Thursday, April 20, 2006

Signs of life and sorry excuses. 17, 2006: From Hitler to the "Arab Reich.""Hitler is describing himself as akin to a spiritualist medium like Madame Blavatsky" (New York University Press, Hitler's Millennial Reich by David Redles, p. 150). The Nazi Documents P.2: Volkisch Myth.

.. .lined up for a read. It mentions protocols, bolshevism and dostojevski ... Wijnants proves protective of jews as usual, he keeps these worldchamp schemers 'out of the wind' (as the dutch have it) way more than they merit. Enough to make anyone doing so jewish. He links to the hysterically and over the top type of biasburdened . .. had to laugh though, a protest sign (with a caption 'gave peace a chance') shown there has the twin towers flanked by 2 peace symbols on either side, tilted (the right one left and the left one right) so as to look like planes in a bubble. The caption ).

Ps: Sorry about the idleness of this blog but my possesions are in storage (digital household scattered, erased (( and the aim to get them out of there and in/onto a purchased/rented tranquil/restive and inviting chunk of real estate where I can beautify and eventually die is proving frustratingly well off the mark so far (still hoping it is not chronically so). Meanwhile, mobile as ever .. .

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