forced him to sign to administrations they let him, in fact, slip by on/without, in order to prevent punitive expeditions like we have seen seen happen in the bio-industry. Of course this hurts his pride, sense of justice, etcetera. He should be honoured and supported as a national treasure. But alas, to unhook, decouple and disentangle from the financializer caste is not yet much of a desired option nor easily accomplished .. 'd(J)ueture' (don't ask) being as hegemonic as never before, its festerment no longer has the traditional stop put to it by jubilees (really old fashioned) expulsions (109x in 400 years .. and google is NOT helpful finding that figure, or even that lots of them were caused by financialization = deracination of credit, money more and more resembles what most of it is employed to move, namely arms).

The church and the castle precursed
State and Market,
voluntarization VS coercion,
paper vs gold money,
commitment and contract VS whim/impulse, risk/recklessness (counterproductive attempts to make one's actions/presence 'count') based action.

Now, to go defend Holzer against people inherently blinded and damaged by long traditions of Bible Bullion, Booze and Bullet bz and keep the way clear for unstunted kids to get a quick instantly enlightening and lifelonglasting impression ... IS a noble ambition but one can dream eh? Even pipedream, .. pipe-up dream perhaps .. to take rest, make a Crest there? Near there, like there?

We could do worse than going straight for the goal Arguelles purported was his ultimately: gardenculture .. and bypass all the oracling and timestampage in symbols/numbers and once dropped and passed up free up time for birdsong and treeleaf but we can't do it instantly. Problem is time ... permaculture takes a hefty length of it to run up and prime before a pay off whereas a grid image (that surrogate us poor mental cases make do with to our lasting shame) passes lightning fast.

Let's have a thousands of yearz long lasting commemoration ceremony/ rite period to honour the native turtle islandz, remnants of which taught the basis of border detection as well as crossings thereof.

I don't just mean detection of reinforced and barricaded zones .. but the sensitivities to detect the movement of borders, cause they all and always do, no matter if they consist of gases, vapours or mountain ranges, but especially, cultures and their accoutrements, like pocketsize navigation devices.

Treeplanting crews need to once again climb a few notches in my esteem.

The temptation to gather gold and build towers flows very straight from taking scars and handicaps as marks of recognition and excellence, formation, formalization, rigour, fistmaking, numonumbness, denaturing all natural and episodic erection, stand out, show of strength and charm (glim glam glitter .. 'glans' in dutch, also means sparkle, splendour) into a sordid meattrade of ostentation and pomp.

Marketize the remarkable hunt of a whale until it is marketed into smithereens, obliteration, marketed up all the way. Obstacle course of a whale: rockfaces with conspicuously polished marks, mountainslide courses

Ashgreyish fresh dusts as the raw material precondition and guarantee for vigour and splendour are faintly echoing in the word splash.

The mindblowing connector that works failsafe and is hoped will not save but return hansomely for the trouble .. again, after some lagtime, .. with leaving.

If we lay this groundwork for orderly and voluntary secession, scale down and relation diversifying with the permies we'd be doing a global reverse John Galt mov(EyE)e in that our bases, unlike his, will not be hidden (and bursting at the seams with geniuses on strike) but totally known and the ConAct of sermonizing about self is dropped in favor of Working with(/@) Self (Show ... shelfworksow grow growe ..owe .ow. OW.. OccuWall).

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yugo war propaganda warz

yugo war propaganda warz
offoffoff, like balkanwitness are dead against the Serb Lobby .. but Bogdanich recruits an impressive collection of top brokers to speak out, among them is Nora Beloff who was already old at the time and has died since then. She impresses me favorably and is in the ragtag sort of camp where you find Peter Handke and all those very but not chosen few outspoken about their support for Serbia at the time and not, as all these hotshot journosies (nope, all scared and coweredly saying thank you when the Moozie propa [Iran helped pay] got handed out ... but i was playing it even safer so i am not looking down on them .. for following a bad example ..) and topdog diplomats in the 'avoidable war' docu, by/per/with/at(??) hindsight.
just about all 39 comments in yugoslavian (which one i know not)
there's an 18 part playlist hosted by at least 4 accounts for this  3 hour long docu (the link is for 2/2 - the last hour and a half)

it deals with the war(Z) in ex-Yugoslavia, wish it had more than just a few pics of Karl Vuono, real bad guy american (among man involved) with MPRI, a thinktank of kroatian fascists

playlist comment: EurIslamists using ZionisTactics

frontier theater and film inc
produced by george bogdanich and martin lettmayer
narration: sanja bogdanich
grants from MPM Superior Technologies
Fearless Music
ICN Pharmaceuticals
assisted by ... all major (western) news network
dedicated to Nora Beloff ... an old lady shown multiple times, very sharp
closing song: Road to Hell - Chris Rhea

How were these astonishing sequences of events even possible?? Western guilt over Palestine ... grant a few Muslims the use of Zionist tricks and tactics in exchange for continuing to apply them throughout Palestine???
jews were trying to offload bad hollywood karma onto pallywood type inscenations
muslims were devouring the hollowhood rulebook, biting the bait, eagerly borrowing from .... a chain of command, which at the end of the line leads to the secondary but major (major yet secondary) reason and features the gunlobby, a frightfully nerdite bureaucracy hidden behind rule walls, our legaloid red 'lights' unto this world, .. red as in blood, not red as in squirt, that is, the bottom line (direct line to peace) is BLOCKED and JAMMED by ... the gun pushers. Hormone / culture / gender / extremists, cross-race, cross-class nasties.

They can't handle the truth
The horrid Serbian-American-made propaganda film "Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War" paints the '90s genocide as a misunderstanding caused by poor public relations, and bases its key conclusions on interviews with a collection of crackpots and racists.
couple of accounts where 'the avoidable war' got playlisted:
this is a pro-serb, pro-russian place (only 2 posts there since the end of 09).

The post shows byzantine sacred art place , google find very few piccies though, here's one with a subtext:

Descent into Hades, detail of the Resurrection fresco from Serbian 14th century monastery Visoki Decani, Kosovo-Metohija, Serbia.
a meanwhile deceased place from their linklist:

more examples of quaint cleavage to style: ---july 26 - 2007 ...

Nora Beloff, Formidable Expert on Eastern Europe and Former Yugoslavia

Nora Beloff (1919-1997), the first woman appointed the Chief Political Correspondent way back in 1964, was a British reporter and author with formidable knowledge about Eastern Europe in general and former Yugoslavia in particular. She joined Reuters in 1945, after working for the French Section of the British Political Intelligence Department. In 1947, she became the Paris Correspondent of The Observer. During the 1950s she served as the newspaper’s political correspondent in Moscow and Washington. She left Observer in 1976 to become and independent reporter, writing mainly on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Nora Beloff’s books include: The General Says No (1963), an account of Britain’s first abortive attempt to join the Common Market; Transit of Britain (1973), a discussion of Britain’s changing role in the postwar world; Freedom Under Foot (1976), her protest against the enforcement of trade union membership for journalists proposed by Michael Foot; No Travel Like Russian Travel [published in the U.S. under the title Inside the Soviet Empire: Myth and Reality] (1979), describing her journey by car across the Soviet Union which ended by her being arrested; Tito’s Flawed Legacy (1985), laying out the post-WWII realities in Tito’s Yugoslavia, built largely at the expense of Serbs, upon the maxim “weaker Serbia, stronger Yugoslavia,” and her last, unfinished book about the forceful break-up of former Yugoslavia, titled Yugoslavia, an Avoidable War (1997).

A three hour documentary based on Nora Beloff’s last book is well worth the time for anyone who wishes to get an objective insight into what really went on in and around former Yugoslavia during the 1990s (Yugoslavia, an Avoidable War documentary, Part 1, Part 2).

Nora got reviewed twice in Foreign Affairs and published in Encounter 12x

Yugoslavia: the Awakening from the June 28, 1990

To the Editors:
Mr. Scammell has provided us with a wide ranging survey of Yugoslavia’s troubles [NYR, June 28 and July 19], but he has made one error which has led him to be unfairly pejorative about Serb attitudes towards Kosovo. He is quite right to say that “the Kosovo question looms ever larger as the principal obstacle to progress.” Indeed things there have got worse since he wrote. .....

includes an answer
1991 in front of Congress

Nora Beloff : The General Says No
Penguin Books - Harmondsworth, 1963
cover design by Tasha Kallin

BalkanWitness (where they hate 'deniers')

.. like Nora Beloff (meanwhile deceased), a denier alrite, ... of 'justice' (that is , actions provoked by, embarked and based upon propaganda!!!!!!!!!

George Bogdanich "Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War" This propaganda film paints the '90s genocide as a misunderstanding caused by poor public relations, and ...
she aint here (nor in the cache[??]) .. among deniers of serbia war crimes .. links to the offoffoff thing i posted already .... but they do really hate her there:
# Together with Nora Beloff, Alfred Sherman is the most active apologist for the Serbian lobby in the U.K. Sherman, a British Jew who received a peerage under Thatcher, has been publishing racist articles in the Daily Telegraph since the late 1970s. His writings on Bosnia are reminiscent of his articles opposing immigration in the U.K. which develop racist arguments based on the concept of an exclusive national homeland for the English, Scots and Welsh. (See: "Britain is not Asia's Fiancée" in The Daily Telegraph, Sept. 11, 1979). A former Communist who fought in the Spanish Civil War, Sherman is now aligned with the far Right. He has been associated with the leader of the French National Front, Le Pen, and attempted to organize a speaker tour for Le Pen in the U.K. in 1987. Since the start of the war, he has been a constant supporter of Karadzic and in July 1993 admitted to be working as Karadzic's public relations advisor in Pale. Sherman is one of the most frequently cited sources of support and authority by the SUC. According to Dushan Djordevich of the Balkan Peace Committee, the Serbian community had hoped to invite the controversial speaker to the U.S. last year. (See Sherman's statements and writings on Bosnia: Spain had heroes; Bosnia only laptop bombardiers in The Daily Telegraph, May 3, 1994;The Coming of the Sword, (Opinions) The Jerusalem Post, March 23, 1994; "Focus on Bosnia" by Paul Goodman in The Sunday Telegraph August 8, 1993; Letters The Spectator, 8 may, 1993)
above is note 37 from the cache of this page
get a glimpse of that 'nasty piece of work'  (Sherman) here.

french version:

L'OTAN coupable de crimes de guerre?
HeinConnu op 4 nov 2007
Extrait du documentaire Yougoslavie:La guerre évitable
Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War,
George Bogdanich et Martin Lettmayer, USA, 2000, 165', VO ST ang.
La guerre évitable est une implacable dénonciation du rôle joué par les grandes puissances dans la ruine de la Yougoslavie. Le film rappelle le déroulement d'une décennie de guerres yougoslaves, depuis les sécessions Slovène et croate jusqu'à la prise du Kosovo par les armées de l'OTAN, montre les divisions et les maladresses des alliés occidentaux et comment les États-Unis et l'Allemagne ont activement encouragé l'éclatement du pays.
On apprend aussi dans ce documentaire qu'un très grand nombre d'églises furent détruites sous les yeux de l'Otan!
van HeinConnu | 4 jaar geleden | 10332 keer bekeken
this french version here also:

among the 401 vids upped by shish to vimeo:
It's been up 10months there and only seen 115x
a slovene, quit blogging late last year
google video version

Evangelos Mahairas was president of the Association of Athens Lawyers (Bar Association) Athens from 1981-1984, honorary president since 1985, elected in 1986 president of the Greek Peace Movement and in 1990 president of the World Peace Council. He is a fighter for peace, human rights and the environment.

From book HIDDEN ADENDA, U.S./NATO TAKEOVER OF YUGOSLAVIA, which this piece is excerpted.

final wordz:
unfooled lass, up to date and on topic
blogging since 05
David Rovics on Atzmon, where i just left a pawprint pointin thisaway ..


How would you suggest we respond when we see people we respect organizing events that promote racist (or homophobic, or sexist, or zionist) ideas?
hey kers (cursy cursory cares), here's what the o so respectable are capable of dude:
being bribed, bought, bamboozled and threatened into offering the culturally, memetically, phylogenetically challenging, you name the 'incountenant' ways in which they are perpetually, professionally and professing to be, offended, a coat of arms that suits them as the cloac across the offenses they unleash, a platform, a 'roeptoeter' that hits everybody equally with an impression of unscalable walls, uncrossable divides and dandy dividends from war, surveillance and control genius. nerditude gone para ... and i don't mean paramagnetic. Weren't you the expert on native soil? I seem to recall you had stuff to say about Ward Churchill?

That's just for generics, here's a fresh example from Holland:

dutch auschwitz commitee unleashes hypocritical commotion over a youngster's poem that has been refused at other ceremonies already. But, ... it won a national prize which includes being read at some ponderous occasion or other. One of the many and annually recursing victim rites to choose but god forbid, not deviate from. The kid wrote about good people and bad choices but that's too close to people are good, weapons are bad so they feel obliged and triggered to push for their habitual level of all out intoxicant when it comes to Bl&Wh absolute and extremely polarized none but them excess access and axes label allotments and brandage.

Well, these geniuses maintain one cannot at the same time commemorate perps and victims, but what they mean is we shall cure dialectic divides over their dead bodies. It's privilege or bust for them. It's their turn in perpetuity and the way to plan to keep their winning streak up is to point to a worst possible every time the attention threatens to focus on their latest strike.

These balkanwitnesses for instance, fucking devious folks.
they sacrifice Alfred Sherman who happens to call for geographic, cultural and ethnic harmony (not homogeneity and purity i presume but i have yet to check this dude out - ) in that they bring him to the fore .. in hopes to hide the whole bunch he is the exception to(/jew too) behind!!!!!

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